Tattoos Top 5 Ideas On Full Body Tattoos

Top 5 Ideas On Full Body Tattoos

Wanna have a great full body tattoo? There are plenty of superb supernatural tattoos for you right here and right now. Some of them are mystical, while others are rather realistic and 3D.  It is a long-term decision to get yourself inked with cool full body tattoos, so you’d rather be selective when picking up the idea.

As long as ladies first…so…

Look at these 5 gorgeous full body tattoos for a female:


Let all the world be on your body! This tattoo is for those women who like to travel and enjoy visiting different places. Isn’t it lovely?


Every girl likes flowers. Moreover, many poets and writers compared the woman with a beautiful flower. Let others feel your unique aroma!


This bird always resurrects from ashes. So if you believe in the resurrection, you’ll like this tattoo. Also, it’s rather intimate and gentle tattoo to underline your femininity.


Are you an angel? All the girls are angels: some are good while the others are bad. Which kind of angel are you?


A beautiful Sakura tree is such a wonderful choice for a real woman. It highlights the fact you are in a blooming period of your life and that you are a mature person.

Here are the top 5 best full body tattoo for a man:


We all were kids and believed in ghosts. We were afraid of them at those times, but when we grew up, there is no fear anymore. Moreover, it’s possible to scare other people once you place such a tattoo on your body. Teach others to respect you!


There is a legend that you can draw a genealogical tree of the members of your family. You may include your past, present, and future relatives there. It’s very cute to have such a tree drawn on your back to commemorate your closest people.


If you are a fan of eastern philosophy and mythology, this tattoo is created for you. Let the dragons come alive in your life and bring you joy, wisdom, and happiness!

Religious Revelations

This tattoo is only for the believers of Christianity because the images of it depict the things described in the Book of Revelation by John. It’s time to tell the world about coming of Messiah with a tattoo!


Do you often find yourself doing routine works with standard reactions? Have no emotions? Then it’s time to admit that you are being transformed into a robot. This tattoo is a great option for people who think out of the box.

Enjoy your hilarious tattoo!


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