Lifestyle Top 10 Most Curious Stories About Gaming and Online Gambling

Top 10 Most Curious Stories About Gaming and Online Gambling


Interesting Anecdotes You May Have Not Heard About

Have you ever received a package from FedEx?  Have you ever bought a lotto ticket and thought, Oh, these one in trillion odds, I surely won’t win, the odds are one in 175 million!?  Have you set records at the craps tables?  When was the last time you won nearly a million dollars at work or bet nearly your entire life’s savings on a single spin? Maybe you’ve had your own crazy gaming related story that you’d like to share!  (And if you do, please let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you).  Here we have for you ten amazing stories for your entertainment pleasure.

The FedEx Phenomenon

FedEx was at the forefront of global delivery.  The goal of the company was to deliver goods from anywhere in the world with the quickest delivery times possible.  In the 1970’s when it was created, FedEx did just that—they were at the forefront of the delivery industry.

That same era was also known for an extreme gas crisis in America, shooting up the cost and availability of gasoline, proving a major financial problem for the newly established company that literally relied upon gasoline.   So, in answer to this problem, Frederick W. Smith, the founder and CEO of FedEx, took a meager $5000 to Vegas, and gambled his way to $32,000, just enough to keep the business from the brink of bankruptcy and operating at its best.  Today, Mr. Smith’s business is estimated to be about a 50-billion-dollar company.  A far cry from the desperate trip to Vegas!

Little Poker Wizard

Now this story may be more myth than truth, but it’s still a good story nonetheless.  Allegedly, in 2010 a boy of a mere eight years of age snuck his way into an online poker tournament.  Not a big deal, right?  Kids can be pretty computer savvy at young ages.  Well, the difference was, this eight-year-old boy from India won nearly half a million dollars in this online poker tournament!

This did not come without consequences of course, including some legal action taken and the name of the website wishing to remain anonymous.

$6m chip theft embarrassment

There was major embarrassment for the Wynn Macau casino in January 2018 when it was revealed more than $6 million worth of casino chips had been stolen as part of an ‘inside job’. Details about the heist are still a little thin on the ground, but it is reported that the suspect simply “stuffed [the chips] into a bag” in one of the casino’s VIP gaming rooms and walked out. There is certainly something to be said for the security and transparency of online gaming as opposed to bricks-and-mortar casinos. A safe online casino such as 888 will always offer the highest levels of encryption to ensure that no third parties can ever access their players’ sensitive data or their gaming funds.

One in 175 Million… Seven Times!

Have you ever been lucky enough to win big on your lotto ticket?  If so, you beat the odds at a one in 175 million chance.  But this lucky and skillful fellow, Richard Lustig, has won the lottery seven different times from the years 1992 to 2010.  His winnings have amassed more than a million dollars, though he won’t disclose the exact number, for privacy reasons.

He claims that is wasn’t all luck, there was some skill.  If you’re interested in trying your hand at winning the lottery, you can check out his book published in 2010, in trying your hand at winning the lottery, you can check out his book published in 2010 by AuthorHouse, Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.

There’s one more one-in-175-million story to note… A North Carolina woman was admonishing her husband for buying lottery tickets too often.  She claimed it was a waste of money and that “luck doesn’t always hit.”  To prove a point, she bought a scratch card that quickly revealed itself to be worth nearly one million dollars.  Surely, she no longer scolded her husband after that.

Lucky Grannie

New Jersey grandmother Patricia Demauro rolled the dice so to speak when she decided to try her hand at a craps table for the first time.  She claims she had only played once before, but decided to give it another try at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City.

And roll the dice she did.  154 times in fact.  She played for four hours and 18 minutes straight without rolling the unlucky seven.  Her odds greatly surpass those of Robert Lustig… the odds of rolling 154 consecutive rolls at the craps table are one in 1.56 trillion.  Trillion!

