Relationship Top 5 Things You Should Know About a Honeymoon Registry

Top 5 Things You Should Know About a Honeymoon Registry


As more and more couples break away from tradition and live together before engagement and legal union, bridal registries are also following the trend. While most couples register for household stuff as upgrades to their current pieces on platforms like Honeyfund, others are going for the more untraditional – the honeymoon registry. As they increase in popularity, honeymoon registries are a trend that is not likely to go away anytime soon; so, here are a couple of things for you to keep in mind if you are considering a honeymoon registry. 

Tell a Story

Many online registry tools offer space for you and your soon to be hubby to tell your story, and your upcoming travels as a married couple. It is critical that you are as honest and descriptive as possible by outlining your exciting itinerary. Create a clear picture for everyone interested on what you intend to be doing, seeing, eating and experiencing.

The more details you offer the better! Use the space provided to acknowledge why you have decided to go the honeymoon registry route over the traditional registries, and how much the gifts from your guests will influence the entire experience. 

Using More than One Registry

Probably, you and your fiancé love traveling, and you are excited looking forward to that dreamy honeymoon destination and experience. However, looking around your home, you probably notice a couple of household goods that are missing or need upgrading. Some couples are shy about using more than one registry since they feel that it looks like a gift grab.

To the contrary, registering on multiple platforms often makes things easier for your guests. Maybe they would prefer purchasing you something tangible rather than an experience or perhaps they would like to go shopping at a store, rather than browse online. The registries should offer a function for multiple price points, just like does for purple bridesmaid dresses, so that your guests will find something for you that they are excited about and within their individual budgets. 

Some Guests Feel Honeymoon Registries are a Way of Asking for Cash

For many people, especially your older relatives and traditional family members, honeymoon registries are not the norm. If someone feels that having a honeymoon registry is ill-mannered, they express their thoughts to family or wedding party members – most will probably not want to speak directly to you about their reservations. Instead, encourage your ‘ambassadors’ to explain to such guests that honeymoon registries are a chance at sharing the ultimate gift loaded with good memories. 

Let People Know

A huge etiquette no-no is including your registry info on the wedding invitation card itself. Instead, consider having a link to your honeymoon registry added to your wedding website. If you don’t have a wedding website set up, add the registry info in an insert card for your bridal shower invitation.

You can also use word of mouth when it comes to spreading the news that you are registered. However, be sure that you use the right ambassadors. 

Write Thank You Notes

It’s sometimes overwhelming when looking at huge blank spaces on thank you cards. For a honeymoon registry, you write the cards much the same way you would for the traditional gift. Always thank your guests for the specific experience they have contributed to.

For instance, if your grandma bought both of you a private dinner at some beach, make sure you include small details about things like the beautiful weather and meal. On all the thank you cards, write a few sentences about how the honeymoon went, in general, briefly explain your plans for the next few months.