Fashion Different Dress Ideas and Tips For Women

Different Dress Ideas and Tips For Women

With increasing trends and rapid growth of casino gaming industry, the number of casino lovers has also gained a great popularity. There are numerous visitors of casinos few are regular visitors while few are new to the gambling world. Many people have a fantasy to visit the casinos and see the world there. They have an illusion that the casinos have similar atmosphere as depicted in different movies and serials. No doubt the casino world is quiet classy and elegant but it has certain rules too that are not only for how to play the game but it’s also for how to dress up for a casino. Whenever someone is offered to meet at casino then he or she gets stucked at one question and that is what to wear and what to skip. There are few casinos which have already set certain dress codes for both males and females which they need to follow and make oneself presentable according to the dress code. Whether the person is going to casino to meet someone or to have a game, the focus must be making a look which defines ones personality and confidence. It will bring positive results both for a meeting and for a gambling game.

If the casinos have certain dress code then the visitor need to respect the rules of particular casino and dress up according to the provided dress code. The dress code differs with the location and reputation of the casinos. A well reputed casino in a big city with very classy visitors will have certain elegant dress code while a small casino yet reputed May or may not mention certain dress code. The casinos have set different dress codes for both males and females while few casino offer free choice of wearing the desirable dress but this doesn’t mean one can wear anything. The look defines ones personality so it’s better to present oneself in a right way and give a positive impact to everyone.

Everyone wants to look good and fit in the particular environment and for this one must be aware about how to dress up and appear while visiting a casino. There may be different ideas and types of dresses that may strike the mind of girls and woman. They will surely get confused to decide what to wear and what not to wear. Being very choosy in making decisions, the confusion may last for long so here is brief description of some preferable dress codes for girls and women while visiting a casino which can make their task easier to select a particular dress.

So let’s give a look to different types of dress codes that are preferred to the ladies:

  • Semiformal attire:

There are many ladies who feel comfortable in semi formal dress. It’s good for those who can handle the dress and fell free in such dress up but for few it may be complicated. There are numerous selections that can be made from semi formal dress list like short cocktail dress, small but elegant black dress, matching top with a long straight skirt and many more. The semi formal dresses are much liked by women and they prefer it over formal ones. The only thing to be considered is that one should be comfortable in what one wears. In case the casino have set a dress code of formal attire and someone is wearing semi formal dress then unfortunately she has to leave.

  • Formal attire:

Formal attire is not much liked now days because its too complicated to handle it but still there are few girls who are more easy in formal dresses which includes some traditional dresses like long open free gowns with heavy designs all over it. The one who is comfortable with such dresses can take the risk of wearing so long and heavy dress but for those who have never tries such dresses before are preferred to avoid wearing it and try something else. But in case if certain casino has mentioned formal attire as dress code then without any other option one has to wear it.

  • Casual attire:

The word casino is misjudged by many ladies as they think “casual” means “present your self as you are in whatever you are wearing” and this perception is totally wrong in terms of casino industry. Casual wear does not mean wearing any old dress or any rough dress without considering how one looks. The casual dress for women includes few semi formal dresses as mentioned above, sun dress, long skirts, proper jeans, and shorts in warm climate, T-shirts and button down blouse.

  • Business formal attire:

Business word itself refers to something that shows its class therefore business formals mean “work clothes or official clothes”. This means the dress code that one has in their company which makes them presentable. Women are advised to wear a business styled dress or a proper semiformal suit with matching jacket and long stockings followed with comfortable heels.

  • Well designed and conservative cocktail dress:

The cocktail dresses are considered to be too much revealing and exposing but here the word conservative has been specified which means the length of the dress must not be too short and the neckline should not be too deep. Black is considered a great color for a cocktail dress which has its on grace and shine. It’s also necessary to make a right color selection as per the season and the timings.

  • Additional with cocktail dress:

If a lady wants to give a formal touch to her cocktail dress then a pair of pullovers can be taken along with. It’s just to bring a change and look a bit different from others. The half sweaters matching with the dress or a shrug of some matching color will also make the look of the dress classier.

  • Wear flats and skip heels(as per the dress)

If someone is not comfortable with heels then its better to wear flats or sneakers instead of wearing something which makes one uneasy and may become the reason of amusement for others. Wearing heels does not make some one look more eye catching but the way one carries oneself is more to be noticed and concerned. Therefore a casual pair of flats will go well with a beautiful cute cocktail dress. But if the dress is some semi formals then wearing sneakers or flats with it would not look good. So selection of dress must be made as per ones comfortable zone.

  • Blue jeans:

If a lady is not comfortable in any of the above mentioned attires then she can give a try to blue jeans which will surely be a great option for her. Blue jeans must be from fresh arrivals and the old and worn pairs must be avoided.

  • Avoid glittering dresses:

Avoid wearing sparkling gowns with too many stones all over it as glittering dress may cause uneasiness for someone else in the casino. It appears so loud to wear such dresses and therefore it is better to avoid wearing such sparkling dress.


The selection of the dress must be done depending on the choice and keeping ones comfort zone in mind. The dress must be comfortable, sophisticated but stylish and simple but elegant. There may be certain situations when one needs to stand, sit and move form one place to another so the whole look must be properly attained so that one is easy enough to carry oneself in any situation. Instead of wearing something that a women is not known to, it’s better to go through the above mentioned attires and make a wise selection by tracing out which one is best for her.

The appearance reveals the confidence therefore the manner one carries oneself defines the beauty and inner confidence of the person. So build a good look with correct choice of dress.


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