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4 Natural Products That Promote Healthy Habits For Your Kids

Encouraging your kids to take part in healthy habits is no easy feat. Trying to tell them that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day can make you feel as if you’re asking them to move the world. While kids will be kids, as parents, we need to do our best to show model behavior and to teach our kids the habits that will keep them healthy now and long into the future.

Keep reading for 4 natural products that you can use to encourage healthy habits for your kids.

1. Bath Products

Youngsters seem to think that they’re immune to getting dirty and smelling bad, even though most of them do just that on a daily basis! Asking your child to take baths or showers on a daily basis can sometimes be the start of an all-out war. If you didn’t know better, you’d think your kid was allergic to water and soap.

To help encourage your kids to get clean and to actually enjoy it, consider purchasing natural bath products that will make bath time more fun. Products such as natural body wash, bubble bath, and delicious smelling shampoo can encourage your kids to want to spend time getting clean.

As a parent, you’ll be happy to know that all-natural bath products contain none of the harmful ingredients that are found in store brand products. Ingredients such as fragrance, synthetic colors, parabens, phthalates, and triclosan have been linked to serious health issues including skin irritation, hormonal imbalances, and even respiratory and kidney damage.

2. All-Natural Snacks

If your children are like most, you know that there’s never enough food to calm the hunger of a growing kid. Sometimes kids are hungry because they spend hours running around. Other times they’re hungry because we don’t feed them the most nutritious and wholesome snacks. While it’s easy to hand your kid a bag of chips or a candy bar, these snacks aren’t the best options.

Get your kids into the habit of eating better, even when they’re busy or on-the-go by purchasing all-natural snacks. Healthy and wholesome options include:

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Jerky
  • Homemade trail mix
  • Fruit leather
  • Natural pita chips and hummus

By giving your kids access to natural and healthy snacks, you can further encourage the need to eat healthy.

3. Charcoal Toothbrush

Teaching your kids the importance of taking care of their teeth when they’re young is important. By getting your children into the habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and before bed, you can minimize the risk of cavities, bad breath, and other common dental issues.

But, convincing your kids to brush their teeth is easier said than done. A natural product that promotes healthy brushing habits for children is a charcoal toothbrush. What’s cool about these toothbrushes is that the bristles are black! Your kids will be excited to use a toothbrush that looks different from anything else they’ve ever used before.

Sure, charcoal toothbrushes are unique. But they offer added benefits. The activated charcoal bristles clean and polish the teeth. They also reduce the amount of bad bacteria in the mouth and can even help to whiten teeth.

If you want to teach your kids healthy habits, buying them a charcoal toothbrush may be just the item to convince them.

4. Natural Cleaning Products

As a parent you know just how hard it can be to keep a clean home with young children running around. For the first few years, you’ll have to keep your home clean and germ-free. However, as your children get older, encourage them to tidy up in efforts to keep your home as clean as possible.

The best way to create the habit of encouraging your kids to keep the home clean is to start small. Let them help you wipe down the floors or the countertops. This is an easy task that can be done with a rag and a cleaning solution.

When your kids to help you clean, be sure to use all-natural products. You don’t want to expose young lungs to harmful chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Exposure to these chemicals can also cause skin, nose, and eye irritation and even serious issues like a damaged nervous system. Instead, use all-natural products that are made with vinegar and essential oils to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.


Promoting healthy habits starts with giving your kids access to natural products. Take the time to fill your home with natural items, like food and personal care products. This will help get them into the routine of making healthy choices each day.

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