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How to Select a Motorbike – Expert Tips for a Novice Biker

In urban conditions, a motorcycle gives you a real advantage in maneuverability and speed of movement. Therefore, the number of two-wheeled transport owners is rapidly increasing from year to year. Experienced bikers do not face a problem of selecting a motorcycle. However, those who know less about this transport will not be able to pick a model that will perfectly meet their needs and expectations. In this post, we summarize all the nuances of the purchase of the motorcycle in one detailed overview.

  1. Ask Experts for Advice

When choosing and purchasing the first bike, pay attention to what experts say about each specific model and each specific bike. These are usually people with great driving experience, who understand all the specifics of driving. On top of that, it would be necessary for you to attend driving classes, where you could learn riding a motorbike, in case you still can’t.

  1. Decide on the Purpose of the Motorcycle

To begin with, you should determine what you are buying a motorcycle for. Where do you plan to go? Say, it will be more convenient to move around the city on a daily basis on a small-scale scooter than on a glittering chromed cruiser. If you are going to ride mainly on asphalted roads, it makes sense for you to pay attention to the boned (plastic-lined) versions of motorcycles. On the other hand, for bad roads, it is better to choose a motorcycle with long-distance suspension.

  1. Decide on the Budget

When deciding on the budget for the first motorcycle, it is necessary to consider not only the cost of the bike itself. We highly recommend you to take into account the costs for obtaining a driver’s license, motorcycle maintenance, its storage, and insurance. In addition, one should not neglect safety. To protect your loved one, it is also necessary to install security arcs or so-called sliders on their motorbike. All these extra expenses can become an unpleasant surprise for a newbie biker.

  1. Do not Forget about Ergonomics

One of the key points you should pay attention to when choosing a motorcycle is its ergonomics. Pay attention to the height of the seat; it is important that the driver can stand on both legs after stopping the motorcycle. The next thing to check is the weight of the motorcycle. The bike should be not only light but also balanced. Only in this case, it would be easy to control.

  1. Decide on the Engine

Another important parameter you should consider is the engine of the bike. If it is your first bike, we advise you to select a model with an engine with a volume of 0,5-1,5 litres. Motorcycles with such an engine are comparatively low-powered, lightweight, and easy to ride. It is even more important that the engine is equipped with a balancing shaft. This influences and basically determines the comfort of the driver. Besides, such a motorcycle is easier to ride. Another important technical aspect is the upper camshaft location. If you do not go into details, such engines are more modern and financially beneficial. They go softer and have better elasticity and responsiveness, which is important for beginners.

  1. Check Repair Parts

At the same time, it is important that the motorcycle is cheap in service. So before purchasing any model, check the availability of its repair parts in your country. Otherwise, you risk overpaying for the shipping.

The last two parameters favor European motorcycles in comparison with expensive Japanese and Chinese brands. However, choosing a European motorcycle requires a thorough analysis of the company reputation and brand image. Among the manufacturers of European bikes, you can find reliable and high-quality brands. In spite of the fact that Japanese manufacturers place their manufacturing facilities of small motorcycles on the territory of China for many years, almost all components are identical. When choosing a motorcycle, it is not recommended to pick cheaper models. The cheapest ones are equipped using low-quality materials. It is better to select models of the medium price segment.


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