Creem 100 Cool Belted Outfit For Girls

100 Cool Belted Outfit For Girls

Most of the women are conscious when it comes to their fashion taste. They prefer unique, stylish, and trendy because, in this way, they may reveal their character, express their inner side, and experiment with their creativity. In this context, you will know the different garments in which the belt takes the lead.

Snazzy Belt in Prints
belted outfit (1)

The dress is suitable for semi-formal gatherings and appointments. The fatigue green color depicts serious, neutral, and business related appeal. To enhance the style, try matching it with a duffel bag, shades, jewelry, and the cool belt.

Blake Lively Inspired Classic Leather Belt
belted outfit (2)

The belt is very suitable for the brown and blue color. It is unique, upstyle, semi-corporate attire in a fashionable sense.


Black Leather with Golden Buckle
belted outfit (3)

Play the style with creativity, originality, and uniqueness by placing the knitted shawl on top of the blue dress and wearing the black belt around the waist. Dangling round earrings, clutch, and wedge black shoes for a civilian day or night outfit.

Skinny Black Leather Belt with Golden Buckle
belted outfit (4)

A voguish, sophisticated, and savvy professional look. The essence of the black color enhances the elegance of the outfit. You can enhance the corporate style with the sling bag and Almond Toe Pumps.

Skinny Pink Belt for Sassy Teens
belted outfit (5)

A combination of striped shirt and pleated polka dotted blue skirt portrays young fashion, fun, and pretty appearance. It can be worn for parties, travel tours, or simply civilian clothing.

Thin Belt Perfect for Slim Ladies
belted outfit (7)

Make your summer stylish with a long sleeve that is folded on the edge to add some swag. The brown with gold buckle leather belt emphasizes the body contour and gives contrast with the navy blue skirt. This preppy look is perfect during the warm days of the summer as it gives a comfortable and fresh feeling without sacrificing the style.

Angelina Jolie Inspired Leather Belt
belted outfit (9)

If you will attend meetings and special events, the skin-tone neutral color dress with belt is very sophisticated, voluptuous, and fabulous. It improves the glamor of the wearer plus it can be paired with cream Almond Toe Pump for a more fashionable look.

Silky Wide Ribbon Sash
belted outfit (10)

The black long sleeve, silk ribbon strap and white balloon skirt work together in a perfect fashion. The checkered and see-through effect of the skirt is awesome, edgy, and very stylish. A black clutch and a red T-strap Peep Toe shoes work well together and highlight the elegance of the outfit.

Ritzy Dual Leather Belt
belted outfit (11)

A long black dress with long sleeves and black belt show elegance, luxury, and edgy look on the wearer. This outfit is very convenient for a photo shoot, cold seasons, and business related careers. A wrap colorful sash around the wrist is amazing to improve the look and to match the color to the gladiator shoes as well as match the style with the red quilted bag will do the fashion trick.

Woven Girdle for Tightening Waist
belted outfit (12)

For cold seasons, a knitted blazer is one of the most popular garment being used across European and Asian countries. The floral vibrant dress makes the whole outfit dazzling and lively. The knee-high boots and very stylish girdle correspond to the color combination of the outfit.

Super Skinny Modish Belt
belted outfit (13)

Some smart casual attires need a bit imagination and creativity to walk confidently in the crowd and show the stunning “YOU”. Why not try a dress over a long sleeve with a skinny belt? For sure, this outfit is something new to the eye of the crowd.

Twist Your Strap for a Style
belted outfit (14)

The crochet scarf is one of the most up style and trendy fashionable part of a dress up especially during cold or winter seasons. Its blend with the knitted long sleeve is really a stand out appearance. What makes this outfit more snazzy, is the twisted belt effect.

Thin Cummerbund for Women
belted outfit (15)

Many women are thinking of the various ways on how to look fabulous even in the workplace. You can combine your ordinary orange long sleeve with blue fitted skirt plus skinny strap and ribbon style polka dots sash for a happy vibe look.

