Tattoos Best Areas on Your Body to Get Your First Tattoo

Best Areas on Your Body to Get Your First Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a very hard decision for most because all of the things they need to figure out. What model, black and white or colored, where to make it – these are just a few of the questions most of the people that consider getting a new tattoo ask themselves. We’ve made a list with the best areas on your body to get a tattoo and hope that it will help making a decision regarding getting a tattoo.


Undoubtedly one of the easiest places for a tattoo, the thigh provides with enough space for a nice tattoo and since it’s a meaty area of your body it won’t hurt that much. Furthermore, the positioning allows you to breath freely to control the little pain that comes with. But wait, there’s more! Getting a thigh tattoo is excellent because it won’t cause you any discomfort when it comes to seating or sleeping. Also, it’s easily concealable in case you have a job that doesn’t allow tattoos or anything in that area. However, since we’re not in the 1990 anymore, no company should have rules against tattoos or piercings.


If you compare it with many other parts of your body, your wrist is not a bad place for a first tattoo. The possible downside comes from the fact that the skin is thinner here so it might hurt, however, it’s a small area to cover and everything will be done before you know it. You need to know that it hurts more the closer you get to the hand so if you can’t really handle pain really well, try to move your design a bit, towards the elbow.


Perhaps most if you will ask why wasn’t this the first suggestion in our list. Well, the thing is that, even though it’s not at all true, the bicep tattoo managed to get some sort of bad reputation. Again, there are no grounds for it, however, many of the people that are deciding on where to get their first tattoo rule out the biceps. Just like the thigh, the bicep is a fairly muscular area and that means you won’t have to deal with much pain. It’s a very comfortable area as well as you can just sit back in the tattooing chair and chat with the artist to pass the time. Also, you have one hand free all the time so, if you’re into that, you can Book of Ra online pokies on your phone.


It doesn’t surprise anyone that the arms are the body parts that are most often tattooed. So, the next step in our list is the forearm. It’ll be a breeze to get a tattoo here since it is a fleshy and soft area that handles the stress of a tattoo pretty well. Also, you won’t have to worry too much about swelling up and it’s very easy to make yourself comfortable when chilling or sleeping.


Just like the biceps, the muscular area of the calves provides a great area for getting a tattoo. It will absorb the shock of the tattoo needle and the pain levels are more than manageable. Another great thing about getting a calf tattoo for the first time is that you can simply lay comfortably on your stomach and even does off during the entire procedure. It’s kind of like waking up after a night of partying and realizing you got a tattoo but without the hangover and regrets.
So, there you go, now you have the most appropriate areas for getting a first tattoo from multiple points of view. Now you only have to figure out what to get inked on your skin and remember to always go to a professional artist!


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