Relationship The Golden Wedding – A Memorable Milestone

The Golden Wedding – A Memorable Milestone

Congratulations on 50 years of marriage. You deserve a celebration for this milestone anniversary and we’ll help you with our suggestions for events, gifts and more. For half a century you have lived the ups and downs of life together, building a legacy in which you have touched the lives of those you’ve known throughout your married life, not just your children, but people within the communities where you’ve lived as well as where you have worked and other friends.  It is with many of these people you may wish to celebrate.

Gifts between the couple

The golden wedding anniversary is a time for you both to consider precisely how the date will be celebrated. What to present her for your 50th anniversary is something every husband will be considering and wives too will be looking at a gift for their beloved.

The golden wedding celebration deserves a significant and memorable gift.  A piece of beautiful jewellery will be a lovely reminder of your special day as you wear it over the coming years.  A gift that keeps on giving through entertainment is also a gift that will be appreciated. Gifts skilfully manufactured from quality materials will last years and not go out of fashion, which means that one day they may become an heirloom for the younger generation

As well as a gift, you may want to mark your milestone anniversary with a holiday to your dream destination, whether that be walking among the ancient monuments of Greece, sailing down the Nile, learning to dive in Grand Cayman or lying on a beach in Bali.

Gifts to the couple

Buying a gift for the golden couple can take many forms.  You can keep to the theme of gold when making your choice as to what to buy.  You can create a compilation of music from the year they were married.  If there are a number of you, create a time capsule that includes other items from the year of their marriage, including the local or national paper of the day and an arrangement of flowers using the same blooms that were in the original bridal bouquet.

Written gifts

You many want to write a letter to the couple, letting them know how much they mean to you, include memories that are special to you also, whether they be fun times or more challenging moments. For most people, it’s usually unknown how we touch other people’s lives, so now is an opportunity to let this couple know.

Photo gifts

Collectively, if you are a large family, you may want to compile a photo-book that can be put together as a group, even if you live far from each other. This book can include photos of their families before they were married, their wedding and significant photos from the last 50 years.  You can add text as the formatting of these books is usually flexible.

Gold themed gifts

Other gift ideas include a gold-coloured frame in which they can place their favourite photograph from their golden wedding celebrations. If they have a garden, there’s a Happy Golden Wedding rose which produces a mass of scented golden yellow flowers. If you’re artistic, create a piece of art following the gold theme. You can also personalise any gift with their names and the date of the anniversary whether you choose a bottle of champagne or the champagne glasses or almost any other item.

Celebrations with family and friends

On such an important anniversary, it may be particularly meaningful to you to celebrate with your adult children or those you consider family. You can choose whether you want one large party or if you would prefer to meet in more intimate settings over your anniversary year. If you do want a party, this can be at home or, if you do not want to be playing host in your own home, you can have a grand celebration at a hotel.  If the venue where your original wedding reception is still in business, see if you can hold your celebration there to bring your 50 years full circle.

A large celebratory party

Your golden wedding celebration is only limited by your budget.  There will be many people who will want to share this milestone day with you. If it’s still possible, invite your bridal party, your Best Man, the Maid of Honour, your bridesmaids, the flower-girl, the ring-bearer. If you have lost contact, see if you can find them on social media and reconnect.

1960s menu

Your menu can be a real 1960s affair with cream-cheese stuff celery sticks and Chicken a la King.  If you prefer a buffet style menu, see if you can have food that recreates your wedding reception or just have fondues available.  Add a celebratory cake and use your original cake topper. If you don’t have the original, search online for a replacement or for someone who can recreate a copy.

Gold décor

Table clothes can be ivory trimmed with gold and you can tie gold-coloured ropes with tassels around the back of the chairs.  Hire white china with gold trim with drinks served in crystal glasses also with gold accents. Candles in gold candlesticks and photos of you both in gold frames around the room make great decorations and the photos are fascinating in seeing the family resemblance in children.

Song and dance

For music at the party compile a play-list of your favourite songs from all the time you’ve known each other.  Surprise everyone by dancing your favourite dance of the 1960s, whether it be the Mashed Potato or The Twist. Your guests will love it.

Final words

You may want to each say a few words, to thank everyone for coming to share in the festivities.  To raise a toast to spouse for staying the course with you and to open up the rest of the evening for celebrations to continue, leaving you both free to bow out whenever you wish.


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