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The Meanings Behind Your Favorite Gemstones

Your favorite gemstones are beautiful enough on their own. When paired with their rich history and significance, it becomes clear why these gemstones have stood the test of time. Since the dawn of civilization, women and men alike have adorned themselves in jewelry. The particularly wealthy have afforded to wear beautiful gemstones, and the tradition of these lovely jewelry pieces still remains today. Read on to delve into the meaning behind all your favorite gemstones!

Rubies hold the power of life

Because red rubies resemble the color of blood, they’re said to be tied to life and good health. Because possessing a ruby meant one would be safe in their health, these were some of the most popular gems in the Medieval times. They remain popular today, though many have forgotten the meaning behind these lovely red gems!

Opals are for luck

Opal captures many different colors all at once, making it one of the most magical gems known to man. In the past, because of it’s shimmering quality, people believed opal held magical properties. Traditionally, opal symbolized luck and would be used by upper-class women as tools to preserve beauty. It wasn’t until the 20th century that a novel by Sir Walter Scott paints this gem in a negative light that it began to lose its magical connotation. Today, opals have regained popularity as some of the highest-quality stones available.

Diamonds are more than a girl’s best friend

Today, diamonds are steeped in romantic tradition. What woman doesn’t dream of receiving a beautiful diamond with a proposal? You probably don’t know that diamonds used to have medical significance in the Dark Ages. Healers used diamonds to ward off illness and heal wounds! Whether they worked at the time or not is up for debate, but it’s easy to see why these long-lasting symbols of romance have lasted so long in societies’ favor.

Sapphire means wisdom and virtue

There’s a reason so many royal engagement rings have featured a large blue sapphire. The ancient Persians used to think the world was a giant sapphire, since the color so closely resembled that of the ocean! Because of the unwavering blue color, many cultures have considered the sapphire to be a symbol of unyielding wisdom and virtue. With so many different options to choose from including stunning loose sapphire gemstones to more traditional styles, it’s no wonder these gems have been gaining popularity as alternative engagement ring options!



Emeralds hold the most power

The Bible features many emeralds, the most notable of which is the one given to King Solomon. This gem supposedly came with immense power, particularly in revealing the truth. For generations, people believed emeralds were a source of power and truth. People used to place them under their tongues which supposedly allowed one to see into the future! They were especially used in determining the faithfulness of a lover!

Tanzanite is a source of positivity

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967. This makes it one of the newest gemstones, but it’s still made an impression for its positive energy. It’s known for removing the negative energy in those who hold it, and that makes it a great conduit for spiritual awareness. Today, Tanzanite is becoming more and more popular as different gem combinations appear with this gem.

Learn the story behind your favorite gems

There’s much to learn about your favorite gems! These stories and histories are more than lore! They’re a part of our culture and love of these stones. Understanding the rich tradition and meaning behind your favorite gemstones means gaining an appreciation for not only their beauty, but also their significance!


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