Lifestyle Marijuana Strains Are Known to Mitigate Pain, Help with Anxiety and Insomnia

Marijuana Strains Are Known to Mitigate Pain, Help with Anxiety and Insomnia

Marijuana is more popular and known in the world for its bad effects, and less known for its good sides that it can have on the human body. If you faced problems with health and decided to take marijuana in the proper amount and the right way, then it can prove to be helpful.

Actually, marijuana is healthy in some cases, as it breaks off a small number of cancer cells. A small amount of weed should be applicable as treatment as the active component Tetrahydrocannabinol can induce sleep when suffering from insomnia, reduce pain and help in some psychological conditions like depression and anxiety.

Marijuana Strains for Insomnia

Insomnia is a detrimental and chronic condition of the human body when the person finds it difficult to sleep at night or wakes up more than 5-6 times after falling asleep. There can be many reasons for insomnia. Some of them are:

  • Unhealthy food habits,
  • Psychological problems,
  • Use of illicit drugs.

Insomnia may cause accidents because you constantly feel and get tired and sleepy. A study done in 1973 provides evidence that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can be helpful in inducing sleep quicker.

Marijuana strains work differently for each and every person. Some strains might be helpful to you whereas the other strains might cause different problems. Also, the cause of insomnia is important to distinguish. Some strains like CBD (cannabidiol) are better for anxiety-induced insomnia while other ones like THC is good for pain-related insomnia.

The cheap essay writing service provided the online assistance, and essay with more details about different strains of marijuana and they highlighted the ways they make people feel. For example, hybrid cannabis strains typically provide a mixture of sativa and indica effects. Here is go-to medicinal marijuana strain list:

  1. Harlequin – it has 3 times more CBD than THC. Therefore, it helps in calming down during an anxiety attack or panic attack. It has another advantage of maintaining the sleep, and it reduces the times you wake up at night.
  1. Cookie Jar – it is a hybrid strain, and along with the calming effect, it also helps in analgesic effect and reliefs during a headache.
  1. Girl Scout Cookies – an indica strain with more THC than CBD. Using its primary effect of analgesia, it helps in inducing sleep and prevents insomnia associated with chronic pain.
  1. White Widow – this strain of marijuana provides a balanced result between stimulating and relaxing effect. Pain and depression are two main problems solved by White Widow.

Marijuana Strains for Pain

Pain can be quite debilitating, especially, the one associated with cancer. Such pain is constant and makes the person very weak. This chronic pain can be classified according to location and severity. Some types are:

  • Migraine or a headache pain;
  • Pain related to surgical issues or post-trauma;
  • Lower back pain and arthritis;
  • Pain and suffering of cancer;
  • Neurogenic (trigeminal neuralgia) pain;
  • Psychogenic pain (without a definite cause).

Pain medication falls weak in these cases. Also, chronic intake of pain medication (NSAIDs) can cause peptic ulcers. An alternative is taking a specific amount of certain strains of Marijuana. The main strains are:

  1. Blueberry strain – this strain is dominant in indica and provides a pleasant feeling. This pleasant feeling is connected to dissolving the source of pain. It decreases the pain quite fast and can be used in cancer or post-surgical pain.
  1. Afghan Kush Cannabis strain – another perfect painkilling strain of Marijuana is Afghan Kush. Indica strains are known for producing sleep and higher relaxing effect. Sativa strains produce the “high” effect and are the cause of dependence and addiction.
  1. AK-47 weed strain – it helps to unwind your stressful conditions that can aggravate your pain. Along with calming effect, it also helps to fade the pain away.

Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Anxiety is a psychological disorder which is marked by nervousness, fear, and hesitation. Extreme worrying for smallest things is a special character of anxiety. The feeling of anxiety can include a feeling of being in extreme danger, heart palpitations, trembling and feeling detached from reality. The best strains for anxiety are:

  1. Granddaddy purple – symptoms of anxiety, like utmost fear, wanting to escape, trembling and sweating can be relieved by the indica form of Gdp. It releases the stress and tension. This tension is not the general one felt by normal people. It is intense and severe.
  1. Jack Herer – it should not be the first choice for anxiety. But it’s Sativa strains has uplifting effects. Before the euphoria, the person passes through tranquilizing effect. This same effect is useful in anxiety. People feel happy and energetic after taking this strain of Marijuana.


Marijuana can prove to be helpful in several ways as it can be seen from the article. There are many other forms of marijuana and many ways of how it can be helpful in pain, anxiety, and insomnia treatment. Which strain is best for which disorder, that is difficult to say as each strain works differently. Additionally, you must remember that overdose is extremely harmful, therefore, small amounts and appropriate intake is important.



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