Denim and the Classic Leather
belted outfit (17)

Wear something casual by matching your tuck-in long sleeve denim top and skin-tone glittering skirt with a classic leather belt. Match the style with pointed toe pump and gold shoulder bag to enhance the chic appearance even more.

Skinny Belt Full of Holes
belted outfit (18)

If you feel to go out at night, you can wear casual sleeveless tops, gray blazer, above-the-knee skirt and a skinny orange belt for an audacious display. Put a duffel bag on your arm and wear open toe shoes to spice up the outfit.

Strap on Dress in Coin-size Buttons
belted outfit (19)

This minty dress is elegant, simple, and enchanting to look at. For sure, everyone will stare at you upon seeing your style. It is great for social gatherings or when attending celebrations. The strap with huge buttons makes it unique from the rest of the straps and dresses.

Pinkish Skinny Belt
belted outfit (21)

What to wear on a summer season? This outfit is a remarkable and suitable dress for someone like you. It’s simple, well-crafted fabric, and skinny pinkish belt transforms it to an elegant, sassy, and form-fitting outfit. Have a keen eye fashion for a checkered duffel bag to improve the style to its ultimate fashion.

Neutral Snake-Skin Strap
belted outfit (22)

Get influenced with this old-fashioned yet very stylish outfit, it is a combination of ruffled green blouse, pinkish skirt, and a snake-skin belt. Be your own label and put a pendant necklace to suffice the style.

Dress in a Glitzy Belt
belted outfit (23)

An important life event or ceremony need a beautiful dress with gold glitzy belt. The ritzy outfit is very sophisticated, admiring, and couture as to its height, length, and width measurements. Partner the attire with bracelets, clutch, and gladiator shoes.

Luxury and Stunning Jewel-made Belt
belted outfit (24)

Thinking about your dream prenup bridal gown? This lovely dress might be the one you are looking for. The long white gown is very delicate, elegant, and perfectly fit for the fiancee. The silver center strap provides a glamorous beauty to the wearer.

Stretchable Strap for Waist Training
belted outfit (25)

A full white skater dress with a tightening strap on the waist, is very sophisticated, fashionable, and captivating. It will definitely make the lady-in-white very beautiful with a style.

Golden Metal Belt with Spikes
belted outfit (26)

Wearing an edgy, savvy, and sleek corporate dress with a touch of fashion will surely make you an eye-catcher. Paired the style with shades, golden necklace, golden bracelet, and an animal skin duffel bag. Of course, don’t leave your dress hanging without the golden belt with spikes.

Leather Strap in Ribbon Chic
belted outfit (27)

A girly style cute outfit will definitely need a fashionable ribbon belt to catch up the style. Try wearing a ribbon belt on your green blazer and brown polka dotted dress. Include shades, flower necklace, clutch, and Almond Toe Pump to make the outfit more fashionable.

Wide Belt Efficient for the Waist in Violet Dress
belted outfit (28)

Lady-in-violet dress is also a good theme for you to start your color coding fashion sense. It is elegant, edgy, and enthralling in the eye. A golden chain necklace, shades, and Almond Toe Pump are amazing accessories to jazz up the outfit.

Knot the Braided Cincture
belted outfit (29)

Neutral brown color is beauty. The contemporary retro style is the popular casual outfit today. A fancy dress with twisted braided belt plus Trilby hat, polka dotted stockings, eye glasses, and shoulder bag is the famous style in this generation. Very sassy, unique, and innovative fashion sense.

Luxury Cincture for Grand Events
belted outfit (30)

A special event should have a special golden luxury belt to add on the gown for a goddess-like appearance and it will put every woman in vanity when they saw you wearing a beautifully made gown. A black clutch bag and few pieces of jewelry are the most appropriate accessories for this attire.

Navy Blue Strap
belted outfit (31)

A corporate dress code should be engaging, professional and yet fabulous. The modern way of fitting corporate dress cannot be possible without the presence of the belt. Invigorate your style by including silver jewelry, and shades for a more sophisticated aura and appearance.

