Beauty 6 Types of Liposuction – Pick the Best One for Yourself

6 Types of Liposuction – Pick the Best One for Yourself

Have you reached that point where you have given up on your diet ad gym? Is the stubborn body fat still not leaving you?

Well, this scenario can often lead to frustration and even depression in some cases. However, liposuction is here to your secure.

This amazing fat removal procedure can help you get rid of your excess body fat and give you the dream figure you’ve always wished for. There are 6 types of liposuction available these days.

In this article, we will discuss the 6 types of liposuction in detail. By the end of the article, you’ll surely be able to choose which method is best for you.

Types of Liposuction Treatments

1) Suction-assisted Liposuction (SAL)

This is the traditional liposuction method which involves the removal of excess fat by inserting cannula into the injected space. There’s no fancy technology attached to it.

2) Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is very comparable to SAL. The only variation is that more substantial quantities of anesthetic liquid are used, adequate to make the targeted tissues enlarge or become “tumescent.”

3) Laser-assisted Liposuction

Advancements in technology have created alternative liposuction methods. Laser-assisted liposuction utilizes heat energy from the laser to help complete the procedure.

As per theory, the laser is assumed to dissolve fat, clot blood vessels, and stretch the skin. It is a less invasive method that is reliable with faster recovery, decreased bruising, and intensified skin tightening compared to SAL.

4) Ultrasound-assisted or Vaser Liposuction

Ultrasound heat is another technology used to aid in cutting fatty tissue. Ultrasonic liposuction is conducted by creating incisions and injecting a low-frequency ultrasound machine connected to a cannula. The sound energy is utilized to emulsify the fat, after which the fat is extracted with a conventional suction device. This method is also known as Vaser Liposuction.

Some of the benefits of Vaser Liposuction are decreased blood loss, less inflammation and bruising; skin tightening; and efficiency of procedure for the surgeon. It is also believed to work thoroughly for eliminating fat in rough areas like the back and thighs.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction requires a bigger incision to support the ultrasound equipment.

5) Power-assisted Liposuction

Power-assisted liposuction may be a great alternative if you have large masses of fat that need to be eliminated. This method is executed with the use of a, vibrating cannula to help collapse and remove excess fatty tissues.

The principal advantage of using power-assisted liposuction is faster fat removal with limited surgeon exhaustion. Other than that, there is no substantial difference in outcomes and recovery time when performed by a specialist surgeon, although it may extend some benefits in loosening the fat in unusually dense areas.

The use of extra tools may add complexity to the method and double the entire cost.

6) High-definition Liposuction

High definition liposuction is a techno scientific version of liposuction that concentrates on intensifying the underlying muscular representation of the torso by doing highly careful cosmetic liposuction and muscle augmentation with fat grafting. High definition liposuction demands added procedure time, extra recovery time, more expenses, and expertise as compared to non-HD liposuction. If you are head over heels for a chiseled look, high definition liposuction can be an excellent choice.

So, which one have you chosen for yourself?

All advanced forms of liposuction are deemed evenly safe and useful when performed by an expert surgeon on appropriately chosen patients. It’s the surgeon that matters the most and not the machines!


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