Tattoos Tattoos: Designs for Girls Wanting to Make a Statement

Tattoos: Designs for Girls Wanting to Make a Statement

Why a Girl Might Look for a Tattoo Design?

While tattoos used to be something only sailors, soldiers, and the most disreputable members of society would “wear”, today, the situation has changed. Nowadays, they adorn the bodies of men and women from all walks of society, including athletes, actresses, and even politicians. If you find yourself dating girls in Moldova or other Eastern European countries, there’s also a very good chance you’ll find yourself dating an inked woman.

Female tattoos are growing in popularity amongst women in Eastern Europe as they catch onto a trend that’s already taken over much of the Western world (it’s estimated over half of the women in the United States have at least one tattoo). For many women, it’s a way to make a statement about who they are and what matters to them. For others, it’s a way to show that they are in love, which is why you’ll see more and more inked brides, and this might include your future bride from Ukraine.

What Designs Are Available for Girls Looking for Tattoos?

When people think about getting a tattoo, the first images that pop into their head are probably of pictures done with black ink or a mix of black ink and color. They might also think of larger designs, ones which cover an arm, leg or back, for example. This isn’t surprising because these are often the ones that appear in magazines and newspapers. They’re big, bold, and make a statement.

These aren’t for everyone, however. When it comes to tattoos, girls looking for a design that suits them, are just as likely to choose small tattoos, ones that are less conspicuous and easier to hide if needed from their employer or a more conservative family member. Thankfully, nowadays, when it comes to finding the perfect tattoo design for girls, they’ve plenty of options.

Girls looking for designs for tattoos could choose to go down the traditional route and stick with black or multi-colored ink and are likely to find a lot of artists able to do the work for them as it’s one most of them will be familiar with. Much of the imagery around tattoos, flower or butterfly tattoos, for example, is done in the traditional style and that means plenty of pictures will come up in an online search.

Watercolor tattoos have taken the traditional, multi-colored style, and adapted it. With these tattoos, the colors are more muted, and the images blurred just like they would be in a painting. A downside of these tattoos is that they don’t stay as vibrant or as clear for as long as the traditional style of tattoo.

Tattoos done with white ink may be a good option for fairer-skinned women, especially ones who don’t feel they can wear a tattoo openly. White ink tattoos generally have delicate designs, ones which can look like they’re embedded in the skin rather than lying on top of it the way traditional tattoos do.

UV tattoos are another option for a girl looking for an interesting design and another way to keep a tattoo somewhat under the radar unless they’re in a club with ultra-violet lights when the tattoo will shine out when everyone else’s fades into the dark.

What do Girls Tattoo Designs Mean?

There are so many tattoo designs out there for girls to choose from, it could be easy for them to get confused or, worse, make the wrong decision and end up regretting their choice for the rest of their lives. Tattoos are so personal, for any girl looking for a tattoo design, what she needs to focus on is that whatever she chooses it needs to mean something to her, especially because she’s likely to be asked about it more than once and will give her a story to tell. What, though, do some of the popular tattoo designs mean? Below, we will discuss some common types of images. If you want to see some more, we invite you to check an additional gallery of tattooed brides.


Dreamcatcher tattoos look to replicate on the skin a design Native American mothers would make for their children to help them have sweet dreams at night and keep nightmares at bay. In a tattoo, they can be used to ward off bad dreams and make for sleep-filled nights.

Individual Letters

Many women will have the letter of a loved one tattooed on their wrist. This might be a husband, a child, or someone they have lost. Wrists provide a perfect location for a simple letter.

Geometric Designs

Increasingly popular geometric tattoos for girls are a great way to be on-trend but also to be unique because there is no end to how this design can be interpreted. Plus, it works whether it’s large or small.


Flower tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos for girls because they are incredibly pretty, look good in either black or colored ink and there is so much variety in the flowers a girl can choose. Roses, for example, traditionally symbolize love but the color used can make the tattoo much more personal. They can also be used to show purity and innocence. Lotus flowers, meanwhile, represent rebirth and renewal in Eastern culture. And, again, they look just as good in black in or fully colored in white and green.


Trees tend to symbolize life and growth and a connection to the natural world. Because of their roots, trees also represent strength and a person who is grounded and understands who they are and what they want from life. For others, trees also represent their beliefs as – dependent on the image used – they can be linked to their religion, paganism, and science. With so many tree images available, it’s always advisable to make sure you understand the meaning of a specific tree before you make a choice.


Along with a tattoo of a tree, many girls looking for tattoo designs will choose one that includes a bird. Two birds in a tree represent love (who hasn’t heard the term ‘lovebirds’?) and is a popular choice for tattooed women or those who are engaged.


Compasses are one of the best choices for girls looking for a wrist tattoo as a small version would fit perfectly and you have the option of having the compass point towards your home or your heart when you hold out your arm, which is very meaningful. This tattoo design has come a long way from when it was solely used to sailors or yachtsmen. Now, you don’t need to have been to the sea to have this tattoo, which is a popular design for younger women who have spent time traveling or who want to see the world.

Which Girls Tattoo Design is Right for You?

Whatever tattoo you choose, the final decision is yours and it’s one you should make wisely, researching the meaning behind your favorite designs so you know just what it is saying because, once you have been inked, as they say, there is no going back.


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