Black Huge Belt in Beautiful Stripes
belted outfit (32)

Some teens prefer to wear a maxi dress because of the sophisticated style of fitting it. Pair the skirt with stripes, red necklace, and a wide leather belt to make it more feminine, conservative yet in a style.

Contemporary Leather Strap
belted outfit (33)

Manage your countryside appearance by fitting a striped dress, sleeveless denim, and a classical brown leather belt. Accessorize the outfit with a brown sling bag, watch, and knee-high boots to make it more appealing.

Golden Metal in White
belted outfit (34)

Feel edgy, sexy, and highly-fashionable with a white long sleeve dress and a metal golden belt on the waist. This attire is also great for social gatherings, meetings, or corporate stylish dresses.

Synthetic Glossy Black Belt
belted outfit (35)

Achieve a semi-corporate inspired look by wearing two long sleeves at the same time. Yes, this is possible and match the upper garment with a blue skirt. The synthetic glossy girdle serves as the center of attraction for the outfit.

Leopard Accessory on Top of the Knit
belted outfit (36)

Animal printed belts are appropriate for plain apparels to stand out the stylish skinny strap on top of the knitted half sleeves and jeans.

Woven Strap in Pleated Dress
belted outfit (37)

A classic style look is still a popular fashion in this modern generation. The creative way of matching the plain outfits to one another is the style itself. Try pairing this ruffled blouse with a pleated gray skirt for a feminine, simple, and conservative look. Accessorize the outfit by adding a stylish girdle and wearing a T-strap Peep Toe Shoes.

The Hole, Twist, and Strap
belted outfit (38)

Voguish yet simple dress with a zipper on the center for easy wear. The sleeves are folded for an upstyle appearance and the belt is twisted for a trendy look. Of course, don’t forget to put the shades on.

Gleaming Belt on Semi-Formal
belted outfit (39)

Worrying about your corporate attire? Turn your sleeveless black dress into a formal suit by putting on top of a white long sleeve, wear a glamorous belt to emphasize the formality and elegance. Wear shades and pearl necklace to increase the savvy appearance.

Wide Belt on Bodycon Dress
belted outfit (40)

To emphasize your curves, you may put a girdle on top of your neutral colored dress to show an appealing side of “YOU”.

2 Buckles in One Cincture
belted outfit (41)

A Kendall Jenner inspired style in which you will feel like a model and wear something stripe, midriff, and daring. Wear two buckled belt in golden ornaments to mesmerize the crowd. Carry a duffel bag and fit n Almond Toe Pumps to enhance the fashionable appeal.

Braided then Twisted
belted outfit (42)

Some teens experiment with their style by wearing two kinds of clothes and tightening the waist with a belt for a fit and slimmer look.

Skinny Gold Baldric
belted outfit (43)

If you want to emphasize your figure, wear a belt on your dress. This outfit can also be worn on special occasions and parties as well.

Thin Leather Belt for Tall and Fab
belted outfit (44)

Usually, girls love striped dresses because the horizontal designs are pleasing and relaxing to the eyes. In this generation, many teens are experimenting their clothes on their closet to come up with a trendy style. A belt twisted on the dress is more feminine to look at because it emphasizes the sexy waist. Moreover, you can add flavor to your style with these amazing accessories such as wedges, sling bag, and shades.

Red Belt with Center Diamond Shape
belted outfit (45)

Work with your hour-glass figure and wear a flouncy teenage skater dress top with a gray blazer and a red glamorous belt for emphasis. Try this get-up with matching shades, Almond toe shoes, and accessories.

Big Buckle Belt
belted outfit (46)

Feel geek and conservative by combining several garments into a single style. Suit a dress and top it with a long sleeve blue V-neck plus a red violet leggings. Of course, don’t forget the star accessory – the leather belt.

Thin Strap for Petite
belted outfit (47)

Model your style with the brown color as the star-studded hue. Pair up your dress with long sleeve blazer, black leggings, dockside shoes and a skinny belt for the final touch.

