Creem 3 Things You Should Know About Your Phone

3 Things You Should Know About Your Phone

Smartphones are advancing really fast, and it can be hard to keep up with all the newest technology. It’s normal to struggle a bit with a new phone, but there are some things everyone should know. Smartphones are becoming more and more user friendly and it’s easy to learn the basics without needing many technical skills. As long as you’re patient with your phone, you can master these basics. Here are three things you should know how to do on your phone! 

How to setup your voicemail

Nothing is worse than a voicemail that hasn’t been set up. It sounds unprofessional to hear that robotic voice reading back the phone number. With people making less and less phone calls these days, it’s only expected that people will neglect to setup their own voicemails. It turns out it’s easier than you think to manage your own voicemail and setup a custom recording.

Setup your voicemail on an iPhone

The phone app on the iPhone makes it easy to manage your voicemail. On your phone home screen, open the green phone app. From here, you can access the keypad, contacts, recent calls, and even your voicemail. If you click to the voicemail screen, at the top left you’ll see the word Greeting. This is where you can record and update your greeting on your voicemail!

Setup your voicemail on an Android

First, open your phone app on your Android smartphone. In the upper corner you’ll see three dots, click those to open your settings. Go to Calls > Voicemail > Setup. There you go!

Voicemail shortcut

There’s a way to quickly access your voicemail no matter what phone you have! This guide takes you step by step through this quick process. It’s easier than you think! Just open the phone app on your device and press and hold the number one on the keypad. Then, you’ll enter either your password or the last four digits of your phone numbers. That’s it! Your phone will walk you through setting up the rest.

Backup your phone

Everyone should know how to turn on automatic backups of their phones. If you don’t backup your phone regularly, you could be out of luck if you need to restore your phone to factory settings or switch devices in the future. You only have to set up automatic backups once and then you can forget about it.

Setup backups on your iPhone

On your iPhone, go to Settings and click on your iCloud account at the top. It should have your name and photo. Click iCloud > iCloud backup. Ensure automatic backups is enabled. From here, you’re good to go! Check your phone regularly to ensure it’s backing up properly.

Setup backups on your Android

On an Android, click Settings > Personal > Backup and reset. From here, select Backup my data and Automatic restore. Then, go to Settings > Personal > Accounts & Sync and choose your Google account to save your automatic backups. That’s it!

Learn your phone shortcuts

You might not even know how many shortcuts you have on your phone! This might mean spending more time than you need to on simple tasks. Every phone has different shortcuts that make it easier to do daily tasks. Here’s how to find your shortcuts:

Shortcuts on your iPhone

Every update on the iPhone offers new shortcuts. Most of these can be accessed by swiping up on your device to open the control panel screen. From here, you can access your flashlight, calculator, camera, volume, and more.

Shortcuts on your Android

Like the iPhone, your Android also has a control panel and shortcuts. Swipe down on your phone to access a similar control panel where you can see recent messages, notifications, and quick access buttons.

Gain confidence with your phone

It’s important to feel comfortable using your own smartphone. The more you learn about your phone, the easier it will be to do daily tasks like browse the internet and take photos. Take the time to explore the different features and don’t hesitate to read guides or watch videos when you need a helping hand! 


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