Lifestyle Reap the Benefits of Rowing With 3 Fast and Efficient Workouts

Reap the Benefits of Rowing With 3 Fast and Efficient Workouts

Rowing has many health and fitness benefits for the entire body. This is why athletes and bodybuilders always row especially after using reputable and legal steroids like turinabol. Using a rowing machine is also fun, applicable to everyone and convenient. It provides a great opportunity to perform a cardio routine and burn more calories for that gorgeous body.

The sad part is that most people don’t believe that a rowing machine is useful, and this is why most fitness centers only have a few. You will also rarely find this machine in a home gym since people go for others. However, this is about to change after reading this article. We will highlight three popular rowing workouts and the benefits that come along with them.

Understanding the Rowing Stroke

Before you start rowing workouts, you will need to understand the strokes that are involved in the workouts especially if you are a beginner. Following the right procedure will easily lead you to your goals whether you want to lose weight, get ripped or stay fit. Basically, the following stages are involved.

  • The catch – this is the beginning point and the most important. Even if you have already decided on your rowing workout, you will still have to make the preparations. It is also at this point that you position the body appropriately on the rowing machine.
  • The drive – at this point, you have now started the workout, and you intend to get the energy distributed to the lower body. The upper body should now rise vertically as you pull the handles until the arms move towards the back. Ensure that this is happening every time you move back and forth.
  • The finish – after completing a couple of reps, the body should now stabilize and find it easy to do the strokes the right way. The upper body, core and lower body will be engaged equally.
  • Recovery – this is the final stage that involves resting after the workout or taking breaks between the sessions.

Benefits of Rowing Workouts

While rowing is basically the same as mentioned in the above stages, people can make their sessions different to achieve various goals. Check out the following examples.

  • Setting intervals by meters – people can set the rowing distance intervals. You can either choose             to do 400 or 500 meters in a minute. This means that you will have to put more effort into the same task. Most bodybuilders and athletes who want to get ripped go for this option.
  • Setting intervals by time – it does not matter how many strokes you complete for this method as long as you keep doing them for a specified time. People who want to stay fit through cardio exercise are better off rowing this way.
  • Setting intervals by strokes – do you want to complete 24 or 48 strokes before resting? Rowing by strokes is common for beginners because they can measure their improvement easily by how quickly they add strokes.


Rowing is indeed beneficial to all categories of fitness enthusiasts. It is no doubt that getting into the habit of rowing when you visit the gym will boost your goals. Hopefully, this publication will make a difference in how rowing is viewed.




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