Creem 100 Christmas Party Outfit For Girls

100 Christmas Party Outfit For Girls

Whenever a special holiday arrives in the town, expect everyone to become exhilarated, excited, and energetic. People spend money to buy home decorations, food and even wear snazzy, sassy, and colorful chic outfits. This special event of the year is none other than the Christmas! If you’re wondering what fashionable attires or costumes to wear, then you have landed on the right spot. Witness all of these admirable outfits for Christmas!

Black and White Sexy Maid Outfit
christmas party outfit (1)

Turn your costume into a maid-sama hot outfit. This cute sassy and daring style will surely keep the wearer famous to the crowd. You may also wear this costume to lure customers to visit your cafe restaurant.

A New Trend: All-Black on Xmas
christmas party outfit (2)

Some prefer wearing black on Christmas. It is a voguish, sophisticated, and unique style of celebrating the special holiday.

Swimsuit in Lacy Dress
christmas party outfit (3)

If you feel spending your Christmas vacation at the pool or beach, wear this see-through crochet swimwear that will surely keep the crowd’s eyes wide open.

A Stunning Floral and Gold
christmas party outfit (4)

Do you have a Christmas party and you feel like wearing something unique yet fashionable? Partner your black dress with a floral blazer and high-end boots. You may also wear a golden dress and a pair of silver Almond toe shoes.

An Office Get-Up on Xmas
christmas party outfit (5)

Keep your office look up-to-trend by wearing the black boot for a holiday style appearance.

Anything Goes Short to Show Skin
christmas party outfit (6)

A zigzag edge outfit for Christmas is something unique peculiar and fashionable. try this all-white skin revealing tube and shorts.

Fashionista Girl on Leopard
christmas party outfit (7)

A leopard dress with a leather coat is a great Christmas party outfit for your teen girl. For sure, many guys will make a crush on her.

Luxury Lacy Gown
christmas party outfit (8)

In celebrating the Christmas eve in a formal gathering, this lacy gown is perfect, elegant and high-class.

Jenner Sisters in Sassy Pleated Skirt and Lacy Top
christmas party outfit (9)

Wear something girly, sassy fab and cute tutu skirt and a crochet crank top. show off your daring figure and skin with these amazing outfits.

Glistening in Gold Blazer
christmas party outfit (1)

Have a glittering blazer and black gauzy dress for an awesome Christmas party. Match the look with a black Almond toe shoes and a golden quilted clutch.

Lacy Top and Disco Skirt
christmas party outfit (2)

A lacy top and glistening disco skirt are very fashionable, elegant, and skinny. A highly recommended outfit for your Christmas party.

Plain plus Glitzy
christmas party outfit (3)

Party all night with your disco skirt, black long sleeves, striped scarf, clutch and golden almond toe shoes.

Slinky Skater Dress with Gold Designs
christmas party outfit (4)

Feel like a goddess with the combination of black, white, and gold colors. A daring, feminine, and sophisticated look is achieved in this outfit.

Floral and Lace in Light Indigo
christmas party outfit (5)

Celebrate the Christmas eve in a formal style by wearing a long gown dress code with flower ornaments and lace designs.

See-Through and Scallop Shorts
christmas party outfit (6)

A nice fancy, yet a cute combination of colors for this outfit is really an alternative look especially if worn on a party. Match it with doll shoes to make it look cheeky and teen.

A Sparkling Black Pants
christmas party outfit (7)

A black and white outfit for Christmas is a rock and roll style. The leather coat is glossy and the skinny trouser is glittering, thus, these blend of clothing style are marvelous.

Glittered Gold on a Bodycon Dress
christmas party outfit (11)

Be a daring, chic, and sophisticated in glitzy gold dress. Wear something like this to stand out your gorgeous appearance and sexy figure. for sure, every men will stare at you.

Black is Good on Xmas
christmas party outfit (12)

Consider black as a primary color of your style and foster a unique style with a simple dress and cone heel shoes.

Khaki Long Gown with Shimmering Embroidery
christmas party outfit (13)

Appear on a grand entrance with this khaki long gown. It’s astonishing embroidery and glistening design will surely be a star-studded and high-class level.

An Abstract Red and Black
christmas party outfit (15)

Show off the crowd with a geek, smart and sassy dress in amazing prints of red and black. Match the look with an eyeglass and a red sling bag to emphasize the style even more.

