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Are Millennials Interested in Playing iGames?

The online world offers plenty of opportunity for all. As it has progressed, more and more services are moving online. In addition to television, shopping, and catching up on the world’s latest events, thousands of people every day are heading to online casinos to gamble and potentially hit a big win.

One age group in particular seems to not be wanting to part with their hard-earned cash in the promise of more; the millennials. Who is in this generation and why are they not gambling in the same ways their forebears are? Is there anything the casinos do to try to appeal to them? Let’s explore these questions.

Who are Millennials?

Although the definition can chop and change, a millennial is usually defined as someone born between 1981 and 1996. They can also be referred to as Generation Me and have achieved a number of inventions and popularisations; such as Facebook, selfies, and infamously avocado toast. Frequently categorised as anxious and lazy, the media often does not care for millennials.

Yet the term millennial represents quite a spread of ages. To put it into perspective, Chris Evans of Captain America fame was born in June 1981, thus putting him just inside the millennial bracket. His Marvel co-star Tom Holland was born in June 1996, placing him at the very cusp of the millennial saga. Both of these men are at very different stages in their careers and lives but they still share the same descriptor of millennial.

Salaries for millennials are significantly higher than those enjoyed by the generations before them but so is the cost of living. One in four people aged between 20 and 34 still live at home with their parents and the average UK salary of £27,000 doesn’t stretch very far when you include rent, commute, student loan payments, and bills. No wonder that the majority of millennials are choosing to stay away from online casinos and the risk of losing a lot of money in one fell swoop.

Are Casinos Appealing?

Think of bingo and you no doubt imagine a drafty hall packed with grannies. Likewise, a casino conjures up images of middle-aged men in tuxedos and glamourous women in cocktail dresses; a picture far from the average millennial’s life.

One way the casinos are attempting to appeal to the millennial is by offering a live casino with real dealers. This offers an opportunity for millennials to still get involved with an actual game being played out live with real stakes but they do not have to leave the comfort of their home. Millennials also prefer skill-based games over slots since skill-based games are thought to be easier to win and more lucrative for those who wish to try to win big.

Nevertheless, game developers are attempting to convert millennials to the ways of slots. One trick of the trade here is to use brands and cultural references which will appeal to them, such as Microgaming’s ever-popular Game of Thrones slot, based on the HBO tv series and the books by George R. R. Martin. By introducing millennials to the world of slots through this familiar avenue, casino owners are hoping they will begin to play.

The Mobile Mission

We have now reached the point where most people are making searches with their mobile over a desktop. The digital world has been condensed down into our smartphones and everyone is adjusting. This includes game developers and casinos who are always on the hunt to bring the latest innovations and technologies to the online gambling world.

Mobile optimisation is now considered an industry standard. This means that not only does a website have to be viewable on a smartphone, but you must also be able to fully navigate it using your phone. Such optimisation often includes larger buttons and information hidden behind separate menus and pop-ups for ease of access. Casino reviews all look at mobile optimisation as there is a demand from the consumers. Playing on your tablet or mobile device allows for gambling on the go. Since millennials are constantly on the move, mobile optimisation allows them to grab a game or two wherever they happen to be; on the bus, waiting for friends, or in the comfort of their own home.

Final Thoughts

It is thought that millennials will start flocking to casinos later in life, similar to the generations that came before them. When they have made their money and are ready to spend a bit of it, then they will seriously begin to play. In the meantime, they are happy to save their money and occasionally gamble a little with a live casino game. These games of chance are better in the long run.

So, are millennials interested in playing casinos? Not yet, but we can certainly predict that they will be soon.

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