Does He Like Me? A Little, A Lot Or Even At All?

Do you ever get the tingles in your stomach when someone you like looks at you? Have you spent your days plucking petals out of a flower trying to determine, ‘does he like me?’ or ‘he likes me not?’ Every woman has sailed on this boat at least once in their lifetime. However, is it that difficult to know if a man you like is as interested in you? Not really! There are a few simple signs that you can notice to decipher if a guy likes you. These psychological signs are a great way in determining if the guy you consider to be Mr. Right is actually right for you. Take a look at these signs that you can read to know if your guy is into you or not.does he like me

  1. Pay attention to his body language
    A simple way to know if a man is interested in you is to take a look at his body language around you. There are some classic signs that you can watch out for to know if the guy is interested in you. If you notice him gazing at you at quick intervals, he might be considering about approaching you for a conversation. If he is smiling towards you then he might be trying to strike a conversation. If he is into you, he will try to retain eye-contact and be near you so that you can realize that he is into you.
  2. Does he make eye-contact with you?
    The first and foremost step in determining if a guy likes you is to notice if he is trying to hold you gaze. Pay attention to how he is trying to establish contact. Is he trying to catch your eye directly? Or quickly looking away when you see him looking at you? Get to know what his eye contact means. If he is maintaining the contact with you, he is definitely wants to know you better. If he is glancing at you to notice if you have laughed at his joke then he is surely interested in you. One thing to keep in mind though is to notice if he is breaking eye-contact with you and looking around the place. This means that he is not very keen on knowing you.
  3. How does he manipulate his facial expressions?
    You can simply know if a guy is into you by just seeing hisface. Notice if his pupils dilate if he is talking to you or if he has a wide-eyed expression. If he has a sweet smile on his lips, he is trying to indicate that he is interested in knowing you better than a friend. If the guy is interested in you, he will have animated expressions and facial gestures to indicate the same to you. He will keep raising his eyebrows and his gaze will be locked on you while you are talking. If he is more interested in all the things around him and his eyes are darting everywhere, know that he is not really that interested in you.
  4. He is always ready to help you with all sorts of problems
    He will always be the go-to person every time you are in a fix. In fact, he will try to be the problem solver for every issue that you might have if he is into you. He will try to impress you with solutions that he has to any problem that you mention. He will promptly try to come up with a possible solution and will go the extra mile to ensure that he is the hero you save the day for you. So, if a guy is going all out to make sure that you have smooth and problem free day, be sure that he likes you and is interested in being more than just friends.
  5. Does he keep complimenting you?
    One of the simplest ways to know if a guy likes you is to notice if he is complimenting you. However, be attentive to the kind of compliments that your guy is throwing your way since not all of them might be genuine. If the compliments are about subtle things like small changes in your hairstyle or little nuances of your personality. If they are complimenting you on a small difference in your make-up of dressing-up pattern, be sure that they notice you and pay attention to every little thing that you do. This is a positive sign that they like you. Another way to know if the compliments coming your way are genuine or not is to see if he compliments others as well. If not, then it is a clear sign that he likes you just as much you do.
  6. Is he interested in what you have to say?
    When you are talking to the man of your dreams, notice his manner of speech. Find your signs in the way he converses with you. If he is asking a lot of questions about you and is interested in knowing different aspects of your life, he is definitely interested in knowing you better. If he is talking just about himself, he might be trying to impress you. If he is engaging in the discussion he is having with you and not checking his texts as an excuse then be sure that the guy is interested in you. You can try a little experiment to see if is into you the same way you do. Lean closer while you are talking and notice his body language. If he doesn’t move or leans closer to you, then he is surely interested in you. But, if he is moving away, he might not be that into you.
  7. Is he trying groom himself when you are around
    Every time you meet you guy does he try to adjust his clothing and look presentable? He will run his hand through his hair in an attempt to clean up his looks and appear good in front of you. If you are into fashion, he will try to change the way he dresses when he is meeting you to meet your style taste. This is one of the greatest signs to determine if a guy is interested in you because men, in general, are not very keen on dressing up and don’t usually make an effort to groom themselves till they have to make a point.
  8. Does he do things that you like?
    If the man is trying to mirror the things you like or showing up in places that you frequent and have told him about, it might be an indication that likes you. Especially when the guy is doing things that he not very keen on but wants to try them out just because he wants to know you better or strike a conversation with you, you can be rest assured that he into you and is making the effort to make you understand this.
  9. Does he act differently around you?
    If someone likes you, they will always be different than their usual self in front of you. They will either show off in your presence or start acting weird and stutter while speaking. A clear cut sign that he likes you is when he is giving his friends that cold-shoulder and trying to spend more time with you. He might also be joking around you and trying to tease you more than usual, so, you could just play cool and go along with it to make him realize that you like him too. This will calm him down and will wheel your chemistry to the next level.
  10. Does he act nervous while you are around?
    Are you familiar with the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ feeling? Everyone has experienced it at least once, especially when the person that you like is standing in front of you. The same goes for men too! If a guy likes you he will be nervous when you are around. You can always detect the signs of nervousness. Men will either start talking very fast or tell stupid jokes to make you laugh. They might also appear calm and composed but portray nervous body language, like trembling limbs. So, try and decipher his charm before you peg him as a nervous guy, the nervousness might just be a reaction of his liking towards you.
  11. Determine how he reacts to your touch
    Keep a lookout for how your man is reacting to your touch. You can always rely on these body language signs to determine if the guy has an interest in you. He might want to be in your proximity, so, he will hug you whenever you see each other. He will playfully punch you on the shoulder or touch your hand slightly while having a conversation to build a rapport with you. One important thing that you must look at is to gauge their attitude around other women. If they behave the same way with every girl you might want to reconsider your options as these are the signs of a player.
  12. Does he keep chatting with you?
    Is your guy chatting with you on social media apps? If yes, then it is a clear sign that he likes you, since he is choosing to spend his personal time online, with you. However, you should be wary of one-word replies. If their reply is thoughtful and relevant to your conversation, it indicates that they are interested in keeping up a conversation with you. Also look out for the amount of time they take in sending a reply. If their replies are prompt, then they are definitely into you as much as you are into them.
  13. Does he laugh at your joke all the time?
    No matter if you are funny or not, if your guy is laughing at every silly joke you crack, know that he is interested in you. This is a way to show interest in knowing you better and starting a conversation by showing that he has the same sense of humour as you.
  14. Is he making an effort to remember the little things you said?
    If your guy is trying to remember the little things you told him, it is a definite sign that he is into you. Men are not very proficient when it comes to recalling things to memory, so, if he is trying to make an effort to know about events and functions that you might have told him in passing be sure that he wants to stay connected and develop a rapport. Remembering things also indicates that his feelings for you are genuine and he wants to learn more about you.
  15. Do his actions mirror yours?
    A positive sign of admiration is the fact that your man is trying to imitate your physical actions.  This is a sub-conscious effort and even he might not be aware of it. If the guy is trying to reflect the same amount of energy as you or speaking at a similar pace to you, be content that he is into you. He might start using the same abbreviations or slangs that you do and copy small actions that you do, like touching the hair or speaking animatedly. Anyone of these actions will is a sure sign that the guy is interested in you.

All ready to go a mission to find out if your guy likes you as much as you do? Keep your eyes open for the signs mentioned above and know for sure! These small gestures and hints will go a long way in making sure that you know if the guy you are spending your energy dreaming about is as into you or not.