Tattoos Tattoo Ideas from Pokies Online Real Money Games

Tattoo Ideas from Pokies Online Real Money Games

People like to express themselves in many ways. Some people enjoy wearing clothes that are really bright and expressive. Other people enjoy having a lot of ear piercings and other body piercings. Some people, of course, enjoy having tattoos. Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that it’s something that people enjoy and that it allows them to express themselves.

The History of Tattoos

Tattoos have been around since at least Neolithic times, if you can believe it. There is evidence with mummified and preserved skin that it was used as an ancient art. The most direct evidence of early tattooing goes back to the 4th millennium BC and the oldest tattooing found on a person’s skin dates from the body of Otzi, the Iceman, which was between 3370 and 3100 BC. This tells us that people have been using this method of expression for longer than almost any other expression we can find. There is evidence around the world of people using tattoos in every culture and in every location. Some tattoos were used, and are used today, for religious reasons. Some were used to indicate that you are part of a specific group. Others are used for beautification and still others for dominance and for marking that you are part of a specific group, tribe or people.

Tattooing Today

Today, of course, having a tattoo is a very common thing and almost anyone, in any culture, might be found with a tattoo. It’s a way for people to express things that they love and to show off the things that they enjoy directly on their skin. For people who love pokies online real money games, this is a great opportunity. It’s fun to have a brightly colored, exciting tattoo that you can carry around with you and allow you to think about your gaming experience. This is a great conversation starter since you might find yourself somewhere and another person will recognize that your tattoo shows that you love pokies online real money games. And this could spark a conversation and allow you to connect with other people who also love gaming.

Great Tattoo Ideas

If you like this idea of getting a tattoo and you love pokies online real money games, here are some ideas that you might enjoy. First of all, the most obvious type of tattoo to get is dice. You can get some really vibrant looking dice and put them on your arm or your calf. They immediately signal to other people that you love dice games and that you’re a gamer. Another great idea is a roulette table. This is, of course, a bit more intricate and a bit of a larger commitment, but it’s something that could look really cool. You can either have a roulette wheel on your shoulder or on your stomach (or anywhere that you want it) and can enjoy signaling a very specific message to other roulette gamers.

Even More Great Tattoo Finds

There are other ways to signal your love for gaming with tattoos. If you think of your favorite game, you might actually find that you can get a tattoo artist to recreate something for you. Maybe you love playing Thor. How could would it be to have the picture of Thor on your arm? Or maybe you are a big fan of Lara Croft and you want to have her hot picture on your leg. These are a great conversation started for you and anyone who loves these games will automatically know what you love to play.

Other Ideas

Other gaming ideas include things like cherries or other fruit symbols. These are classic symbols for gaming and you can really enjoy these. They have two messages because some people will just think they are fruits that you enjoy, while others will get the message that these are fruit symbols from your favorite games. Another obvious idea is to have a playing card as a tattoo. You might like the Queen of Hearts or the Ace of Spades. These are very simple and common tattoos and any artist should be able to recreate them.

This is certainly a unique idea and a great way to show other players that you love pokes games. And to show yourself that you are committed to this hobby enough to put a picture of it on your body! Have a blast playing and enjoying your new tattoo today.


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