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How to Find a Versatile Watch


Your lifestyle

When you have a versatile watch, you only need one and you can wear it all day, every day. Choosing a watch is a very personal process. If versatility is what you are looking for, you may have to take a look at your own lifestyle and day-to-day activities to determine if you may need a watch with some form of specialization or feature.

If you, for example, spend your days in a formal setting, regularly go out to dinner with your wife, see important clients, and play golf during weekends, a formal watch will still be versatile for you. You may look at something like a dive watch with a metal wristband. If you are a student, on the other hand, that play sports, socialize with friends and study during the day, you can get away with a more comfortable, casual watch.

Versatile watches

There are many in-between watches to suit your unique lifestyle. When you browse It’sHot mens watches, you’ll see a wide variety of watches and you’ll be bound to find one that can work for every aspect of your life. If you take part in a wide variety of activities, you may require a durable, high-quality watch with a simple appearance to look in place in a formal setting, but that will also match a casual outfit.

There are certain rules that you can follow to find the most versatile watch. Firstly, when facing a choice between a gold metal wristband and a silver one, take the silver one. Silver is more versatile and matches with casual outfits. Material or nato strap wristbands that don’t have bright colors also makes it easier to wear your watch with different outfits. Try to get a watch that doesn’t have too little detail on the face.

Other options

The typical man is not a watch collector. You can, however, solve the problem of versatility by getting two watches: one dress watch and one casual watch. This is really all you need to take care of your different activities. You can also get a number of wristbands to change the appearance of your watch. When you have a specific outfit, you can simply choose the wristband that works.

Remember that you don’t always have to abide by the rules of men’s styling and fashion. You can do whatever you want. If you see a watch that you like and that you want to wear regardless of the setting, you can do so.  It may even add a touch of individuality to your outfit. Neutrality is not necessarily the key to versatility.

Your preferences

If you are overwhelmed by choice and you struggle to find a watch that can work in every setting, just buy the best watch you can afford. When you buy a watch that you truly like, you will like wearing it. You won’t end up with buyer’s remorse and you can always get a wristband to dress the watch down or up, depending on your needs and lifestyle.