Fabric Strap in Floral Design
belted outfit (48)

For those who love wearing loose dresses or for pregnant moms, this lovely floral dress is a great fit for you. The ribbon sash made of fabric is delicate and soft in the waist so it won’t constrict the waist.

Thinly Braided Belt in Black Background
belted outfit (49)

Mix your black rebel dress with a braided skinny belt for an amazing fashion. Your style for sure will be a different label than the usual gothic or punk style in black.

Grandeur Belt for Hot Chic
belted outfit (50)

If you prefer an Asian formal attire, you may style plain white dress with a gorgeous shimmering belt for a stunning beauty. Include splendid Jewelries and clutch to enhance the attractive appearance.

Scrawny Strap for the Lean and Tall
belted outfit (51)

A conservative summer dress for a pretty teen with a straw hat. The skinny braided belt is a perfect accessory for the flouncy pleated dress.

An Office Belt to Career Oriented Fashionistas
belted outfit (52)

Usually, ladies in the office tuck-in their long sleeves on their slacks or skirts, this get-up is different from an ordinary. Why not wearing the belt on the upper waist on top of the ruffled blouse and half sleeves blazer for something a new.

Black Ribbon Sash on Floral Top
belted outfit (54)

Want a style that will become a trend? Wear this floral hip tutu top and fit skirt with a victorian fabulous hat. The black ribbon sash depicts a pretty, stylish, and sassy look.

Double Buckle in Glittery Gold
belted outfit (55)

Simple yet beautiful, this casual look of Kendall in a long length denim with a golden double buckle belt. Plus a duffel bag for a complete get-up.

Girdle Belt for the Plus Size
belted outfit (56)

Don’t worry about your size as Meghan Trainor says. You don’t need to hide the areas but show off the dazzling diva like you. Double buckle girdle and straw hat for a cowboy appearance. Of course, don’t forget the low-cut cowboy boots.

The Heart of the Belt
belted outfit (58)

Have a lively, modern plus retro style, and casual get-up perfect for summer season. A lovely strap with a heart shape on the center is really an attractive feminine look. Match the outfit with a clutch, and gold bracelets and a trilby hat.

Vintage Style Baldric
belted outfit (59)

The lacy on top, girdle and polka dotted long skirt is a vintage style. Try this fashion in the contemporary era to look classy, conservative, fab, match the outfit with a shoulder bag and peep toe shoes.

Winter Season Brown Belt
belted outfit (60)

Make your winter a fashionable, memorable, and sassy outfit. Dress up a long sleeve, red skirt, crochet scarf, leggings and boots for a cold season get-up. Enhance the style even more with the leather belt.

Two Layered Black Belt
belted outfit (61)

Dress up in a something unique, chic and sleek look using a vibrant red scarf, wool-made coat, and black long sleeve. Wear a two layered belt to tighten the waist with the apparel.

Classic Leather Belt in Fashionable Floral
belted outfit (62)

Meet your summer gig with a floral, ruffled, and delicate sleeveless dress with a leather belt for a contour fitting. Match it with a sling-bag and shades for a fun, chic, and sassy appearance.

Tight Wide Strap for Waist

Keep your fashion intense with this hot looking outfit for the summer.Dress up something polka dots on top and black trousers with a girdle for the waist contouring. Enhance the style with some accessories and an almond toe shoes.

A Must-Have Skinny Black Strap
belted outfit (65)

An all-gray floral style for a summer outfit gimmick. Wear a gray straw hat, purple bag, and cone heel shoes. Become sexy and fabulous with a skinny black belt to show off your figure.

Voguish Belt for Summer Escapade
belted outfit (66)

Simple apparel into a modish look with the combination of a striped skater dress and a creative and dark belt for emphasis. Achieve a teenage look with the duffel bag and t-strap peep toe sandals partnered to the dress.

Cream Strap for Social Gatherings
belted outfit (67)

A tri-color all-plain combinations and a cream leather belt. This attire is gorgeous for social gatherigs, office style, or meetings.

