Travel Amazing Next Door: Travels and Top Places of New Zealand

Amazing Next Door: Travels and Top Places of New Zealand

The pristine nature of New Zealand has made it a desired destination for a lot of sophisticated travelers. It is only worth visiting once amid glaciers, cliffs, and colorful canyons, to be fascinated by these islands of the Pacific Ocean forever.

The World of John Tolkien and Rudyard Kipling

Hobbiton is a village. It was built especially for the shooting of a trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”; it is located not far from the city of Matamata. Annually, thousands of admirers of Peter Jackson come here to see with their own eyes a piece of their favorite fairy tale. The crew spent more than a year building this country. All houses and details from the hobbits’ life are made of wood or plastic.

When the author of books about Mowgli visited the Bay of Milford Sound, he named this place “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. The gulf is located in the southwestern part of the island. There the Tasman Sea cuts almost ten kilometers into the land. Despite the fact that it is difficult to get to, today fjord relates to the most popular tourist desires.

In spite of its remoteness from major European states, New Zealanders are not inferior to residents of other countries because of excitement. With the advent of online gambling, amid the inhabitants, there were its admirers. These joints offer interesting games and bonuses; you can immerse yourself in a unique world of top online casinos with the help of the site.

Natural Beauty

The Franz Josef Glacier is the “fastest” one in the world. Because of the meltdown of the waters that feed it, it moves at a speed of about 2 meters per hour, having managed to overcome a decent distance in a day. The best view of an icebox opens from the mountain peaks. There a helicopter from the nearest town takes trippers. Unlike its predecessor, the Fox glacier does not shorten but lengthens approximately four meters per month. It approaches a coast quite close, not reaching the ocean only 19 kilometers. The contrast of green grass and ice looks impressive.

Waitomo caves have named a place where you may touch “hand to the stars”; they are in the North Island of New Zealand. Inside the cave, it really looks that a starry sky is at arm’s length. It’s not a magical portal, but a special kind of insects, known as mushroom mosquitoes; they have a bioluminescent effect, that is, they glow in the dark. The hordes of these creatures inhabit the ceilings and walls, ceasing to light only in case of fear. Campers are asked to behave as quietly as possible, otherwise, the “stars” will leave out.

Fans of extreme sports will be happy to see on Lake Taupo was formed on the site of an extinct volcano. Here you can find everything from skydiving to bungee jumping. In five minutes to the north of it are located waterfalls Hook; the cascade extends along Waikato, the largest river in New Zealand. They attract sightseers not by their height, but by the amount of water, as in a second from a cliff 220,000 liters fall.

In a word, a trip to New Zealand is a double feat. On the one hand, it is inhumanly hard to get there, because to fly for more than a day, changing planes, time zones, and hemispheres. On the other, it’s impossible to say goodbye to this country, because you do not want to leave the most


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