Health Did You Know You Can Vape Cereal and Save On Calories!

Did You Know You Can Vape Cereal and Save On Calories!

Today I wanted to check out cereal e juice. I’m fascinated with the fact that I could vape my breakfast! So I went on a search to find a brand that offers a large variety of cereal flavors and I did! It’s a brand called Hot Juice and they are out of Los Angeles, California. So today, I’m going to use their flavors as the primary examples in my article.

If you’re looking for a delicious cereal e juice, Hot Juice carries around several different cereal vapes that’ll cater to your personal tastes and preferences. From chocolate puffs, cinnamon French toasts, to fruity breakfast cereals, they’ve got everything covered! We’ve all enjoyed eating a bowl of cereal before and now, you can get the same experience by vaping your favorite brands!

The variety of flavor profiles they offer on their cereal e juice line makes it easy for you to enjoy your breakfast with a hearty cereal juice of your choice. These juices are perfect for early morning vapes to satisfy your milk and crunch cravings. Each flavor is carefully crafted and blended to achieve that heavenly cereal flavor that you can definitely taste from the inhale all the way to the exhale.

They currently have 5 different cereal vapes and that is BAM BAM Crunch, Chocolate Puffs, Cinnamon French Toast, Crunch Master, and Tricks. We’ll take a look the different cereal flavors they offer and see if the flavor quality is on par with your favorite breakfast meals.

Cereal Vape Juice — The Best Fruity Cereal Flavors! 

We all love fruity cereals for breakfast and Hot Juice definitely captured the essence of this hearty meal with their BAM BAM Crunch and Tricks cereal vape juice. These juices are blended perfectly with fruity notes and nuances that are apparent at the inhale and the creamy, milky taste is emphasized at the exhale.

BAM BAM Crunch tastes really good. It’s reminiscent of a bowl of frosted fruity flakes and it’s really well-balanced in terms of its sweetness. The juice leaves a sweet and creamy taste that just melts in your mouth. It’s like taking a scoop of the cereal and actually tasting it with each draw from your vape! Most cereal vapes focus on the milky notes too much but this manages to blend the milky taste with the fruity flavors.

Tricks is also another cereal vape juice from Hot Juice that is perfectly blended with the right flavors that tastes exactly like fruity pebble cereal! You get a sweet, fruity inhale and the exhale tastes like delicious sugary milk that’ll leave you with hit after hit from your vape. It’s that good and it’s amazing how accurate the flavor is. Your fruity breakfast cravings will surely be satisfied with these two sweet treats.

Best Cereal Ejuice — Crunch Master! 

Without a doubt the best cereal ejuice out of their whole breakfast line is the Crunch Master. It’s the epitome of your favorite breakfast meal in e-liquid form! The creamy, buttery taste is blended with milky notes that deliver a mildly sweet yet dreamy inhale and the exhale leaves a taste of delicious cereal that is sure to fill your vaping needs first thing in the morning. If you love crunchy, buttery cereals for breakfast, the Crunch Master captures the exact flavor of that hearty meal!

Cinnamon French Toast is also one of the best cereal ejuice on their breakfast cereal offerings. A fine blend of sweet cinnamon infused with creamy milk rounds out the entire flavor profile of this e-liquid. It’s like a throwback to your Sunday morning breakfast meals while watching television because of how on-point the flavor is! The inhale brings out that french toast flavor while the exhale leaves a trail of milky goodness for that delicious breakfast cereal taste.

Both of these flavors are what makes cereal vapes very enjoyable. The consistency and overall taste of these vapes capture the essence of eating your favorite bowl of cereal on a Sunday morning. Crunch Master and Cinnamon French Toast will definitely fill up your vape cravings!

Hot Juice Vape Juice — Chocolate Puff Goodness! 

Hot Juice vape juice’s rendition of the classic chocolate puffs cereal is blended so well, it tastes like grabbing a scoop of cocoa pebbles and just munching them all off! You get that delicious chocolatey flavor at the inhale and everything is rounded out at the exhale with a creamy milk note. It’s their own take on the Cocoa Puffs™ cereal which is a popular breakfast treat. The flavor just leaves a melting sensation in your mouth like you’re crunching on cocoa pebbles!

Everything on Hot Juice vape juice’s cereal line manages to capture each note of our favorite breakfast cereals accurately. Fans of cereal e juice vapes are in for a treat with their variety of flavor profiles. Each flavor is crafted carefully to achieve that signature breakfast cereal taste that everyone loves.

Their fruity cereal vapes are sweet and creamy while their milk and crunch e liquids are deliciously buttery and milky. If you’re a fan of cereal vapes, check out their whole cereal line and get a taste of your favorite cereal through vaping!


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