Lifestyle Ways for Women to Stay Connected

Ways for Women to Stay Connected


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Social media is one way women are now able to stay connected to people, co-workers, loved ones and so on. It truly has changed the way women can stay connected, make friends and find entertainment. Make a list of connections and/or types of entertainment you are wanting in your life and start checking them off your list. Find out what your interests are, and then go from there. More than ever, women have a plethora of activities to choose from, including female-led online courses, quirky strategy games online like Women’s Sunday and launching an online business, just to name a few.

It is easier than you think. Let’s take a look at some of the popular resources social media and other internet connections have to offer. Let’s start with the obvious ones:

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Networking: 70% of women say that they use social media to stay in touch with current friends and loved ones and also to connect with new friends (Pew Research). Social media shouldn’t replace getting outside and connecting with people face-to-face, but it can ease the transition for women who have just given birth and are naturally at home more, those women who are more introverted, and even those looking to get back out in the dating scene or workforce. To most women, social media can be the gateway to all other types of communication online. Now, because of sponsored ads and other promotional content on social media, women are also finding websites for shopping; cooking and decorating tips; getting advice for day-to-day activities, motherhood, and staying active in their community; finding entertainment online or in their area they can be a part of; and so much more. Then, the best part is, the more you search online, the more that you will be served up with ads relating to your interests. The entire thing is quite amazing, although some people feel it has too much of a “big brother” feeling.

Entertainment: once you have created your accounts on various social media platforms, you will begin to learn more about what those particular platforms have to offer, such as games, business support and chat features, all of which continue to help women stay connected and feel relevant and valued. Platforms like Pinterest give women ideas, inspiration and even hobbies to do that they never thought possible.

Business Connections: of course, if you are a woman who works outside of the home, works from home, or is an independent contractor, it is always important to stay connected by means other than social media or internet communities. It is important to be a part of your local chamber of commerce or any local business connections in your area. However, with that said, you can make wonderful business connections online that would never be possible by simply hitting the streets. Websites like Linkedin have revolutionized the way professionals can find connections and stay connected. It has given women a leg up on their professional lives, giving them more opportunities than were once available. It gives other professionals and employers a chance to get to know them better than what a simple resume would reflect.

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With all positive things in life comes some negative. The same goes for social media and technology in general. Common negatives to social media and technology are:

  • Time taken away from loved ones or spouses do to screen time.
  • Lack of face-to-face communication, which is very important for any person and any relationship.
  • Being too impersonal for matters that should be handled with a personal touch. Thank you notes, formal wedding invitations, etc. should still be handled offline.

Connecting to others in life is important to any person. No matter how you choose to do it, research new ways to do so, but don’t forget the “old ways” to stay connected, too. There needs to be a balance.