Lifestyle Reasons to Embrace the Comeback of Fanny Packs

Reasons to Embrace the Comeback of Fanny Packs

You may be reading this because you, like many forward-thinking individuals, are ready to embrace the return of the fanny pack. Alternatively, you may have clicked the link to leave a few choice words in the comment, but before you do, consider this:

Fanny packs are back and you should embrace them.

Fanny packs are a practical invention designed to make our hectic lives easier. Not convinced? Here are five compelling reasons why the fanny pack comeback is a blessing in disguise.

Music Festival Culture

Music festivals aren’t just for the rebellious teenagers who want to make love not war anymore. They’re an inclusive event that people from all backgrounds flock to so that they can party with carefree abandon. From teenagers to middle-aged music lovers, festivals are a melting pot of unique individuals who share a common interest.

Do you want to be a festival-goer? Buy a holographic fanny pack on and you’ll fit right in! Fanny packs reduce the need for big bulky backpacks, so festival-goers can be safe and have fun without risking the loss of their personal possessions.

No Pockets

It’s no secret that there’s a pocket shortage in the women’s clothing industry. Maybe it’s because of the perception that pockets would make pants appear too bulky or maybe it’s because women with portable storage are unstoppable. Regardless, it’s extremely inconvenient for women on the go.

Why not use a purse? Well, a purse usually has to get hung on a chair or balanced on an arm, held in a change room or set on a dirty bathroom floor when there are no hooks. The solution is using a fanny pack and wearing it with pride.

They’ve Evolved

They don’t make fanny packs like they used to! No longer does wearing a fanny pack mean wearing a drab colored vinyl or canvas pouch. You can now get them embroidered, in different patterns and designs (like the above mentioned holographic style), and customized to match your unique flair.

Furthermore, fanny packs aren’t just a single pocket anymore. They have compartments for all your belongings, even a hook for your keys. Runners have enjoyed an athletic take on the fanny pack in recent years, called the FlipBelt. The FlipBelt offers flat, stretchy storage in the form of a belt rather than a pouch.


Whether you’re a parent to human children or fur babies, you’re likely familiar with an inconvenient truth: parenting means carrying a lot of stuff around. If you’re headed out for a walk in the park with your pooch, you likely need water, snacks, and doggy bags. If you’re headed out for a walk in the park with your baby, you likely need water, snacks, and diapers.

So do you carry a big bulky bag with you while trying to juggle a tiny human hand, a leash or both? Fanny packs keep your hands free to administer all the solutions to the problems that pets and children have.

Travel Safety and Convenience

What’s easier than carrying a bulky purse onto an airplane with your carry on luggage? A fanny pack. What’s safer than walking through a foreign marketplace with your purse hanging on your arm? A fanny pack tucked under your shirt.

Fanny packs were originally designed to make traveling easier and they’ve become symbolic of tourists around the world. As much as we make fun of the look, there is nothing that has surpassed the fanny pack in terms of convenient travel storage. Travel scarves with hidden pockets are a close second, but can be irritating and inconvenient in some locales.

In summation, the fanny pack isn’t a laughable trend of days gone by – it’s the sign of a highly evolved mind who doesn’t care what other people think and has both hands free to fight anyone who argues with their awesomeness.


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