Relationship 3 Essential Tips for a First Date

3 Essential Tips for a First Date [for Girls]

Trying to fit dating into an already busy schedule loaded with work, social, and personal responsibilities can seem daunting when you know it will most likely be a series of interview-like interactions until you find the rumored “one.” Then there is the inevitable question: where exactly do you meet single men?

Dating apps have become the mainstream way to meet; online profiles on websites like OkCupid and Match give users the power to veto from afar. Apps also give you the chance to meet singles who are wanting more than a one-night stand, wanting exactly that, or simply aren’t sure what they want (maybe you don’t either). It’s actually surprisingly easy to find someone who suits your preference.

In other words, setting up a quick date is easier than ever if you want to put the time and effort in. Once you have a date set, one of the hardest initial parts of dating is over, but then the real work begins. Going on a ton of first dates can be draining, so make sure you are asking the right questions for your needs and can spot a red flag from a mile off! Dating is supposed to be fun, so don’t forget about that either.

Where to Meet

Before you meet, know that drinks after work can become a bit routine if you’ve been dating around for a while. Depending on your date’s willingness to adventure, try to do something more out of the box. That doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving– far from it– but if you want to experience something with your date, try going to a comedy show, an art exhibition, or something interactive. It might reveal more about their personality other than where they grew up or what they do for a living.

If you haven’t met your prospective date in person before, make sure you keep yourself safe by meeting in a public place, even better, meet at a place you know well. Once you have a meeting spot, make sure you are on time, so everyone involved feels respected.

Ask Questions

One of the biggest indicators of your date being borderline narcissistic (or you!) is that they don’t seem interested in what you have to say. If your date doesn’t ask you any questions, but continues to blabber on about their own life, chances are they aren’t interested in you or more likely, not interested in anyone other than themselves. If this is the case: RUN.

Be Yourself

This might be cliché, but if your date doesn’t like the real you then, they won’t later. One of the scariest parts of dating is putting yourself out there to be rejected. Not only that, some daters don’t want to mess up a potential partnership by being truly honest. Having a facade up can work for a while, but not forever. Don’t try to be anything else. Chances are that an intelligent person would see through it. Also, don’t you want to date someone who likes you for you?


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