Tattoos First Tattoo: Which Pic to Choose?

First Tattoo: Which Pic to Choose?

Now, while we may be looking at the modern tattooing, it would be good to say that there is nothing modern about the origin of tattoos. The hip culture, the renaissance, and the cutting edge living have adopted the tattooing system as one of its symbols. People are now seen as touché, classy, modern, and fashionable when they wear tattoos. But the truth is that different ancient cultures around Europe, South Pacific, Asia, North and South America and even the Middle East and Africa had tattooing as one of their symbols. There were also Native American tattoos.

In the ancient times, tattoos used to represent social status. They were signs of rites of passage, spiritual devotion, form of magic or spiritual defense, and even as simple tools of decoration. But presently, people simply define the reasons why they want to get these tattoos. It could be tribal, traditional, decorative, Celtic, or as a sign of fantasy, loyalty, admiration, hero worship, and many others. So, modern day tattoos normally come in form of hearts, flowers, dragons, butterflies, angels, anchors, and people’s names. There are even bird tattoos and tattoos of any other thing that makes sense to the people wearing them.

Information for First Timers

Now, if you are new in this, and is looking to get your first statue, you have to seek knowledge before you delve in. It is not enough to run to the artist and demand for geometric tattoos as if you are playing a free spins no deposit win real money casino. You are paying for it and it is something that will remain on your body forever unless you do surgery to remove it. So, it should amount to something you will forever cherish.

Now, it is advisable for any new person to think it through and choose the type of concept he wants to represent with his or her tattoo. Ensure that you are getting this out of conviction and not because others are getting it. Think deeply about your personality, your interests, what you want to appear like, and the image you want to present to the people. You must also think hard about your lifestyle. Another thing will be the color of the tattoo you will be getting and the position. For example, if you are a conservative and are deeply into religion, the praying hands tattoo will not be a bad idea.

Now, you should also consider the size of the tattoo you wish to get. This will go a long way in determining the image that will be appropriate. For instance, you can’t have a large portrait for leg tattoos.

As a beginner, you should also understand that it would be painful, and in some cases, very painful. That is why you should start very small. Getting a small sugar skull tattoo will be better for a first timer than a portrait.

As a first timer, you should also consider your work environment. If you are not free to showcase your tattoos at work, then their location will become primary. In this case, the wrists, hands, ankles, neck, or lower arms are not good for you. They should be hidden inside the part of the body that you cover. You may also consider the color if you live or work in a conservative environment. In this case, gray, only white, or only black elephant tattoo may be better for you than the full color type.

Understand that the designer is a professional. So, just tell them what to do and allow them do it. In some cases, they may advise you in the process. It is good to consider such advice.

Lastly, try and get tattoos about things that make you happy. There is no gain drawing something that does not inspire. It is a constant reminder, so, that which you love and cherish is always the best polynesian tattoo topic for you.


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