Lifestyle Channel your inner James Bond with these style lessons

Channel your inner James Bond with these style lessons

James Bond has been around for more than a decade now. He characterizes style and class. Three generations have been left in awe by his bold and manly appearance. He is a gentleman whose mere presence light up the explosives. Bang! Then he walks on and doesn’t even bother to look back. What Class!

A lot of the aura surrounding him has to do with the way he dresses, talks, and carries himself. The cool cars James Bond drives, the magnificent watches, the gadgets, etc are an intrinsic part of his character. And his lavish lifestyle is a reflection of his belief that he might not live to see old age. We don’t necessarily have to share this belief. So here are a few style lessons to be more like James Bond.

Be mindful of what you wear

There is a message in the way Bond dresses. It is widely considered that men are not bothered by their appearance. One look at Bond and that myth is shattered. Try arguing that he is not manly. Men aspire to be more like not only because he fights evil but also because he does that wearing a tuxedo.

Paying attention to details is also very important. In Skyfall Daniel Craig wears a three button suit. Only the third button is fastened. That minute detail changes the traditional British suit into more Hollywood style and it’s elegant.

The Drink

James Bond’s love for martinis is unmatchable. The 1953 novel featured Vesper Martini. A mixture of plentiful amount of gin and vodka as base coupled with sour flavoured aperitif wine which must be served at an optimum temperature to taste good. The martinis continued to evolve since then and became much simpler and neat. Like the Belverde martini which is adaptable to any situation. It has Sicilian olives and vermouth (a white wine). You can learn to make a James Bond martini yourself.

The Car

James Bond drives some of the most iconic cars ever made. Bond could afford it because he was a secret agent working for the Queen. Buying such cars is a luxury not many of us can afford. But there are some alternate cars that are just as classy. The BMW 760iL for Bond’s 759iL, the Ford Fusion for Bond’s Ford Mondeo, the Chevy Impala for his Cheverolet Caprice Taxi are some great alternatives. Here are a few more cars and gears that men must check out.

The Watch

Rolex had refused a product placement deal during the initial years of the franchise. So Sean Connery wore Albert Broccoli’s watch in the film and set a generation of young men desiring for the “James Bond Watch”. It was a Rolex Submariner from the 1960s and could be worth $30,000 today. So buying that is not an option for many.

The Omega Seamaster series worn by Bond 1995 onwards is a good alternative. The watches are available on retail and if you are want an older version there are aftermarkets where you can find them.



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