Silver Dress in Luminous Style
christmas party outfit (16)

Become glamorous in a Luminous silver dress for your night Xmas party and standout in a glittering fashion among the crowd. The dress is sewn with beautiful black, silver, and white shiny pearls.

Contemporary Ponchos and Leather Pants
christmas party outfit (17)

A very edgy look in a black sheeny poncho with a soft fur effect on the neck. A satiny leather, skinny pants, Almond Toe Shoes, and shades are perfect combinations for the winter outfit.

Red Strapless Dress
christmas party outfit (19)

Finding a red dress for your Xmas getaway trip? Try this flouncy strapless dress with a ribbon sash band and a handy bag for a chic look.

Pink Long Sleeve and Blue Pants in Glitz
christmas party outfit (20)

Plain colors yet stunning, wear a glittering dark blue pants, pinkish cardigan, and a cream colored pumps. A nice, sassy, and skinny outfit for the holiday season.

Perfectly Fit Gold Dress
christmas party outfit (21)

Add a little spin on your glittering golden dress with a black stockings to emphasize the dress. Enhance the outfit by carrying a clutch and wearing pumps.

Dress in Sequins and Fly-Away Skirt
christmas party outfit (22)

Wear something rare in the public’s eyes like this outfit. It is sewed with gold sequins and a violet fly-away skirt for a fun, unique, and teenage style.

Dress in Featherly Skirt
christmas party outfit (23)

Try on a sleeveless top and feathery skirt for a new style on the Xmas Eve. For sure, many visitors will adore your unique dress code.

Disco Dress in Lustrous Fashion
christmas party outfit (24)

A pixilated disco dress made in various vibrant colors of sequins. A combination of blue, sky blue, purple, and red violet in a stunning dress.

Golden Blazer, Short Sleeve Shirt with Collar, and Dark Green Skirt
christmas party outfit (25)

If you prefer a decent, elegant, bright, and smart casual, this outfit is perfect for you. Play with the style of the dark green skirt, white polo shirt, and the golden long length coat.

Cocktail Dress with Pearls and Floral Lace
christmas party outfit (26)

If your pre-nuptial photoshoot is in the month of December, this is an elegant, decent, and a beautiful attire for you. A perfect blend of pearls, silk fabric, and lacy shirt will keep the look very gorgeous for the bride.

Blue Blazer, Black Vest, and Golden Shorts
christmas party outfit (27)

A classy plus casual style for a Fashionista like you. Match the black sleeveless with a blue blazer and a mini short in dazzling gold designs.

Denim Jacket, White Vest, and Long-back Skirt
christmas party outfit (28)

Try a long-back skirt, white-on-top, and denim blazer as a holiday casual style. Add an appeal to the outfit by wearing shades and fashionable shoes with heels.

Bodycon Blue Dress in Flickering Designs
christmas party outfit (29)

Consider a fit-forming bodycon dress in a stunning green sequin. It can also be worn during the holiday night party. Carry a clutch and wear an Almond Toe shoes to improve the outfit.

Neutral Cocktail Dress with Glimmering Creations
christmas party outfit (30)

Attending a glamorous holiday consisting of the family and relatives, you should wear something like a Cinderella style of gown and surprise the whole audience with your beauty.

The Black Xmas Dress with Sexy Slit
christmas party outfit (31)

Look noble, elegant, and fabulous in an all-black gown. This is a high-end fashion that can be worn for a very special occasion. It boosts the confidence of the wearer and emphasize its gorgeous appearance.

Dark Attire on Special Season of Holidays
christmas party outfit (32)

If you prefer a black dress for the Christmas, this unique designed outfit is gorgeous. The effect of the silk covering the shoulder as a wide strap and the skirt is pretty amazing, savvy, and edgy.

Dark Long Sleeve with Skirt in Silver Sequins
christmas party outfit (33)

This outfit is very sophisticated and the skin complexion of the wearer will definitely glow. The black long sleeve and glitzy skirt with silver sequins is stunning.

Skater Dress in Thousands of Butterflies
christmas party outfit (34)

Try a loose simple dress with butterfly designs for your Xmas vacation. The outfit is sassy, comfy, and lightweight to wear.

Red Skater Dress and Black Stockings Combination
christmas party outfit (35)

Feel like Ms. Santa in a young, and sexy look by wearing a red skater dress tighten with a black belt, stockings, and a cute black pumps.

