Hair Rules to Follow If You Want Healthy Hair

Rules to Follow If You Want Healthy Hair

In this age of heat damage, bad dye jobs, and perms, it is not a question of whether you have hair damage; the question is how bad the hair damage is. Before you start to feel sorry for yourself and the thought of cutting your hair crosses your mind, you should try the following:

Stock Your Shower

Whenever you wash your hair, you should consider adding pre-shampoo to your routine. This will work as a sealant and smooth the cuticles of your hair to prevent damage. If your hair is fine, you can forego the pre-shampoo process. However, people with other hair types should consider pre-shampooing, as it protects hair from damage caused by massaging shampoo into the hair.

Change Your Conditioning Thoughts

What do you think about conditioning your hair? A conditioner smoothes the frizz and makes your hair shinier and softer. If you plan to use any heating tools on your hair, you should make sure that you condition for heat protection. A heat protecting spray is also important but a conditioner works better in coating individual strands of hair.


You should leave your conditioner on for at least five minutes then rinse it off using cold water. Doing so will ensure that more of the product is left in your hair.

Add Layers

Because heat is not good for your hair, you should use a heat protecting spray. If you want it to work, make sure that you apply it just as a hair stylist would: dampen sections of your hair and spritz the spray up and down the length of it. When you finish applying it to the entirety of your hair, you should comb it to distribute the hair spray.


Unless you apply a heat protecting spray all over your hair, it will be useless. Buy a formula that protects your hair from temperatures of up to 450 degrees.

Treat Yourself

You should treat your scalp weekly if you want your head to look clean. When you keep the hair follicles clean, you will be preventing inflammation and blockage that causes the hair to start thinning. Find a hair treatment formula with salicylic acid, as it will be better for cleaning your hair follicles than normal shampoos. If you do not have much time, you should buy a dandruff shampoo, as it will clean your scalp thoroughly even if you do not suffer from flaky scalp.

Wet it Less Often

Water causes the hair to swell from inside and this will force the cuticle upwards. When you wash your hair too often, you will cause it to frizz and break more often. If you can skip a day or two, that would be great for your hair. You should also consider investing in the best hair supplements: vitamins that actually work.

Use Shampoo Smartly

You should not worry too much about sulfates, because they have not been shown to cause more hair damage. All shampoos have ingredients that strip your hair of color and oil. If you do not want your hair to be stripped of all the good stuff, you should stay away from clarifying formulas. Instead, you should invest in a shampoo that repairs damage and has proteins for strengthening hair.


You should alternate between using normal shampoos and cleansing conditioners to reap the maximum benefits of hair products.


All the above rules are important if you want to keep your hair looking shiny, healthy, and damage free. Just make sure that you conduct enough research before spending your money on hair products. This will keep you from wasting money on useless products.



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