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30 Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas Your Children Are Sure to Love

Remember when you were younger and you thought that bunk beds were the coolest thing ever? Well, kid’s beds have really come a long way since then with some of the most exquisite styles and designs available to children today. From fairy tale castle beds for girls to dinosaur beds for boys and everything in between, the sky is the limit when it comes to cool kid’s beds today. If you want a stylish one of a kind bed that your kids are sure to love then check out these awesomely cool kids beds that your kids won’t be able to wait to get in to. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cool kids’ beds that are out there.

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Birds Nest Bed

This one of a kind childrens bed is sure to be the favorite spot of both boys and girls. Create a bird’s nest using brown cardboard or foam pieces that have been finished to be the color or straw or hay and then place a large round pillow inside to create the mattress. Use assorted throw pillows in secular and oblong shapes to resemble the eggs and create a realistic nest effect that your child is sure to love. Add the birds nest bed to any jungle, farm or animal themed room and watch their eyes light up with delight when they see their special new sleeping nest.

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Fire Truck Bed

Little boys love fire trucks and what better way to make their day then to create a one of a kind fire truck bed for your son that he is sure to cherish for many years to come. You can create a custom style fire truck be to the specifications of your choice ensuring that the scale of the bed matches the scale of the room. Choose a loft style bed with the sleeping quarters on top and a fun interactive play area on the bottom for younger boys or add a desk for older boys to provide them with a special pot to read or work on homework.

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Enchanted Castle

Little girls love fairy tales and what fairy tale is complete without a enchanted castle. By creating your little girl enchanted castle beds of her own she will be delighted to call this spot her own. Create a simple enclosed castle structure or go all out and create a one of a kind spiral staircase leading to a loft bed complete with carriage and other princess accessories. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating the perfect castle is for your little princess. Consider your budget and the age of your daughter to help you choose the best enchanted castle bed for your little girl.

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Car Bed

Little boys all love cars and what better way to have a car of their own then to create a one of a kind car bed for their room. Choose from a premade car bed offered at a variety of retailors or build your own custom car bed using real car parts such as the front fenders, hood wheels and steering wheel for an authentic look. Imagine the look on his face when he comes in and sees a car sitting in his room that is not only cool but comfortable too. Complete the look by painting a racetrack on the walls and adding matching accessories throughout the space.

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Pirate Ship Bed

Who says that beds have to be boring? Let your little one explore the open seas and fight off the villains from their very own pirate ship bed. What little boy wouldn’t love to have a pirate ship in his room complete with underneath storage for cloths or toys? Build a custom frame and stain it to the color of your choice or purchase a pre-made pirate bed that will allow you to create the same feel with far less work. If your little one loves pirates than a pirate ship bed is sure to make them happy.


Carriage Bed fit for a Princess

If you want to make your little girl feel like a fairy tale princess then a one of a kind carriage bed is sure to make her feel like Cinderella. Create a realistic wooden carriage complete with princess colors and add a staircase that leads to her very own carriage bed. You can even mount a TV inside of the carriage for a custom feel if your little one likes to watch TV in her bed. Add gold accents to complete the look and add a touch of class and style that is sure to bring out the princess in girls of all ages.


Dinosaur Bed

If you want a fun and adventurous look for your little boy then you are going to love the dinosaur bed. This authentic looking dinosaur bed is easy to make sure self at home using some paint a standard bed frame painted brown and a red comforter to look like the inside of the dinosaurs mouth. Paint the body of the dinosaur on the wall and then create a dinosaur head replica and suspend from the ceiling and attach to the wall. Make the mouth go out and over the bed ensuring that the teeth are large enough to really stand out. To complete the look you can paint other dinosaurs on the walls as well as some trees, grass and other realistic background that will make your little one feel like they are living in the land of the dinosaurs.

These are just a few of the cool kid’s beds available for you to create for your little one. However, your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating the coolest ids best around. If your little one likes clowns for example, you could create a circus themed room complete with clown car bed or if your little one like the stars and planets you could create a solar system theme with the bed replicating the planet earth. If you want to make your little ones dreams come true, spend time with them and allow them to help you come up with the design; they will be thrilled to help with the process and enjoy their new cool kids’ bed even more.


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