About Us

Cream Magazine is a digital magazine that is all about relationships, beauty, fashion, entertain and every other related issue. The magazine attracts millions of readers all over the world on regular basis and has quickly grown to become one of the leading online magazines around. Though the magazine is relatively new on the bloc, we have achieved a lot within our short presence on the scene and we continue to grow on a daily basis, based on our readership sizes.

With many awards credited to the founders of this online magazine and lots of features from around the world, Cream magazine has remained a top influencer in today’s modern fashion, beauty and relationship industry. We offer a wide range of information including beauty and fashion trends, alongside helpful tips and ideas to improve your dating skills. Our content contributors are experts in their various fields, and our readers do have high regards for them.

We work with a number of brands, listed on the website and we will continue to deliver excellent information that will benefit everyone, especially those interested in looking for inspiration to strengthen their relationships, as well as those looking for fashion and beauty tips. We do invite everyone to be part of this amazing online magazine.