Health The Case for Nicotine Cravers to Seriously Consider Vaping

The Case for Nicotine Cravers to Seriously Consider Vaping

Over the last 50 years or so, tobacco smoking has proven harder and harder to reconcile with mainstream society. The number of smokers is declining, the cost of cigarettes is rising, and the number of places where you are actually allowed to smoke is getting smaller all the time. In fact, even characters in Disney animated films can’t smoke anymore.

Amid all this pressure is the smoker, who just wants to enjoy the soothing feeling of consuming nicotine. Is there any hope for those two worlds to reconcile?

There actually is. Vaping provides an alternative to smoking that still gives users the pleasant feeling of nicotine but doesn’t create the irritating smoke or the littered, fire-causing butts that cigarettes cause.

The process is pretty simple. The flavored nicotine juice is heated in a chamber, then mixed with water vapor that the user inhales. It’s a fire-free, odor-free way to enjoy nicotine, with a variety of flavors available to enhance the experience.

It’s a very individualized way to enjoy nicotine. While all cigarettes are very similar, vaping is totally different. The device itself comes in many different styles, and users can buy vape juice in sampler boxes to try out various flavors and choose the one they like best. The flavor really comes through with vaping because there’s no overpowering combustion taste to overcome.

Vaping doesn’t just skirt the inconvenience of smoking regulations, though. It’s truly superior in a lot of ways. Those butts you used to throw out every day? Maybe to the tune of 30 or 40? That’s over. Your vaporizer is a durable item that you use again and again. That also means a big reduction in the number of fires caused by smoking, which lead to lots of property loss, injuries, and deaths each year.

You’ll also no longer be the first group on the tax-hike list. Tobacco is a very popular target for cash-strapped cities and states, so by ditching the cigarettes and taking up vaping, you’ll no longer be in the crosshairs of budget-balancing zealots.

Think about your last cigarette. If you weren’t in your home or car (a home or a car that you own), you probably had to smoke it outside. That means rain or shine, hot or cold, mosquitoes or not, that’s where you had to smoke. While there are some restrictions on where you can vape, it’s widely accepted that “semi-outdoor” places like picnic shelters and bus stops are acceptable for vaping.

Now think about what you’re wearing right now. Have you ever ruined a favorite shirt or pair of pants by dropping a cigarette on them? What about those times when the “cherry” fell off? You not only sent a good garment to the yard work wardrobe, you might have also burned yourself. Vaping keeps your clothing looking good and your skin intact.

Speaking of your clothes and your body, you’re going to smell better when you vape. Smokers crush out their butts after that last drag and scurry back inside the workplace, still smelling like an ashtray. When you vape, it’s unlikely that anybody will even know you’ve been using it–except you, and you’ll be getting that pleasant nicotine sensation while the smokers are all being chastised for smelling so bad.

Smoking has never been about the fire, the smoke, the butts on the sidewalk, or the burns on your clothes. It’s always been about enjoying the nicotine that comes from that process, and when you can achieve that without all those unpleasant side effects, you’re getting the best of everything.


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