Relationship 95 Elegant & Witty Ideas for Wedding Card Phrases

95 Elegant & Witty Ideas for Wedding Card Phrases

Going to a wedding, but unsure of what to write in the card you’ll be giving to the two love birds getting hitched? It can be a little stressful, given that it’s going to be an event in their life they’ll cherish forever. You don’t want to say anything that makes you seemingly awkward or unsure of yourself – whether its the card that goes with the gift or the thank you card that comes after the ceremony.

Look no further for that special phrase! Below you’ll find 95 different, catchy phrases that can go in your card for the two lucky ones getting married. Or, you can use the samples to brainstorm your own special phrase(s)! From formal and sentimental to casual and funny, we’ve got the right thing to say right here. Included are phrases for congratulating them as well as thanking them for the invite.

To begin, you must start by evaluating their wedding invitation. Is it formal and sentimental? Simple and to the point? Religious? Fashionable and poetic? Funny? Decide what genre of message you’d like to write in their card by analyzing their invitation.

Below the wedding card quotes, samples, and phrases, you’ll find ideas on what to write in thank-you cards regarding the invitation to the wedding. Included are ways to thank & state you’ll be attending as well as thanking and informing the couple you won’t be able to make the event.

Formal and Sentimental


  1. “Congratulations on finding one another! May you both live healthy and happy lives side by side.”
  2. “Please accept this gift (if giving cash/money order) and use it for anything you may need to begin your new lives together.”
  3. “I/We wish you two the best on your new and beautiful journey together.”
  4. “May your new lives together bring you both happiness and prosperity. Much love.”
  5. “Thank you for the invitation to your cherished day. I/We wish you both good health and much happiness.”
  6. “I/We wish you the best today and always on your journey together.”
  7. “I/We send you lots of love on your special day. Cherish every moment. Congrats.”
  8. “May you bring one another as much happiness in each others’ lives as your friendships have brought to mine. Thank you for including me on your special day.”
  9. “I/We hope your memories today last a lifetime. Congratulations.”
  10. “You bring my ___(family member/friend getting married) tremendous joy. I’ve never seen him/her so happy! Welcome to the family.”
  11. “Do you remember when ___(add a personalized story to make them smile).”
  12. “May your love grow so much, you look back on your wedding day and realize it’s when you loved one another least.”
  13. “I/We send you love and look forward to seeing the two of you grow old and happy together.”
  14. “I/We send our love to the both of you on your special day! Enjoy it, we’ll see you at the reception!”
  15. “To the two that tell each other a thousand words without talking. Congratulations and good luck in achieving unity and prosperity.”Simple and To the Point


16. “I/We love you both! Congrats!”
17. “May the joy you feel today last a lifetime.”
18. “Cheers – to love, friendship, health and happiness!”
19. “Delighted to share such a day with you. Cheers!”
20. “Welcome to the family!”
21. “Sending lots of love to your new family.”
22. “Here’s to love and friendship! Cheers!”
23. “Congrats on tying the knot!”
24. “May you both be granted long life and good fortune!”
25. “Enjoy your big day together!”
26. “Sending love!”
27. “Enjoy your lives together!”
28. “May forever be the both of yours’!”
29. “Congrats on finding the one!”
30. “Hope your big day is better than planned!”



31. “May God bless the both of you as well as your marriage.”
32. “May you be granted all of life’s blessings beneath the eyes of God.”
33. “Praying for you both as a new journey lies ahead. May God bless your joining.”
34. “Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-4-13
35. “God has poured out His love into our hearts.” Romans 5:5
36. “As God by creation made two of one, so again by marriage He made one of two.”
37. “Congratulations on finding the one you’ll spend your life with. May God smile upon the two of you.”
38. “Marriage is an act of sharing, communion, and self-giving. Give yourselves fully to one another and live happily.”
39. “Today you make a promise a pledge, a vow, to keep one another happy. Be strong through the tough times, God smiles upon your union.
40. “Remember: The two of you are now on the same side. Be kind to each other. Let your love blossom on the journey ahead.”
41. “Enjoy the life God has granted you. May they join in harmony!”
42. “May the bond of love become more powerful between the two of you day by day. Congrats.”
43. “Love is more than a feeling. It is a deep unity maintained by will and strengthened my habit – reinforced by the grace received from God. May you cherish every moment together.”
44. “May love fill your heart, peace rest in your spirit, and hope grow that lets you know all things are possible.”
45. “Love each other when it is least deserving. It is when it is needed most. Through the good and bad, may your love forever be strong.”