Tribal Design Girdle
belted outfit (68)

A perfect tribal designed girdle which is voguish to look at in a plain dress. This is a recommended outfit for those who are a fan of artistic belts.

Office Style Belt for Super Woman Like “YOU”
belted outfit (69)

Start your office days with a formal, fabulous and conservative style of clothes. Wear a floral dress and cover it with a long sleeve sweater and a black belt to look pleasant and decent.

Wool-made Ribbon Gray Sash
belted outfit (70)

Perfect coat for the perfect winter season. The ribbon strap makes the appearance young, edgy, and voguish. Include a black leggings and shoulder bag to impress the crowd.

Shimmering Silver Belt in Yellow
belted outfit (71)

If you’re thinking what color-coded outfit to wear to the party, try an edgy yellow cocktail dress with a golden belt and feel the crowd looking at you on every step.

Huge Buckle in Animal Prints
belted outfit (72)

This outfit is suitable for animal print lovers. A golden buckle black belt is a stunning accessory for this stylish apparel.

Casual Leather Strap
belted outfit (73)

Partner your black maxi dress ith a black cardigan, striped V-neck shirt and a classic leather belt to feel more stylish and pretty. Twist the belt to add fun with your style.

Huge Buckle in Braided Girdle
belted outfit (74)

Are you going to attend on semi-formal gatherings? This attire is the best fit for you. Match your white top and polka-dotted skirt with a voguish belt. The huge buckle of the braided buckle belt is very unique, stylish, and amazing.

Plain Sash in Indigo

Achieve an edgy, sexy and voluptuous look and work on your figure by wearing a sash. match the style with black stockings and almond toe shoes.

Retro Style Skinny Baldric
belted outfit (76)

Build your fashion in this modern generation using a striped dress and top it with a red-orange sweater to keep the style in perfectly contour fit. Wear a skinny white belt.

Golden Metal Strap and Stripes
belted outfit (77)

Walk on the streets with your striped above-the-knee dress with a metal belt for an a’ la mode display. Enhance the look in a more fashionable way with shades spiked bracelets.

Blue Synthetic Belt for Occasions
belted outfit (78)

Enhance the trend for dresses in which top the dress with a 3/4 cardigan and place the belt to emphasize the shape.

Fashionable Leather Cincture in Long Sleeve
belted outfit (79)

Wear a loose long sleeves for a casual chic appearance. for sure, people will stop by and break a glance on you.

Black Ribbon Sash in Neutral
belted outfit (80)

Neutral color combination in a vaguish designed prints and can be worn as a casual dress. The big ribbon on the center is very feminine and sassy to look at.

Luxury Belt for an Extravagant Dress

Manage your attire when going to the party formal acquaintance or exclusive celebrations. Wear a magnificent cocktail dress and put a leather belt w/silver ornaments to make the outfit appear to stand out from the crowd.

Girdle Belt and Corset
belted outfit (82)

Strike an attitude by wearing a corset with a girdle belt. The outfit is unique and intended for a waist training contour to achieve a sexy hour-glass figure.

Skinny Belt for Travellers
belted outfit (83)

Have a unique match of styles -a cowboy and officer look style. The posture and outfit are sophisticated. emphasize the strong personality of the wearer and nobleness. You may surround the neck with a vibrant maroon scarf, use a duffel bag and wear luxury accessories.

Wide Girdle for Pleated Skirt and Stripes
belted outfit (84)

Model your casual fashion with a stripe and pleated skirt combination in all-blue color. Enhance the plain blue with a girdle belt and almond toe shoe in brown color.

The Perfect Contouring Belt for the Tall and Lean
belted outfit (85)

Wear a voluptuous and sleek style of apparel fit for your perfect figure and height. The red and black combination are hot and raging colors great for the attire. Feel superior and well-respected with this attire. The black leather belt is the most suitable accessory for this avant-garde style.

Skinny Braided Belt for Summer Get-Up
belted outfit (86)

Experience thge summer heat wearing a lacy-on-top and stripe skirt surrounded by a braided skinny belt.

