People How to Build an Impressive Portfolio Website for your Dance Classes

How to Build an Impressive Portfolio Website for your Dance Classes

Having a portfolio website is an excellent way for dance instructors to showcase their work to amateur and professional dancers as well as other people who are looking for dance resources and lessons online. After all, the internet is where most people hang out, so, it presents an incredible opportunity for instructors and dancers to connect regardless of their physical location.

However, with the increase in opportunities online comes an increase in competition; more and more businesses are shifting online, to try and claim their share in the overflowing market. What this means is that only smart and talented individuals get to rise to the top.

If you are just getting started with your portfolio website, or already own one, but it is not performing as you had anticipated, then this article is for you. By the time you are done reading this post, you’ll be able to build an impressive portfolio website for your dance classes.

Follow these tips to differentiate yourself from your peers:

  1. Website design

Ensure it’s responsive

In this day and age, people are browsing the net using different gadgets. Some use their PCs, others their laptops, tablets, or even mobile phones. A great idea, therefore, would be to create a portfolio website that’s responsive – or one that can fit into different screens without distorting the content.

Check the load times

In addition to responsiveness, you want your portfolio website to have fast load times. A recent study on human behavior revealed that the attention span of people now stands at eight seconds! This is even lower than the attention span of the ill-focused jellyfish. So, when your site takes long to load, then you’re bound to lose many prospects. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by working with a reputable online community building platform.

Appealing designs

As with anything in life, people want to be associated with things that look great. Invest lots of time designing your platform. Pay attention to the smallest of details. Integrate interactive designs that will make people want to stay on your platform. Also, make it easier for them to navigate from one page to another. Creating a beautiful user experience will go a long way in helping you stand out from your peers. It will also give your prospects an impression that you are in control, and they’ll love you for that.

  1. Building brand

Be yourself

Nothing will set you aside from the internet noise better than authenticity. So, don’t try copying some other instructor’s style just because you think they are great and don’t copy their site either. Keep in mind that your audience wants to know you for who you are and what you do. Authenticity not only helps you to build your brand but also makes it easy for people to remember you whenever they are looking for your services.

Show off

Your portfolio website is like your living resume, so the content that you include in it should be up-to-date. The content should also clearly demonstrate your dance lessons, activities, accomplishments and every other important thing that you think will help differentiate you from the rest. Your website portfolio acts like a vehicle that demonstrates your talents and professionalism, don’t hesitate to display your new skills and projects as soon as they are ready for the world to see.

Make yourself available

When making a portfolio website, don’t forget to include a contact page with functional contact details so that your visitors can keep in touch. It’s a good idea to provide multiple ways for people to contact you – include a direct email, online form, social media pages or even your phone number.

Create fresh content

Search engines love fresh content, and if you keep updating content frequently, then you’ll improve your site’s search ranking. So, keep publishing your dance videos, pictures, webinars, and relevant blogs consistently. In addition to attracting prospects, fresh and captivating content will keep them on your site longer.

Use testimonials

Make it a habit to ask your previous and even existing clients to leave a positive remark regarding the quality of service that they received from you. You can then display these testimonials for your prospects to see. Customer testimonials offer a great way to showcase your track record. If you have worked with a well-known dancer or dancing crew, it adds more weight to your skills.

There you have it; those are five ways to build an impressive portfolio website for your dance classes.


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