People A Piece of Art and Your Essay: A Creative Combo

A Piece of Art and Your Essay: A Creative Combo


I know you are too creative to submit that essay just in a form of a document which you`ll send to your professor via e-mail. And that`s exactly why you`re here. We`ve got something very interesting and special to offer you.

Writing an essay on a piece of paper may sound awfully boring. But students from all over the world are going to share their experience in making this work as creative and artsy as possible.

I must warn you that your professor may not be thrilled by this whole innovative approach, so think it twice. Thoroughly and carefully. I`m pretty sure that if you don`t scratch your essay on the teacher`s car, you`re safe because what can be worse than that?

Calm down, it`s not a challenge. I guess you could check a few suggestions about the creative approach. By the way, you can also ask if your brain gets tired of all that creative process.

Better Than a “Gucci” Scarf

If you call yourself a professional of surfing the Internet, then you must have seen the meme which depicts a girl who printed her entire work on a scarf. A real silk scarf! Or whatever that material was.

She wore it to the class and presented to her professor. I wish there was a meme of that man`s facial expression when he saw the homework. Perhaps, it wasn`t very readable, but I hope that she at least ironed it so it didn’t `t have wrinkles.

The idea itself seems pretty cool, and you can easily pull it off. Just remember that the companies that can print the essay on your scarf (or a T-shirt, for example) can`t do it right away, so you`ll need a couple of days in reserve.

Just Another Insta-Story

By the way, before we get to the actual topic, have you guys heard that Instagram is going to prolong the time of Insta-stories? You will be able to shoot a one-minute video. And you can send it to your professor with an essay attached.

Have you seen that insanely popular video where a guy is doing his homework at the party because he didn`t want to miss out on social life and decided to combine it with study (that`s kind of important)?

You also can make a creative video of your struggles while writing an essay. If your professor has a sense of humor, you`ll become a star of the university.

Be Like Ed Sheeran

Easier said than done! Who doesn’t want to be like Ed Sheeran? That man is a walking talent, and you can learn a lot from him. For example, how to write songs about your usual everyday experiences and struggles (like writing an essay).

If you have a gift of rhyming, then why would you write a 1000-word essay if you could just come up with a 3-minute song? And if you make a video, it will be just lit. Even a professor who`s been very strict with you won`t be able to stay indifferent to your efforts.

A Bit Extreme but Still

If your life resembles any Lada Gaga`s video on a grand scale, we`ve got some really cool idea up the sleeve.

How do you feel about body art? I think you`ve already guessed what you could do, but, please mind that nudity is forbidden in classrooms, so some clothes won`t hurt.

Besides, one body might be not enough, so you`ll need help from your mates. A bunch of real students have been through this, so why can`t you show off your extravagant nature? It will be totally worth it because, I bet, your professor has never seen an art exhibition like that.

However, it will be really uncomfortable and awkward to read that work. But who cares? Creativity is the point here!