Fashion Must Have Stylish Winter Coats for Women: 2019 Trends

Must Have Stylish Winter Coats for Women: 2019 Trends

Whether you make a commute into the office each day or work from home for a homework writing service, each time you leave the house, you should feel confident and comfortable in your skin. This should be no different once the chills of winter come. Functional and warm does not always mean you have to give up on being stylish. Check out these 2019 winter trends in women’s jackets and make sure that you look great no matter where you go. These emphasize functionality, are easy to throw on, and let you emphasize style.


Layering is back this year. Not only does it have the advantage of letting you add or remove layers for the perfect body temperature, but you will look stylish as well. Neutrals typically pair well with a pop of color. In addition to playing with colors, you can increase the volume for a fashionable look and play with textures as you want. This is a look that can be seen on the runway, from the discreet layering style of Chanel to a multi-layered, night-bright vibe showcased by Prada.

Time Traveler

The time traveler style is aptly named, as it creates a surreal feeling. Time traveler fashion is about the mashup between the past and the future and the collision of cultures and eras. It is about borrowing styles from the Renaissance and Victorian era, as well as everything in between, and bringing them into a modern light. This style is excellent for those who favor making a bold statement. There is a high focus on neutrals, as well as rich, saturated colors. Winter coats in this style will also be embellished with dense ornamentation, including things like peacock feathers, brocades, and dark florals. It is not uncommon to see edited photorealism or optical illusions in this style either.

One of the lines in this category is the New Romantic, which features Victorian vibes like high collars, draped lace and velvet, ruffles, and puffy sleeves. Rhinestones, lace, velvet, and pearls are commonly added as embellishment. It is a way for women to showcase the style of previous times while staying current with fashionable trends. This follows along the time traveler design, emphasizing the details while creating a surreal experience that is a cross between modern times and the styles of ancient history.

Engineered Identity

This style of jacket is an art movement of sorts. Many of the jackets modeled in this style make bold statements, sending clear messages about personality, activism, and even politics. If you have something you are passionate about or a distinct style, do not try to hide it. Winter 2019 is about setting trends and showing off who you are—do not bury yourself in a drab, bulky jacket. Choose strong patterns and styles or make a political statement. This is the perfect style for the woman who wants to make a statement and is not afraid of being seen.

Leather Jackets

Even if you work doing at home writing jobs, you will have to grace the world with your presence from time to time. The advantage of leather is that it always in style. It is warm, durable, and is one of those fashion trends that stays with the years. It is perfect for people who want a reliable, no-fuss jacket that will look both stylish and chic. If you want some variety, leather comes in different colors and styles, some of them shiny and others having a dull, matte finish.

Getting in Touch with Nature

As the health of the earth and the environment continues to decline, more people have taken notice of the declining state. This 2019 Winter trend is inspired by the earth, with biotextiles being favored over more traditional materials. Many of these jackets are handmade, making them perfect for people who appreciate the farm-to-fabric movement. This type of fashion emphasizes the use of nature combined with synthetics. For example, pineapple leaves have been used to create a leather-like fabric. Neutral, earthy tones are popular with this trend, including cool shades of green and blue, grays, browns, and blacks.


Japanese fashion is taking a step forward in Winter of 2019, with the woman’s line of this style being called Sensei. Sensei is about experiencing through the textiles of the closing, creating space and mindfulness, encouraging both connection to emotion and disconnect from the world around us. The Sensei Winter line for 2019 makes use of modern Japanese tailoring and bold, passionate colors. Beautiful neutrals pair with vibrant reds, yellows, pinks, and blues. Raw stone canvas, refined quilting, and felted wool material are common, with patterns involving florals, architectural landscapes, overlays, and exotic motifs. Kimono-style clothing, elongated tunics, minimalist lines, and volume that is created with fluid fabrics are also seen in jackets designed after the Sensei style.

When you leave the house, you shouldn’t have to struggle for ten minutes to look stylish. Choosing the perfect jacket can make the house a breeze. Choose one of your favorites as a go-to style and pick up a few other varieties for that special night out or when you just want to go through the day with a newfound confidence. There are many style options for the 2019 winter, so there is no reason that you cannot find the perfect jacket. After all, every woman deserves to look her best and walk with confidence when she leaves the house.


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