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5 Crucial Decoration Considerations Before You Start Home Updates

Whether you’ve moved into a new apartment or you’re trying to give your traditional home a little more edge, there are a plethora of ways you can do to update your space.

Before you proceed, you should consider a couple of things so that you’ll have a clearer direction. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 crucial decoration consideration before starting your home update. Ready to give your home a dash of flair? Here we go.

Find the things you love. The concept you have will play a big role in the redecoration process. It’s your personal space, so it must be personalized. It could be home inspirations you’ve seen before, or it could be things that you found on Pinterest. Want a cosy living area, a classy kitchen? An over the top bathroom perhaps? From this, you can glean preferred paint colours to fabrics, and the entire room design as well. Lifestyle and preferences all matter, and so you should embrace it

Lifestyle as your foundation. Your lifestyle moulds the home you have. For instance, if you’re from a suburban home with kids moving to an empty nest in the city, it’ll be a big shift. This will be the first time in a long time that you’ll get to make decisions about how you want to live versus how you have to live with children. At this point, you’re ready to live a more organised life, where it’s much more fine-tuned to things you need. This means the pieces you do have become a little bit more significant.”

Begin with a neutral palette. Neutrals can quickly fall flat, but you should still start your interiors with a palette of black, white, or tuned down colours and everything in between for longevity sake. Colours like these don’t go out of style. To keep things interesting, add colour in places that can be replaced easily. You can get a lot of colour for coffee table books, small accessories, or floral arrangements.

Add repeating accents. When popping in a bold colour, you should repeat it ideally three times. Replicating the look allows the eye to accept it as normal, which very useful in open spaces, where you’re looking to make a cohesive feel. If it’s just one element, your mind won’t be able to process it, and your mind will automatically disassociate it.

Think vertically. If the house you’re in has a high and good view from long window glass, the instinct may be to forgo drapery panels and just let the skyline shine, but you may break up the long spans of glass by treating the vertical spaces in the window niches with striking sculptures. Height differentials let you bring your eye up so things don’t stay at that sofa-table level.

A new home – a fresh start

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That’s it! Time to crack those knuckles and start redecoration. Best of luck!


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