Health Upper-body And Core Outdoor Circuit

Upper-body And Core Outdoor Circuit


Circuit training involves moving from one strength workout to another without halting. This movement is very intense and can be a means of burning fat. Traditionally, circuit classes were conducted inside with weights, but nowadays things have changed. Most people have realized that a circuit plan carried outside brings up new challenges, which everyone is relishing. Outdoor circuits can be done in a park, beach, or in your backyard. Not having access to the gym should not be an excuse for not working out. With outdoor circuits, you can do your strength training anywhere at your convenience. Your workouts can be complemented by the use of anabolic steroids for better results. For instance, winstrol 50 is an injectable steroid that will boost your athletic performance, help in burning fat, and increase your muscle power and endurance. The following are some upper body and core workouts you can do anywhere.

Chest workouts

For these workouts, you are to complete as many reps as possible within 20 minutes. Remember to take rest when your body needs it. Do the following workouts twice a week, increasing the time allotted for each workout after some time.

  1. Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers is an exercise that fires up your heart rate up fast and works on almost all your muscles in the body. This is an easily accessible exercise as the only equipment required is your bodyweight! Mountain climbers will help in strength training, and also boost your cardio and core strength. Begin with setting yourself in a plank position. Move your right knee towards your chest and tighten your abs while making sure your body is still in the plank position. Switch the left knee quickly and push your right knee back. Continue switching while keeping your body straight.

  1. Burpees

Burpees too do not require any equipment and also work on your entire body, including the chest muscles and shoulders. Stand with your feet apart shoulder-width. Drop into a squat position, putting your hands on the ground. Pull your feet back, so that now you are in a pushup position. Your hands should be kept firmly on the floor for support. Lower your chest down to perform a pushup and pull your body back up.  Do 15 reps to complete a set. 

Core crunches

Just like with chest workouts, listen to your body and give it rest when out of breath. Aim to perform 3 rounds for a span of 9 minutes. Difficulty can be increased by an increment of time for each workout for 10-15 seconds. Do the following workouts.

  1. Plank shoulder taps

This exercise works on your core, arms, glutes, wrists, and shoulders. It also doesn’t require any equipment. Begin in a plank position, with both of your wrists beneath your shoulders, and feet maintained at hips’ width. Touch your right shoulder with your left hand and then go back to the plank position. Now touch the left shoulder with the right hand and keep on alternating sides to complete the set.

  1. Planks up-down

Planks up-down work on your core and arms. It doesn’t require any equipment. Set yourself in a plank position with your arms beneath the shoulders and feet kept at a hip-width distance. Bend the right arm placing the right elbow on a mat and do the same with the left arm. Switch sides while repeating this up-down to complete the set. Keep your core tight with the head, neck, and spine in alignment.