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6 Ways Your Vacation Can Become a Nightmare

When the time comes to go on your long-awaited vacation, you want everything to be perfect. There is just so much that can be done to make it better and there simply isn’t a way to anticipate all those problems that may occur. Whether it is a mistaken hotel reservation or a car accident on the way, you must be prepared to face any problem during your vacation. Otherwise, it will rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Things don’t always go as you planned it. To prepare you for the worst, we made a list of the 6 most common ways your vacation can become a nightmare:

1.    Lost Luggage

You probably want to feel homey wherever you go and enjoy a vacation to one of your favorite destinations. But, this is hardly possible if you don’t have a change of clothes, which will happen if your luggage gets lost.

This is a common occurrence and can happen to anyone. The stress is inevitable since you might be waiting for your luggage until the end of your vacation (it can even be delivered to you back home). What you can do to make it easier is to pack some changing alternatives in your hand luggage. These should serve you at least for as long as you purchase new clothes on your vacation.

2.    Spoilage in Your Luggage

Be it the shampoo or sun cream, liquid spoilage all over your clothes is never good news. Luggage gets tossed aside, making it very likely that your liquids will burst into the bag if not packed properly.

3.    Sunburn

Sunburn can cause you many troubles on your summer vacation. Those who want to get a tan fast usually end up being sunburned because they stayed out in the sun for too long.

Use plenty of sunscreens to avoid this from ruining your vacation. Not being able to sleep and having a fever can turn your vacation into a nightmare.

4.    Mistake in Reservation

Regardless of whose mistake it is, not having your room ready or available when you arrive at the hotel can be very frustrating. If the hotel manager is not-so-polite about it, you might have to go around town looking for a new place to stay in.

To be on the safe side, always have an alternative in case something like this happens. Write down phone numbers from other hotels nearby and confirm your reservation several times before you go on vacation.

5.    Bad Weather

You packed your swimwear and light clothes, but the rain surprised you. Spending a lot of money on a holiday that is ruined because of rain, snow or wind is often really stressful.

This is something you cannot really change or anticipate, but you can surely prepare for it. In addition to checking the weather forecast to pack your luggage, pack one more piece of clothing that would serve you in such unexpected case.

6.    Food Poisoning

Most people want to try out the food native to the country they visit for vacation. You should definitely try their cuisine but stick only to restaurants and meals you are certain are good. Dirty restaurants and strangely-looking food are most likely to cause you food poisoning.

Now it is possible to check reviews for almost every restaurant you will visit and it wouldn’t hurt to check them before you go there.

Travelling is one of the most memorable experiences you will ever make in your life. You cannot anticipate everything that will happen, but a little preparation beforehand can go a long way. Try to avoid these common problems that often happen on a vacation and get prepared to have the best vacation in your life!



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