People List Of The Best Games Ever

List Of The Best Games Ever

The List

There’s absolutely no chance that the entire population of our planet would unanimously decide on something. There would always be objections and disagreements, but we will try to shout out the titles that inspired generations and left the mark in our memories.

  • This one is not about stunning graphic, but about putting the minimalism to its absolute limit while maintaining the entertainment volumes up and running. So many plays copied Tetris, making this an incredible game for decades.
  • The most popular game of chance deserves to be mentioned, as gambling was present from the very inception of the intelligent humankind. In our age we can play poker even on the Internet, online casino Qatar is living proof of that.
  • Tic-tac-toe, you wouldn’t be able to find a person who never tried this gem before. Rules are as basic as they come, but the fun is limitless and you can play this one anytime just using a pen and a sheet of paper! You don’t have to create the bike to keep the players in awe, sometimes less is more.
  • Pacman – a blast from the past, another simple and genius game. Iconic games are all about teaching us one thing – we can’t win, but we can lose slowly using our finesse.
  • Chess, a remarkable classical game that requires some smarts from us. It can captivate the mind and attention of both young and old!

When we talk about the best plays ever created, we should understand what exactly makes a good game. Here’s where things get tricky, as every player has his own preferences and tastes that come into the frame when arguing about the cream of the crop plays. Some people outright refuse to play anything with “hideous” graphics. Some can’t comprehend how one can enjoy a game built on the old engine that makes every move look three-cornered and awkward. Some of the younger players wouldn’t pick a game with no online regime that was a pipe dream for kids in the nineties. So much goes into judging the gameplay, and everyone will have their own opinion on the matter.

Video or Reality?

If you are lucky enough to have some older people walking around you while you play, they might ask you if that’s a video of something that happened in real life? We all had it once. The lines between reality and fiction are blurred, mechanics improved leaps and bounds and the classic 2D era is long gone. Developers try to upstage one another and even provide special equipment to provide players with the maximal immersion into the process, whether we are talking about VR headsets or unique controllers that offer us a chance to influence the outcome of the play with our own movement. It’s almost scary to picture how different plays will be in twenty years.

The Importance of Longevity

Some plays are old as an Egypt but still can provide us with hours of fun. Some of them a genuinely immortal because of the storyline, continuous challenge, entertaining features. It’s funny that Super Mario topped the controversial IGN’s top 100 with plumbers, princess, and dragons. Undeniably that franchise is legendary, but it’s fair to say it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. How can we find something that would get a lot of support and little to no criticism? The most popular game in the world is football with close to four billion followers, but there’s still the other half that has no interest in The Beautiful Game.


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