People My experience in a school diary

My experience in a school diary


Hi my name is Jack, I’ve never been a distinct student but in the contrary I was a naughty one, don’t obey my teachers orders, always arguing with them without any obvious reason, causes severe problems without any previous warning and like any normal kid, I was dreaming every
night at my sleep that my school was ruined or even completely burnt so I wouldn’t go to it again. But unfortunately my dream didn’t come true and I continued to go to my school every day as usual over and over again for many years until I completed my studies at different stages, and yet I remember from time to time an unforgettable situations. And I remember in particular what happened with the music teacher, where the music was so neglected at my school, and there is no teaching or good training about this scientific stuff, all the music teacher does is go into class and ask his students about the music brochure where we only write one page every year, always in the same order without any changes in its content, and was all he cares about is that each one of his students having the music brochure and  just asking them about it over and over again, which was always making me lose my mind from my grave rage about that dumb question. But one day, the music teacher stopped at the place where I always sat, then asked me to stand up and faced me with the usual question as follows,

  • *Music teacher: where’s your music brochure?
  • *Me: and I answered him that, “I didn’t bring it back because my music brochure didn’t have any blank writing papers”
  • *Music teacher: then he was very surprised by this answer and said, “How is that?”
  • *Me: and I told him that, “Every year we write only one page and the rest of the brochure is always remains empty, so I was cutting the paper on which the music lesson was written every year over and over again, then I’m reusing the same brochure that bought from a few years ago without buying a new one until all of its papers were carried out and there were no longer any blank papers to write on it.

But, sir, isn’t it stupid to buy a new music brochure right now, and I know very well that the same lesson which I wrote it in the previous years will be written again without any changing in its content, so I brought the papers that I shredded earlier which contains the same lesson that we write every year, and I keep it the money for buying a new one in
vain. “And then the professor couldn’t answer what I said because before he judged others about neglecting in performing their duties and deeds, he must at first judge himself for neglecting in his work and duties towards others……..

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