Health 7 Tips for Healthy Eyes When Wearing Contacts

7 Tips for Healthy Eyes When Wearing Contacts

If you need to wear corrective lenses to have 20/20 vision, then contacts can be very convenient. They allow you to wear stylish sunglasses, you can get lenses to change the color of your eyes, and a prescription for lenses is easier to change than it is with glasses.

However, it is important that you take care of your eyes and lenses to keep your eyes healthy. Here are seven tips for ensuring the health of your eyes if you wear contact lenses.

Keep Lenses Clean

It is important to take your contacts out and soak them in the correct sterile solution overnight. Whenever you’re going to be handling your contacts, make sure to wash your hands first. Doing so and keeping the lenses clean are the best ways to prevent eye problems.

Don’t Sleep in Contacts

Despite the fact there are contacts made for sleeping in, some contacts do not allow for air to get through them. The lack of oxygen can lead to eye infections and cause blindness in some people.

The best thing to do is take out contacts to allow your eyes to rest and get the oxygen they need for staying healthy.

Only Use Sterile Solutions on Lenses

If you’re out of sterile solution for your contacts, do not moisten them with saliva or water. Soft lenses can swell if water is applied to them so that they won’t fit correctly.

Also, water can contain Acanthamoeba, an organism that could cause serious eye infections. Use artificial tears or leave the lenses dry if you’re out of solution

Buy Quality Lenses

Although you can find cheap contact lenses available for less than the cost of name brand lenses, you should think twice before buying them, as explained at this blog.

The contacts you wear should be the correct prescription for your eyesight, name brand lenses are approved for sale by the Federal Drug Administration, and you can avoid eye complications by buying good quality lenses.

Don’t Wear Contacts when Showering or Swimming

If you don’t wear contacts to bed, take your morning shower before putting them in for the day. Also, if you swim for exercise, always wear prescription goggles instead.

Along with the Acanthamoeba organisms present in most water sources, it can also contain adenovirus, which causes pink eye.

Use Eye Drops

People who wear contact lenses should use lubricating eye drops once a day. The drops clean the lenses clean and keep the surface of the eyes moist. Allergies, being out in the sun, and doing work on a computer monitor can lead to dry, itchy eyes, which eye drops can resolve.

Don’t Rub Eyes

Eye irritations can cause your eyes to itch, but you don’t want to rub your eyes while wearing contacts. Instead, remove the lenses, let your eyes rest if possible, and then put in a new pair.

You could also use lubricating eye drops to moisten your eyes before putting in another pair of contact lenses.

You should also give your eyes a break from your contacts for a few hours each day or one day a week. If you follow these seven tips, your eyes will be healthier when wearing contact lenses.



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