People Tips on Getting the Right Violin Shoulder Rest

Tips on Getting the Right Violin Shoulder Rest

If you’ve recently started to learn how to play the violin, you probably know that it can be a challenging task that calls for many hours of practice. Your instrument becomes a part of you, and you will gradually learn to care for it as you would for someone you love.

Violin shoulder rests can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to your comfort when you play. But not all are made the same, and as such, they come with various features and specifics that will either make it or break it for you. Let’s look at some of the aspects you ought to keep in mind when you’re trying to get the perfect one.

Size and shape

Just like violin shoulder rests are unique in many respects, so our human bodies. The whole reason for getting one in the first place is that you are looking to perform for several hours at a time without experiencing any fatigue or without having your whole shoulder bruised.

The shape and dimensions of the product you will be spending your cents on do matter quite a bit, but they have to be matched perfectly to your physical attributes. If you have a somewhat longer neck compared to other violinists, you will require a larger item. The critical thing to bear in mind is that such a product needs to be able to help you hold the violin in a correct manner, but it also has to make you feel at ease.

What about quality and durability?

Violin shoulder rests can be made from a wide array of materials. They can be made from wood, some can even be constructed out of foam and plastic, and there might also be variations designed from a lightweight metal such as aluminum. The fact is that the product needs to come with a padded surface that will rest on your body so that you can feel comfortable.

Apparently, the material that the unit is made of can also have a say when it comes to the sounds you will hear while playing. Hardwood alternatives are said to resonate a bit more compared to their counterparts.

If you intend to get the product online, one tip that we can give you is to devote some time to read as many user reviews as you possibly can. Surely there are other violin players who may have encountered one issue or the next, and you definitely need to know about them to make sure you’re taking the right decision.

Does the design matter?

Playing the violin is an elegant endeavor in itself. Practically no one looks bad with a violin in hand and with the passion of music reflected on their face. If you practice at home, the looks of the violin shoulder rest might matter less compared to how it feels on your body. However, if you’re part of an orchestra and will have a performance in the future, you probably need a somewhat eye-catching unit, too.


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