A Unique No Buckle Belt
belted outfit (87)

For those who love pairing up their boots with a printed blouse and leggings, this casual outfit is an eye-catching style for you. Of course, don’t forget the center of the attire-leather belt.

Gold Metal Belt for Red Dress
belted outfit (88)

Achieve a smart,. savvy, and fashionable look in a red dress. It is sophisticated,m voluptuous, and the wearer appears to have a strong personality. The gold metal belt is very suitable for the intelligent attire.

Casual Style Glossy Belt
belted outfit (89)

A combination of black and brown is pretty challenging and interesting. Match the dress with a classic leather belt. Enhance your appearance by wearing a T-strap shoe, duffel bag and a trilby hat.

Fabric Knitted Strap
belted outfit (91)

Feel comfortable and warm at home while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. wear a knitted long sleeve with a white tube as the inner wear. twist the fabric strap to make the outfit appear slim and keep the warmness.

High-Fashion Thin Strap
belted outfit (92)

Give your outfit a sense of sexiness by wearing a twisted skinny belt on the upper waist. Match your sleeveless blouse with a mini short for a summer style look.

Countryside Style Belt
belted outfit (93)

Achieve a country style outfit during winter seasons by wearing a long floral skirt, cardigan, and blouse on top. Wear a classic leather belt to tighten the loose garment and for a fashionable appearance.

Sassy Strap in Floral Dress
belted outfit (94)

Keep a sassy summer vibe by wearing a floral maxi dress with a twisted stylish belt to add contour to your figure. Paired up the style with shades and gladiator sandals.

Khaki Sash for Work
belted outfit (95)

If you’re an outgoing person and you love wearing neutral colors clothing. This outfit is perfect for your summer vacation. Take your leopard duffel bag and peep toe boots to make your get-up appear smart yet sassy.

Denim Braided Strap on Denim Dress
belted outfit (96)

Make the denim dress a trendy outift with a denim braided strap plus a brown leather duffel bag.

Office Style Classic Leather Belt
belted outfit (97)

Go to your office and wear something loose, smart, and comfy. Add a fashionable twist by wearing a dark brown belt and a white duffel bag to achieve a detective style look.

Classic Leather Cincture for Fabulous Style
belted outfit (98)

Simple yet smart casual attire especially for office ladies like you. Combine your dark blue dress with a brown belt and mules shoes.

Braided Girdle in Maxi Dress
Orange Floral Belted Maxi Skirt

A maxi dress is always a trendy outfit whenever the summer season strikes. Keep it simple with a white-on-top, chain necklace and a girdle belt.

Khaki Style Sash for Slim
belted outfit (100)

Highlight your figure through wearing a slim outfit. Put a wide dark gold sash to enhance the plain look into fabulous style.

Black Strap on Floral Summer Dress
belted outfit (101)

Wear a floral dress with a black leather belt when you walk on the streets even in the middle of the night. For sure, your beauty will glow even if the street lights are turned off.

Executive Belt for Professional Style
belted outfit (102)

A black belt with a golden buckle is great for a professional corporate attire. Be a boss yet fabulous in your outfit.

Sassy Ribbon in Gray
belted outfit (103)

Feel the rays of the sun with your gray dress with a ribbon strap. Show how confidently beautiful you are.

Double Layer Black Strap
belted outfit (104)

Enhance the simplicity of your executive look by wearing a belt and peep-toe knee-high black boots. People will stare at you because of your stunning beauty with a style.

Dark Brown Leather Cincture in Korean Inspired Dress
belted outfit (105)

A korean inspired floral sunday dress with a belt to keep the dress in a proper fitting.

A Brown and White Chic Combination
belted outfit (106)

If you feel wearing an all-white outfit, try to put a girdle, t-strap sandals, and urban style bag.

Skinny Cincture in Red Dress
belted outfit (107)

Looking for smart red dress motif, try this outfit in a plain color with a braided belt design. make it awesome to look at by pairing it with a T-strap almond shoe and a clutch.


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