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Here’s What You Should Know About Living A Nomad Lifestyle In Exhuma, Bahamas

Deciding to pick up the nomadic lifestyle is definitely a very big decision in life. However, when you decide to take that leap you need to be ready. Things are not as simple as quitting your job, finding lovely Exuma homes for rent and then moving on. The way in which you make the transition is vital for future success. Everything has to be smooth so here are some really simple tips that are going to help you.

Start By Saving The Money You Need

As you start the nomad lifestyle you normally spend more money than what you actually earn because everything is exciting and new. This is especially the case when referring to the Caribbean. You will want to travel more and see as many places as possible, in Exhuma and other regions. This makes it harder to get a good job as you want to do many other things. Because of this, you want to be 100% sure that you have the money you need before you start the nomadic experience. You can do it without a stable income but this does not mean you do not need money to start.

The problem is definitely how much is necessary. This is impossible to be said since it depends on many factors, like what part of the district you go to or what you want from life. Do you want to live in hostel dorms or in a fancy hotel? It is really important to conduct a proper research and know exactly how much you need to pay for food and accommodations.

The idea is to basically have the money you need to survive at least 2 months if you do not have income. Then, add money for expenses that are necessary for leaving, like travel insurance, flight tickets and so on.

Quitting Your Current Job

There are many things you need to think about before you quit your job, like the notice period. You want to be able to leave when you want to. At the same time, it is a very good idea that you leave on good terms since you never actually know if you are going to need some contacts in the future. As a working freelancer, networking is paramount to success. Also, we need to consider the possibility that the nomad lifestyle is not something that will really be enjoyable for you. This is something you can only really tell once you start it.


You need to think about your current living conditions. If you own an apartment or a house, you need to figure out whether to rent it or sell it. If you decide to sell it you do get a good starting amount for your nomad lifestyle but you end up with a limited supply of cash. When you rent the property out, you get a steady influx of cash coming your way. Think about what option is the best for you. If you decide to rent the property, you most likely need some help coming from property managers. However, this can give you more steady money as you stay in Exhuma, which is why it should be considered.

When you just rent your home at the moment, check tenancy agreement to see what notice period is needed. Plan the budget for things like lease cleaning or potential small repairs. Spending money out of your own travel budget before the trip starts is definitely not a good idea.

Quitting Current Contracts

When you live your life you are faced with different obligations like insurances, internet plans, phone plans, gym memberships, newspaper subscriptions or Netflix. Before the nomad life is started all these have to be checked and you should be sure that you cancel all that has to be canceled. See if there are some notice periods that are involved with cancellations. Start making your list way before you are going to live, writing down all your expenses. Sometimes you have to even cut regular obligations.

Sell What Is Not Needed

Moving out of your current home and traveling to Exhuma means you cannot really take the furniture with you. If you decide to keep it, just find storage places. If not, you will need to sell. No matter what you might think right now, selling is highly recommended. You get some extra money you can use for your new nomad lifestyle and you do not need to deal with storage fees. If what you want to store does mean a lot to you, make sure that you rent out somewhere to store it for a longer time frame.

Health Issues

We tend to postpone taking care of some of our health problems until we have no other available option. If you want to live a nomad lifestyle, this is not something you want to do. Even a wisdom tooth that has been bothering you for a long time should be removed. There are treatments that are much cheaper when you go abroad but you might receive lower quality.

Always be sure that you go through a health exam and that you fully understand where you stand. Are there some health issues you need to deal with? If so, do be sure you do so as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that starting a nomad lifestyle in luxurious destinations like Exhuma should not be seen as something that is really simple to do. There will be numerous hurdles you will need to get over. Because of this, the most important part of the entire process is always planning. Be sure that you devise a good plan for your transition and everything will be a lot better.





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