Fashionable and Poetic

invitation card sample
46. “There’s nothing more lovely than a friendly and charming relationship. The two of you are just that. Congrats!”
47. “A marriage without friendship is like a bird without wings. Cheers to the each of you, you’ll both fly far and wide.”
48. “May you both experience the pleasure of  falling in love over and over every day with one other.”
49. “Never stop trying to show one another how much you mean to each other. Good luck, and may your love grow with every new day!”
50. “Marriage – a book where the first chapter is poetry and the remaining are prose. May you both find the words and actions that express your love and unity as one.”
51. “May your smiles to each other hold a bright future within them. Congrats.”
52. “Two such as you with such a master speed, cannot be parted nor be swept away, from one another once you are agreed, that life is only life forevermore, together wing to wing and oar to oar.” – Robert Frost
53. Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love, and you fall forever. Looks like the two of you will never stand again. Much love.”
54. “Happy to see the two of you now with two hearts that beat as one. May they grow stronger everyday as you grow old with each other.”
55. “May your souls be forever intertwined throughout the harshness of eternity.”
56. “One should believe in marriage as the immortality of the soul.” – Honor De Balzac
57. “You’ll receive tons of advice on marriage in the years to come. Remember the reality of it all – do what works best for the two of you. Each couple is diverse in their sanctity.”
58. “Congratulations on beginning the first chapter of your fairy tale. Happily Ever After must be worked for, but I see only success in this between the two of you.”
59. “I/We wish for the both of you to experience a plethora of opportunity and experiences that are both beautiful and divine.”
60. “Your day is finally here. May your celebration consist of great memories and a fresh beginning. Sending you love on this momentous occasion.”


61. “Thanks for the free booze! Congratulations, best of luck in your marriage!”
62. “Here’s some marriage advice: Whoever cooks does NOT clean, and whoever fixes the car does NOT do the taxes!”
63. “Marriage is our last and best chance to grow up. Don’t mess it up, good luck!”
64. “Marriage is most like a three ring circus. You have the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and but of course – suffe-ring! Good luck to the ringmaster!”
65. “You don’t need to be on the same wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other’s waves.” – Toni Sciarra Poynter
66. “Remember, a spouse is someone that will stand by you through all the trouble you wouldn’t have gotten into if you had stayed single. Here’s to hoping the two of you find and get out of trouble together!”
67. “Marriage has many pains, but in truth they’re worth it. It’s much better than celibacy, which has no pleasures. Congrats on finding your preferred pains!”
68. “Remember during arguments, that a kiss is a wonderful trick. It will stop all words when speech seems to lack quality. I/We hope your marriage is filled with love and kisses!”
69. “Today you both may believe you’re in love, but the real love begins when you’ve conquered a quarter of a century by one another’s sides. Will see the two of you together then! Congrats!”
70. “Cheers! To the hopes that everyday feels like your wedding day. Don’t get sick of each other!”
71. “You’re both a little weird, but that’s okay. You both have great compatibility of weirdness, so you’ll achieve mutually satisfying weirdness. The two of you call this love… I/We call it weird.”
72. “Some people say you can’t live without love, but I think oxygen is more important. May the two of you be each other’s oxygen!”
73. “Cheers – to you both for finding that special someone you’ll love annoying for the rest of your lives. Congrats!”
74. “Good luck on your happy day. Remember, there will always be one of you that remembers your anniversary and one that forgets. Don’t take it personal, it’s just life 😉 Sending much love!”
75. “When things are feeling down in your marriage from here on out, remember those four healing words: ‘I’ll do the dishes.'”