Plain and Bright Gray
christmas party outfit (36)

Fashion is your way of celebrating Christmas. Wear something glittery, silver, sparkling, and fabulous. Try this amazing outfit for a special holiday of the year.

Lacy Bodycon Dress in Light Gold Hue
christmas party outfit (37)

Glamorous, elegant, and fabulous, these are the terms associated for a very astonishing crochet bodycon dress with golden color. Invigorate the style by adding a black clutch and T-strap shoes.

Black Crank Top and High-waist Glittery Skirt
christmas party outfit (38)

Feel lean, tall, and sophisticated, wear a crank top with ribbon designs and pair it with a nice long skirt consisting of multiple silver sequins. Of course, don’t forget the lustrous silver flats.

Blue Green Sexy Back Dress
christmas party outfit (39)

Show a revealing back with this beautiful dress in blue green sequins. This is a quintessential fashion for a gorgeous lady like YOU.

Millenium Stars in a Fabulous Dress
christmas party outfit (40)

Enjoy the Xmas party with a glittery bodycon dress in gold color. Show off the crowd with a glowing garment and a flawless beauty.

Black Dress in Exceptional Gold Embroidery
christmas party outfit (41)

Be creative with your black dress and find an exceptional embroidery design in golden color. This is a perfect outfit for a grand Xmas party.

The Rule of Black and White on Xmas
christmas party outfit (42)

Make everyone in a street look at you. Wear a black and white dress with a cut-out portion of the side to show off a daring appearance.

Leopard on Top and Black Pants
christmas party outfit (43)

Keep your fashion simple by wearing a long sleeve leopard design and a skinny black pants. Suffice the style with shades, shoulder bag, and flats for a comfortable traveling outfit.

Skin-toned Dress and Lacy Embellishment
christmas party outfit (45)

A mixture of creativity is a trendy symbol on Xmas. Wear the most beautiful cocktail dress of yours with a lace design and match it with a hot branded pump.

See-Through Lacy Top and Black Skirt
christmas party outfit (46)

Keep your daring outfit alive even if it is Christmas. Try a see-through lacy long sleeve, above-the-knee skirt, and a pair of killer fuchsia pink pumps.

Red on Top and Leopard Mini Skirt
christmas party outfit (48)

A plain red shirt plus a leopard mini dress equals a fabulous party outfit. Surprise your friends with this style and make an unforgettable trend.

Body Contour Dress with Ribbons on the Side
christmas party outfit (49)

Celebrate the Christmas gathering with a semi-formal yet audacious display. This bodycon dress is sophisticated and unique in design.

Floral and Lace in Snowy White Dress
christmas party outfit (50)

An edgy lacy skater dress in all-white is ideal for a special holiday like Christmas. It appears elegant, sassy, and decent.

Cocktail in Black and Gold Inspired
christmas party outfit (51)

Christmas is a season of joy. Make a cocktail dress in a fun, party-look, and sassy appearance. Your friends will surely get jealous with your fabulous style.

Skyblue Dress with Huge Gleaming Sequins
christmas party outfit (52)

Wear something unique, glitzy, and beautiful for a special holiday to remember. Your classy look with a fur coat, white clutch, and T-strap shiny shoes.

Black on Top and Silky Dark Green
christmas party outfit (53)

A conservative style is also a trendy look for Christmas. This blend of black long sleeves and glossy skirt will lure the eyes of the crown for sure.

Green Gown for Xmas
christmas party outfit (54)

One of the colors that represent Christmas is green. People will surely look upon you if they saw you wearing a green gown tailored with glamorous jewelries.

Denim Long Sleeves and Funky Stripe Mini Skirt
christmas party outfit (55)

Wear a casual look for your December holiday outfit. A glitzy stripe skirt paired with a denim long sleeve is an exemplary style.

Red Dress for Christmas Eve
christmas party outfit (56)

A red color is part of the Christmas’ symbol. Wear an elegant red dress and make everyone jealous of your sophisticated style.

Unique Dress under the Mistletoe
christmas party outfit (57)

If you’re looking for a semi-formal dress for your Christmas party, you may refer to Selena Gomez’ red carpet attire. It will make you look edgy, savvy, and beautiful if you wear this type of clothing.

Pink Floral on Black Background Dress
christmas party outfit (58)

Show off your feminine, sassy, and positive vibe in a black dress with pink floral designs. The style resembles a Chinese floral pattern and a nice outfit for the Christmas.

