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How to Start a Business and to Survive?

Generate ideas – Do Not Think About the Income! 

If you are starting a business – you definitely cannot help thinking about your future income. If you are, for example, too short of money, you won’t start a business, will you? But strange as it may seem, money is not a crucial thing in doing a good startup. It is far more productive to push your idea to potential investors so that they will become eager to sponsor your young business. If needed – order cover letter writing from 10 page papers or other writing services.

So, it’s better for you to think about good business ideas than about how rich you may (or may not) become. Do your best to fulfill your ideas. After this, you can prove to others that your ideas are effective enough. Then, just wait for a long queue of investors, or at least for one of them.

Promising business ideas can be described in a few words that are understandable to everyone. If one does not understand your idea, step on your pride and remove the unsuccessful idea from the agenda. And then do not give up and invent new, better ideas.

They say that it is too difficult to start a business. And of course, every single young entrepreneur is frightened before starting their business like almost all of us were afraid to visit a school for the first time, to ride a bike or a roller-coaster, to swim, to buy a new home or to give birth to a baby.

It is very important for a future businessman to stimulate their willpower. Mind that the more frightened you were before doing a startup, the happier you will feel after you defeat it. And the excitement of your victory is an important engine of life (but then remember that complacency is the main enemy of self-development).

Start connection with important people 

Sometimes you can mistakenly think that you are too short of right connections.

In our time, this is a poor excuse. Companies’ websites, as well as various social networks, will help you to start a connection with almost any important person.

The best way is to start with building a groundwork that will have a chance to persuade an influential person. Remember that influential people are overwhelmed by requests –  this fear of having not enough beneficial connections is unfamiliar to them.

Many future businessmen think that it’s too late: all ideas in the world have already been fulfilled by other talented people.

Mark Zuckerberg surely did not invent social networks, but he managed to make them popular throughout the world, and lots of analogous examples can be shown.  It’s never late to be ready to polish what the innovator-pioneer brought along with you – making his ideas better, cheaper, faster and stronger.

How to build and develop a business from scratch? 

In general, the construction of small businesses consists of 3 stages:

  • Start a business without money at all or with minimal funds. If you lack money, this is the only way to get into a business.
  • In order to start a shop or a small production, your minimal threshold of entry when opening a store or production is at least $10000. This amount may vary in accordance with the type of your startup.
  • Build a prosperous industry. Every previous item should be an evolutionary development of the other one and should embrace the development and expansion of your business.

Unfortunately, lots of potential entrepreneurs feel frightened to communicate with investors or future buyers, which seems to be one of the crucial mistakes they make. Actually, the public will gladly attend everything that seems fascinating to it, no matter by whom and in which way it will be presented. There are a lot of lecturers and coaches with speech problems, painful tics and other unpleasant syndromes (not to mention the problems with appearance!). But they are listened to (and looked at) because they say unique things which the listeners consider useful for themselves.

If you are not listened to, the problem is not in the listeners and not in the talking – the problem is in your content. More specifically, the reason is in how you manage to match the needs of your listeners.

If the result of your business plan is fascinating – you will definitely be listened to and succeed in your business.


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