Thank You Card

Whether or not you gave a card to the lucky couple on their wedding day, it’s always a great idea to at least send them a card thanking them for the invitation. Here are some thank-you notes that can help get you started. Remember the advice on the above image – plan it out, hand-write it, be specific on why you’re thanking them, don’t be afraid to say it multiple times, and it’s better late than never! You can choose to send a thank-you-for-the-invite letter either before or after the actual wedding day. Remember, if it’s before the wedding day, include whether or not you’ll be able to attend.

Thank You for the Invite – Will Attend

76. “I/We would like to thank you from the bottom of my/our heart(s) for the invitation to your special day. I/We will be able to attend. Thank you!”
77. “Thank you isn’t enough to express my/our appreciation that you’ve invited me/us to your wedding day. I/We will undoubtedly be there to celebrate the beginning of your new journey!”
78. “Thanks for the invitation to your special day. I/We wouldn’t miss it for the world! See you there and Congratulations!”
79. “I/We would be honored to attend your ceremony. Thank you so much for the invitation, we look forward to seeing the beautiful couple become newly weds!”
80. “Thank you for inviting me/us to your ceremony. I/We would be delighted to attend and look forward to the celebration. Congratulations and see you there!”

Thank You for the Invite – Can’t Attend

81. “Congratulations on the special day! Unfortunately, I/we will be unable to attend the ceremony. I/We send our deepest apologies and wish the best for you both.”
82. “I/We regretfully must decline your invitation for the ___(enter date of wedding). Previous commitments must steal our time from you, but we hope the ceremony is as beautiful as the two of you. Congrats and again, I/we am/are sorry to decline.”
83. “I/We wish you both the best of luck on your wedding day! Unfortunately, I/we will not be able to attend your special event. Wishing I/we could be in two places at once. Congrats and have a lovely occasion!”
84. “With deepest regret, I/we will not be able to attend your wedding on ___(date of wedding). I/We wish you both a wonderful ceremony and will see you after the honeymoon! Enjoy your celebration and thank you for the invite!”
85. “It is with great regret I/we will not be able to join you on your big occasion. May you both enjoy your ceremony, may it be filled with love and laughter, and may you both be happiest when you kiss. Good luck and thank you for the invitation.”

Thank You for the Invite – After the Wedding

86. “Thank you for inviting me/us to your lovely wedding celebration. It was a day I’ll never forget and hope for only the best for the two of you! Congratulations!”
87. “The wedding was phenomenal. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your big day. May the two of you live long and happy lives together.”
88. “I/We appreciate being invited to your wedding and enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you, and Cheers!”
89. “Your wedding was fantastic. Thank you for inviting me to such an amazing and monumental event in your life. I cherished every moment and hope you did the same. Thank you.”
90. “I’m grateful I was a part of your special day! Thank you so much for inviting me/us and I/we hope only for the best for the two of you! Enjoy one another!”
91. “The ceremony was lovely. Every moment was well planned. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special moment. Good luck to the two in love.”
92. “Wonderful wedding. I couldn’t have done it better myself. May the two of you thrive and prosper. Thank you for having me at your ceremony, I’ll never forget ___(describe a special moment at the wedding).
93. My favorite moment was when ___(describe special moment at wedding). I’ll always remember! Thank you so much for inviting me!
94. “It was a day of beauty and remembrance. All was perfect, especially the gorgeous couple. Thank you for the invite, I hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon!”
95. “May you both enjoy one another immensely now that you’re officially a couple! I/We thank you very much for inviting us to your wedding. It was lovely, and we’ll never forgot the time that ___(describe special moment from wedding). Good luck to you both!”

Thank You from The Married Couple

By writing a thank you card by hand, you show the person you’re thanking that you took the time to truly regard their gift/presence at your special occasion just as they took the time to pick out a gift for you and to attend. This shows them that you didn’t mass-produce a single, printed, thank-you note for all the attendees. Hand-written is also better because it creates a snippet of a memory, making the one receiving it more prone to keeping it or putting it in a scrapbook. Doing them by hand will take a little extra time, but in the end, you’ll thank yourself. They don’t have to be long, just say what you mean and truly mean it. The ones you love will see how much you appreciate both them, their time, and their gift to you and your new spouse.

Make each thank you personal, and if you can remember the gift each individual or couple sent to you, include it in the note! Sign it along with your spouse.


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