Furry Black Blazer and Golden Dress
christmas party outfit (59)

A dazzling golden dress with a black blazer is a great combination for a late Christmas celebration. It is elegant, modest, and perfect for the occasion.

An Amazing Combination of Silver and Gold
christmas party outfit (60)

Cute, fab, and vibrant outfit suitable for the special holiday. The sequins on the striped 3/4ths sleeve makes the wearer look sassy, young, and appealing. On the other hand, the balloon effect of the golden skirt is unique, elegant, and sexy.

Black Dress in Half
christmas party outfit (62)

Partner your lacy top black skater dress with a sky blue pumps to appear sophisticated yet playful to look at. The combination of a serious color and a vivid one is interesting.

Sexy Sleeveless Blouse and Slacks in Black
christmas party outfit (63)

Black is beauty, even if it is worn during special seasons. A black on top with a black slacks is definitely incredible. Enhance the style by wearing a T-strap sandals and carrying a black clutch.

Strapless Dress with Long-back Abstract Design
christmas party outfit (64)

A nice black shaper tube and a vibrant skirt are exceptionally great and a suitable party outfit for the Christmas. Add a fashionable gladiator sandals to complete the outfit.

Goddess Amethy Dress in Silky Dark Gray
christmas party outfit (65)

Achieve a goddess look with this gray long gown. It is very elegant, modest, and voluptuous as to its appearance. Many women will surely envy you with this gorgeous dress.

Skin-toned Top and Pink Skirt
christmas party outfit (66)

Dress up in a pink tutu skirt and a lovely half sleeve top with jewelry ornaments. The outfit will surely produce a standout reflection.

Cleavage Peep Sexy Bodycon Dress
christmas party outfit (67)

Wear an edgy, voluptuous, and elegant style which is a Miranda Kerr inspired attire. Try partnering your simple sleeveless V-neck top with a Chinese patterned skirt and a glossy matte texture Almond Toe pumps.

Skyblue Lacy Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (68)

Live like in a fairy tale, and be a glamorous princess. This sky blue cocktail gown is very appropriate for a Christmas celebration. It is elegant, sassy, and fancy to look at.

Glamorous Violet Dress with Floral Straps
christmas party outfit (70)

Impress the crowd through this violet skater dress. The design of the top is marvelous and the sleeves are floral. It is a must try outfit for a great party.

Light Purple Gown
christmas party outfit (71)

Label your style with this simple yet glamorous outfit. The top part is filled with glittering designs and perfect for the Xmas celebration.

White and Pink Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (72)

Achieve a princess look on your December debut by wearing a glittery top and fabulous pink skirt. Enhance your style with a golden T-strap shoe.

Black is the New Symbol of Xmas
christmas party outfit (73)

Black is a symbol of elegance and beauty. Wearing a simple bodycon dress with a cut-out portion of the sleeves is already an amazing trendy style. Sometimes black is the preferred outfit during Christmas.

Red Fitted Dress in Multiple Sequins
christmas party outfit (74)

Walk in the hallway with this daring red dress. It has a great fit, glittery, and appropriate for Christmas celebrations.

Cocktail Dress with Luxury Designs
christmas party outfit (75)

If you decided to capture your pre-nup photo shoot on December, this elegant all-white dress is an ultimate perfection. The silver ornaments on the upper portion of the dress connotes luxury and beauty.

Silky Soft Dress with Center Black Ribbon
christmas party outfit (76)

A simple and light gray dress with a black ribbon sash is truly an awesome outfit for the party. It will make you look pretty, tall, and lean as you worn this type of dress.

Standout Blue Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (77)

Christmas is one of the most awaited season to celebrate that’s why many ladies are fond of buying beautiful dresses to be worn on this special occasion. A floral top and a nylon skirt are the best.

Glittering White Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (78)

Wear a white beautiful dress even if you have a dark complexion. The silver and pearl ornaments on the dress will make the wearer stand out.

Daring Lacy Floral Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (80)

Become a goddess like Aphrodite by wearing this exceptional,elegant, and gorgeous dress. You will look daring because of this floral lace and see-through design. An impeccable outfit for the White Christmas.

Sexy Back Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (81)

A hot black dress with a polka dotted silver sequins on top and a shiny gray belt is superb. Santa Claus will surely lock his eyes upon seeing your beautiful appearance.

