Hair Things you never knew about hair extensions – The curious perspective!

Things you never knew about hair extensions – The curious perspective!

Before you delve so much to the beauty and the glamour of applying for hair extensions, there is a lot a woman should know. A lot of queries pop-up when a woman is applying hair extensions for the first time or wanting to change to another type of hair extension. These things may not be familiar with your stylist and require that you do a research yourself.

Which extension is the best fit?

Your budget and the reason for going for a hair extension will direct you to obtain a certain extension. You will find different types of hair extensions in online shop carts with just a price tag and little-detailed information. What you will not find is the best method to use for which hair extension. The fused hair extensions, keratin-strands are bonded using heat. Tape-in extensions are small strands of hair that are attached using tape.

Sew-in extensions famous known as weave, are braids that run from ear to ear with wefts of extension hair woven with threads and attached to the braids. Most women will go for the glued extensions. Taking a bath with glued extensions on your scalp is not a comfortable thing to do. Clips extensions serve a much better hair extension because you clip them off and on when you do not need them.

How can my hair blend and with the extension of choice?

It is good you know that weave is mostly applied for African-American hair. African hair is strong enough to hold the heavyweight braids. Extensions are of all forms of color and textures; Chose a dark shade to blend well with your lighter hair so as to bring out a natural look. For texture, choose a texture that equates to your natural hair’s taste.

Clip in extensions is temporary extensions compared to weave and tape in extensions. When applying for these extensions it is good to ask your stylist to dye and cut according to your hair to give a natural look. And not unless your hair is of blonde type, giving a glamour look will require you to dye your extensions. Another trick for blending your hair extension is that your hair needs more extensions depending on how thick your hair is.

Thin hair needs keratin-stripped extensions to care for the tangles when brushing. Hotheads extensions, tape-in, are good extension although expensive. They lie perfectly and stay for a long time and are reusable. Check with your stylist to get them attached back near your scalp.

Which color hacks best blends with the hair extension?

Getting the right color match is a tricky thing for many women. The color of the extension should give a nice shade when blended with your natural hair. Look for a color chart to check on different hair extension color match. Contrast among dark and light extensions that blend well with your natural hair. You can opt to send a picture of your natural hair on the internet to get a color match for your hair extension.

Color shade goes beyond light and dark blonde hair. So it is important to look for a shade rather than comparing the texture of your hair. Keratin extensions do create fine color effects and side fringes as well. Avoid dying keratin extensions as the hair has already undergone coloring and discoloring.

Which qualities do I check when shopping for the hair extension?

Hair extensions come in a variety of shades, quality, and length. Checking for substances which will damage your hair is very important. Synthetic hair has a silicone coating making them unfriendly hot temperatures. Checking the quality of braids is crucial; wefts should be standard and should have strands tucked well with each other. Look or extensions that glide smoothly in your fingers as you run down your fingers without shedding a lot of hair. Determine the type of clips when buying clip-in extensions–shop for rubber and silicone clips that hold on strongly to the hair. Ensure wefts are of at least equal length when purchasing a weave.

What is the lifespan of different hair extensions?

Clip-in extension last long but it depends on how well you maintain them, what products you use to wash them and how often you reuse. It is important to note that hair extensions are perishable products. The brand, color, and place of origin determine how long extensions can last. Whether your choice is Brazilian, Russian extra, all that matters is how well you take care of your extensions. But still, some hair extensions like tape-in last 3-6 months when well maintained. Synthetic low-quality extensions will not last long. Ensure you shop for the best quality extensions at REBE FAIR.

What are the top rated hair extensions?

Curly Clip-in extensions – The Ultimate Choice!

Clip-in hair extensions blend well and match with different hairstyles. They can be clipped in and out depending on the occasion. Curly clip-in extensions are not expensive and cost around $100-$200; and yet they last 2-5 months when properly maintained. Permanent extensions are more damaging as they pull down your natural hair. Clip-in extensions are temporarily making them less damaging as they simply can be clipped in and out. Applying clip-in extension is easy and takes about 4minutes to clip in and out.  They can be styled in a limitless number of options; bun, curls, ponytail, and braids. With clip-in extensions, you can create a thick and long hairstyle or even add color. Clip-in extensions can be blended in a manner that fits different forms of natural hair. They come with different origin to enable them to fit straight with natural hair. Whether you have curly hair or short hair, clip-in extensions will give you the perfect look.

They are the best fit for achieving your wedding hair dreams. They will add length, style, volume, color, and glamour to your natural hair. It is hard to detect clip-in extensions if you match well with your natural hair.

Regardless of the type of extension, ensure you have a number of consultations with stylists and hair technicians.



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