Lifestyle How to Feel Homey Wherever You Are

How to Feel Homey Wherever You Are

How to Feel Homey Wherever You Are

At first glance this question may seem odd: don’t we travel in order to dive into something new? Why should we feel homey in the absolutely unknown places? But psychologists have already discovered that a person is able to learn something and do develop only from his or her comfort zone. It doesn’t mean that it is better to stay home so that not to get into new circumstances.

Vice versa, it means that you should make a step outside your comfort zone, get stressed and face some difficulties, overcome them, and then it can be said that you have learned a lesson and expanded your comfort zone to new boundaries. Thereby, no need to be afraid of travelling, just get to know, how to feel homey in every new place you come.

Watch and feel

When you come to a new city or country for the first time, let it wrap you, absorb you, surround you. Just contemplate, listen, smell and feel. What is this place’s mood, atmosphere, how does it taste? Do you feel its rhythm, breathing, lifestyle? Sometimes it needs time to make your conclusions and to tune in, to become a part of the environment. Definitely, you should not lose your own stem and core – just let it interact with a new place.

This step is not available for ordinary tourists who just hustle and fuss, trying to see as many sightseeing places as they can, at any cost. Lonely roaming around narrow streets and large squares, looking at the way locals live, eat, chat; feeding local cats and pigeons, following people’s flows… The best time to get acquainted with the city are early morning and night – at this time you will see the real face of the city, not covered with daily vanity and noise. You will not even notice the moment you feel accepted by the city. Once this happens, you can move to further steps.

Eat, talk, and hang out

After the silent dialog with the city, it’s time to talk aloud. Before going anywhere, learn at least several words on the local language – those that can help you to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’, and to ask for help. Don’t hesitate to use them – no matter you say something wrong. People always appreciate the efforts of foreigners to speak their language and are happy to assist.

Eat local street food, and try not to visit tourist restaurants. If you know someone, ask where locals prefer to eat, if no – merely watch. By the way, the best way to find worthy places in the cities on the seacoast is to get further from the seafront deeper in the city. The cheap, tasty and really local food can be usually found out beyond the pale of the central streets. The only exception is really old centers where under inconspicuous signs you can discover real treasures of local cuisine.

Don’t lose a chance to visit a market. Surely, it is more usual to buy food in the large mall, but only local market can become a scene where real life is played. Watch people chatting about fresh news and weather, bargain, buy fruits grown on the land you are trying to explore, and you will never regret.

It is a great luck to visit concerts of local music bands, but where to find info? Purchase magazines, even if you don’t understand a word, and find posters and ads. Music is a universal language that turns scattered people that entered the hall into a close-knit team, united by sounds.

Live at home

If you want to stay in the city or country for a few weeks or months, the best way to find fine accommodation is to look for it personally. Book a suite in the hotel for a couple of days, and then find a district you love most while walking around the city. The second step is to ask local people whether they can recommend a fine apartment for you or to paste ads on the pillars or ads boards.

It is utterly difficult to travel and to move from city to city with plenty of luggage. Therefore, try to distinguish the things you can’t live without indeed and those you can easily get rid of. Select a couple of trifles that create a homey atmosphere for you: favorite music, a photo of beloved people, a symbolic bracelet or the coziest hat etc.

However, one day you will find out that you don’t need all these things anymore to feel home: it is enough to have yourself with you, to keep your music in your mind, to keep the faces of people you love in front of your eyes, to hear their voices in your head anytime you miss them.

Best school ever

Travelling can teach you more things you could ever learn staying at one place. Sometimes it is really more important to leave home instead of visiting classes, and sometimes it is better to appeal to coursework writing service and to ‘write’ new pages of your life instead of writing essays. Real experience is much more valuable than any theoretical knowledge, and the task it to find the balance between them. Thus, remember how to expand your comfort zone while travelling:

  • Watch and feel the city
  • Eat local food
  • Talk to local people
  • Learn the most necessary words
  • Listen to local music
  • Take significant symbols with you to feel supported

Travel, discover yourself and the world, and probably, once you will perceive the whole Earth as your large, multilateral, and comfortable home.


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