Glistening Silver on Top and Plain Long Gown
christmas party outfit (82)

Wear a silky gray long dress with lustrous embellishments on top. This outfit is great for petite and tall women.

Blue Cocktail Dress with Multiple Sequins on Top
christmas party outfit (85)

Make a fashionable and trendy style in a Royal blue dress for the Christmas. The shiny sequins and nylon textured skirt are truly astonishing and gorgeous.

Black Long Sleeve Skater Dress

For those who loves to wear black on Christmas, try this Vanessa Hudgens’ inspired outfit in an all-black style. It is a nice party outfit especially for the teens.

Double Layer Flouncy Dress with See-Through Blazer
christmas party outfit (87)

A double layer dress is elegant, sassy, and unique. A Vanessa Hudgens’ inspired outfit for the Christmas celebration.

Fitted Black Dress with Shiny Cross Design
christmas party outfit (89)

A rock and roll style on Christmas is splendid and unique. The dress is pretty amazing with its shiny cross designs.

Sleeveless Skater Dress
christmas party outfit (90)

A casual black clothing for the special holiday of the year. Make it look fab by accessorizing the style with shades, shoulder bag, and a Tribal style necklace.

An Occasional Red Dress
christmas party outfit (91)

Celebrate the 12:01am on December 25, in a vibrant, lovely, and sophisticated red dress. Keep the style fabulous by adding a polka dotted stockings and wearing a pair of pumps.

A Party Outfit Black Foral in White
christmas party outfit (92)

Christmas outfits are not all about red,blue, green, white, silver or gold. A black floral in white dress can be also worn to celebrate the holiday. Match it with shades and pumps to make the look more admirable.

Barbie Pink Cocktail Dress
christmas party outfit (93)

Try a living doll style in a pink cocktail dress and boots. This glamorous cocktail dress is great for the Christmas. For sure, many of your friends will get jealous of your cute outfit.

All-in-Black Bodycon Dress
christmas party outfit (94)

A simple bodycon dress in black color can be also a candidate outfit for the holiday. Enhance the plainness of the style by adding some sparkling accessories.

Playful Get-Up for Xmas
christmas party outfit (96)

Not all teenagers wear something related to Christmas. A typical civilian look is comfortable, especially when traveling and visiting friends.

White and Black Apparel with Fashionable Blazer
christmas party outfit (97)

Evolve your style like Blake Lively, the tuck-in white long sleeves and black skirt are covered by the fatigue color blazer. This is a very trendy and unique style.

Revealing Maroon Party Dress

Keep yourself daring during the night party by wearing this lovely maroon dress in a soft fabric garment. Accessorize the style with bracelets and T-strap shoes.

New and Unique Look for Xmas
christmas party outfit (99)

A contemporary and edgy style is the fashion of the X generations today. Experience wearing a bodycon outfit like this on your Christmas celebration.

Lacy Black Top and Long Skirt in Rosy Red
christmas party outfit (100)

The legendary green color is another symbol for Christmas. An elegant, gorgeous, and stunning long gown is a must have attire for the grand celebration.

Blue Cocktail Dress with Snowy Flakes Designs
christmas party outfit (101)

A blue dress designed with floral embroidery is the new “IN” outfit today. Manage your style through wearing a glamorous dress like this. Impress the crowd by wearing a 3 inch high heels to match with the dress.

Green Gown with Multiple Layers
christmas party outfit (102)

A crochet black crank top and a long glossy red skirt make up the holiday season a walk to remember to the wearer. The red and black colors are great combinations and connotes a strong personality.

All-White Skater Dress
christmas party outfit (103)

Dress up in an all-white skater dress and paired it with a polka dotted T-strap shoes plus a pink clutch.

Elegant Blue Pleated Dress
christmas party outfit (104)

A royal blue dress is glamorous for the Xmas occasion. The vibrant, vivid, and lively color plus the embroidered jewelries makes up the entire attire in a stunning appearance.

All-White Cocktail Layered Dress
christmas party outfit (105)

Make your prenup video a memorable and sentimental on December. Wear a gorgeous, elegant, and well-tailored cocktail dress to emphasize your exceptional beauty.

Casual Party Dress in Black and White
christmas party outfit (106)

Attend your Christmas party in a black and white outfit. A simple long sleeve on the top and a floral skirt will mesmerize the crowd with your appearance and beauty.


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