Fashion Severe Signs Makeup is Spoiling Your Beauty

Severe Signs Makeup is Spoiling Your Beauty

Your Beauty Doesn’t Depend On Cosmetics

A lot of people have this misconception that women can’t look good without makeup. However, this is untrue. Some of the prettiest women are beautiful because they don’t like wearing makeup. I am not against makeup; in fact, I don’t leave the door of my house without my favorite shades of lipsticks. Yet, this doesn’t mean that I can’t go on a day without makeup. There are a lot of women who can’t even think of living without makeup. They want a thick layer of foundation on their face even when they are going to a shop next door.

If you are a school or college going student, you might want to purchase UK essay now so that you can forget about spending time on your assignment and read this article. I understand how keen you are to know about the signs that your skin is showing. You might have noticed something wrong with your skin and that is what has led you to this article.

Continue reading if you want to know about some of the most severe signs that show makeup is spoiling your beauty and health, both at the same time.

Your Skin and You

Your skin has started breaking and you have no idea why: Look at yourself in the mirror RIGHT NOW and find out if your skin is breaking apart; if it is then you have got to get rid of makeup. Your skin feels restless without moisturizes and other creams: How do you feel when you don’t use moisturizers or creams on your face? If you feel restless, you are addicted to makeup.  You can’t leave your house without being all dolled up with makeup: Sometimes, you should stay as natural as possible. It makes you feel good when you are not dependent upon makeup. However, if you can’t be without makeup, it is probably spoiling your skin even though you have no idea about it. Start staying as natural as possible for a healthier skin.

Your friends don’t remember when they saw you without makeup last time: Talk to your friends and ask them about the last time they saw you without makeup. If they don’t remember your face without your foundation, lipstick, and fake eyelashes, you probably need to give them a glimpse of your naturally beautiful face. You have a lot of acnes on your face: Makeup can curse you with acnes, whiteheads and other such skin issues. If you have them then it is a sign that your makeup has severe effects on your skin. You have whiteheads that you are unable to get rid of: Have a closer look at your face; have you got a lot of whiteheads? If your makeup has started blocking your pores, you need to get rid of it ASAP!

Your Hair Is Important

You sleep with your makeup on: I personally know a lot of women who can’t sleep without putting their favorite foundation. Even if you use makeup in the morning, you must at least sleep without it! You have wrinkles on your face even though you are quite young and your friends don’t have them: If you are young and you have wrinkles on your face, it may be an adverse effect of the makeup that you’ve been using all this while. Your hair is turning gray: Conditioners, hair color, and other such things cause grey hair. You are not happy with the way you look without makeup: If makeup satisfies you and your thirst to look good, you are totally addicted to it and that’s wrong.

Even though makeup makes you look good, it may make you go through…

  • Loss of confidence when you are without makeup
  • Lots of skin allergies
  • Lots of skin issues


If you haven’t been doing justice to your skin by staying natural at least most of the time during the day or at least when you go to bed at night, it is time for you to take your skin seriously and be good to it.


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