Lifestyle 5 Drinks that Have Now Become a Part of Our Lifestyle

5 Drinks that Have Now Become a Part of Our Lifestyle

Just like dishes such as fish and chips, Scotch eggs and black pudding have now become a part of the culture and lifestyle in the UK, there are also a number of drinks that have become an inseparable part of the lifestyle that we all lead. Let’s now take a look at five of the most iconic of those beverages and what makes them so special.

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Everyone knows that tea is a more preferred choice of drink in the UK, even more than coffee. While the Americans might find it amusing, the truth is that tea is simply a better choice than coffee from almost every perspective. Sure, it isn’t as rich in caffeine, but it still is an excellent stimulant and certain types of tea provide us with more short and long-term benefits than any other drink in the world.


It was established from search engine data that gin was the most searched alcoholic beverage in 2017 and given the latest revival of the Scottish gin industry, that doesn’t exactly come as a surprise either. While it’s more or less a decently popular drink in most parts of the world, nowhere else will you find as many variations of the liquor as you will in the United Kingdom.


The truth is that beer is extremely popular and a part of the local culture in almost every part of the world, so it doesn’t really come as much of a surprise that the same is true in here as well. However, it is craft beer from microbreweries that’s gaining the most popularity in recent times. If you are looking to try out some of the local brews or brew some beer yourself, do check out this complete guide to the best craft beer selection first.

Red Bull

Red Bull and coffee have similar effects, but red bull has an advantage over coffee; it also has the energy booster amino acid, taurine. In addition to all that, Red Bull also has 26 grams of sugar in every can and we all know what sugar can do to our energy levels. In fact, the popularity of Red Bull as a drink in the UK was bested in 2017 by only one other product and that product is the last name on this list.

Coca Cola

If you thought Coke was only popular in America, you would be wrong. Coca Cola is by (very) far, the most popular beverage in the whole of UK. Unknown to many, a possible reason as to why it is called “Coke” is because the soft drinks did indeed, at one point of time, contain cocaine and alcohol in it! While addictive substances are no longer a part of the soft drink, that has not stopped Coca Cola from becoming the most successful beverage in the history of mankind.

If you are a fan of the coffee and felt that it deserved a spot in here, then you are probably right, but it did not make it onto the list because it had to be tea or coffee, and tea always wins in UK.


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