Tech Qualities of Efficient PCB Design Software

Qualities of Efficient PCB Design Software

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are an integral and a basic part of almost all the technology that exists in the world. PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards are powering technologies since the early 20th century. Anyone who is into PCB manufacturing understands and knows that the process is quite tedious and complex. Even a single error on the part of the PCB manufacturer can result in the disintegration of the functionality of the entire technology itself in which the defective PCB is used. However, the process of manufacturing PCBs, although still intricate, has become a lot easier than previous times due to the advent of advanced PCB design software and efficient courses for PCB design. If you are PCB designer you must be careful in selecting your PCB design software as not all provide the same functionality. Following are four basic qualities that PCB design software must possess in order to be categorized as an efficient and reliable:

4 Basic Attributes of Reliable PCB Design Software

  • Availability of a good content library and editing interface

PCBs have a long history attached to them. Since past times the designs of PCBs have changed a lot and are still undergoing improvement in various categories.

As a result, a PCB has got a variety of different components. Good PCB design software will provide access to almost all the available parts and components. The content available in the library must cover all the aspects of PCB design; so that a PCB designer can easily and effectively design a dependable PCB. Moreover, the library must be customizable so that as and when new parts for a PCB come up; the same can be added to the library accordingly.

As far as the editing interface is concerned, it must contain all the required features so as to make the designing process easier and must record all the changes made by the designer so that he/she can easily revert back to any previously saved state, as and when required.

  • Able to effectively spot errors before finalizing the design.

Good PCB design software must be able to spot any kind of errors or defects in the PCB design before the designer finalizes the design and send it for manufacturing.  If this feature is not effective or reliable in the PCB design software; then a designer can send a defective PCB for manufacturing which could result in loss of essential resources and development of a defective piece of technology which could cost a company millions.

Hence, all the functionality problems and defects must be fixed beforehand; before finalizing the design of the PCB.

  • Great customer support

Anything without a good customer support is an absolute waste. Similar is the case of PCB design software. Several sections of PCB design software could be unfamiliar to the designer and only a great customer support team can help the designer understand the sections present in the PCB design software.

The customer support must be expert in all aspects related to PCB design so that as and when required the same expertise can be used by the PCB designer avoid any kind of errors, defects or delays in the designing process.

  • Trial period

As already said, in the beginning, no two PCB design software is similar. Hence a trial period must be on the cards for the software so that you can test the software and once it fits your needs; you can go ahead and buy it.


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