Patricia broke the record for longest running craps game by over an hour, the previous record was held by a casino goer in Las Vegas with 118 consecutive rolls.  We may never know exactly how much Demauro won that night, but she nonetheless made history in the gambling world… and that is priceless.

Pokerstars Record Smashers

Have you ever played a poker tournament with 225,000 other players?  Perhaps you were have, in which case you were more than likely a part of the record breaking, largest ever online poker tournament held in June 2013.  And the buy in to this grand prize?  Just a dollar.

This was the fifth time that Pokerstars hosted the largest ever online poker tournament.  They no doubt have intentions of beating their old record many times over in the future (which is rumored why they put a cap on the 225,000 players).

The largest prize pool was held in 2010 at the World Championship of Online Poker, ringing in a whopping $12.2 million.

Legendarily Long Poker Game

Though the sources may be a bit iffy for this one, history has a lot to tell us.  In a tiny saloon in Tombstone, Arizona stood the Bird Cage Theatre.  It was a local watering hole and place for poker enthusiasts to gather when mining for silver was at an all-time high.

Legend has it that the basement of the Bird Cage Theatre hosted the longest ever running poker game.  How long did this game supposedly last?  Eight years, five months and three days.  The poker table running nonstop, 24 hours a day for the entire eight and a half years (1881-1889).  It was rumored that ten million dollars changed hands in the legendary basement, and celebrities such as Doc Holliday and George Hearst had a seat at the table during those eight and a half years.

Stick to Boxing Floyd

In 2015, while he should have been focusing on preparing for his big fight with Manny Pacquiao, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather bet nearly 4% of his entire net worth on a basketball game.  He apparently is notorious for betting on sports quite often, but this was a big one.

It paid off though! Floyd bet $5.9 million on a seemingly random game in the Eastern Finals.  He in large has basketball great LeBron James to thank for his winnings.  During that season, LeBron, who was playing for the Miami Heat, had yet to lose a game.  Good thing they kept up their winning streak!

You’ve Won Yourself a Fabulous New Car!

Well, maybe you didn’t win it.  Rather, you sunk $120 million into the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and as a token of their appreciation, the casino sends you a brand-new Rolls Royce right to your front door.  That’s exactly what happened to Zhenil Ye Gon.

But his $120 million loss wasn’t as dramatic as you might think.  He reportedly had over $205 million in cash tucked away at a mansion in Mexico.  Unfortunately, he was into some more dark dealings than just high stakes gambling, and was under investigation for selling meth making chemicals on the underground black market.  Too bad he probably couldn’t keep the car!

A Grande Win

You may have heard it often- that you need to work in a low paying service industry job at least once in your life.  Well, Damon the Starbucks Barista did just that.  But he left his espresso pulling days behind after winning almost a million dollars during the 2016 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.  It’s the one of the most respected football betting contests in the world, and 2016 proved to be a record breaking year with more than 1,800 participants and a $1,500 buy-in.

So, football enthusiast and Starbucks Barista Damon joined in on the bet.  While at work, he was able to catch a glimpse of a TV across the room, and watch as the games came to an end and realize that he had just won an incredible sum of money.  Sometimes, it pays to watch TV and take a break at work.

Double or Nothing… Really

In 2004, many top news channels reported of a man from London bet literally his entire life savings, and not one penny less, on a single spin at the roulette table.

On that fateful day, he walked into the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with his entire lifesavings of $135,300 and “the clothes on his back.”  That was it.  He must have felt something from the universe telling him to place his bets on red, and that he did.  Amazingly, he doubled his entire life savings, walking home that day with $270,600 dollars.  His parents accompanied him on his seemingly reckless adventure to Las Vegas, but it definitely paid off.  You can watch footage of his amazing spin here.

We hope you enjoyed these ten interesting and sometimes downright crazy stories.  If you have any of your own that you would like to share, we’d love to hear your stories!

Make sure to check out our own list of different online casino games to try your hand at, and who knows, maybe you’ll make the next great story of the year!