Hair 2 Gorgeous Make-up Tutorials for short Hair Styles

2 Gorgeous Make-up Tutorials for short Hair Styles

Short hairstyles have been all the rage in the past years, and the trend does not seem to fade away this season either. From celebrities to socialites, a cute short haircut for the summer is the best way to rock the beach and those glamorous summer parties you are going to attend. Speaking of parties and having fun all summer long, we have to ask how things in the makeup department are. Are you ready to match the new (and old) makeup trends with your new fresh short haircut? Are you using the latest colors or techniques, or do you stick to what you know? Today, we will offer you two gorgeous makeup tutorials for short hair so you can stand out from the crowd at any casual or fancy event!

1. Smokey Eyes for Pixie Cuts

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Everybody loves a funky pixie haircut. Almost all your beloved celebrities sported it for a while, and this trend does not seem to go anywhere. From Charlize Theron to Halle Berry, Rihanna and even Beyoncé, the pixie cut is still one of the hottest hairstyles in town. If you want to look like a red carpet diva, the perfect make-up for a long pixie cut or any other pixie hairstyle is still smokey eyes, a timeless, seductive, and gorgeous classic. Here is how you can achieve it!

  • Start with an eyelid primer to ensure the resilience of the makeup throughout the day.
  • Continue with a dark shade of the color applied with a brush; for hazel and blue eyes you can choose from black, gray, or brown; for brown and green eyes you can play with navy blue and dark shades of green.
  • Make sure you apply the color near the lash line; blend it up gently in an upward motion, towards the crease.
  • Apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow under the eyebrows; pick beige or peach shades. You can also use white, but you risk of creating an uneven look; blend the two colors with the blending brush until you get a uniform, smooth shade, with no lines or creases.
  • Now it is time to put your dark eyeliner to work! Choose among black, brown, dark blue, grey or dark green eyeliners to color your waterline (the inside of the bottom lashes). Make sure you smudge the line carefully, to achieve that smoky, messy, effortless look. Use a metallic eyeliner to add an edge to your appearance when you attend a fancy party or event.
  • On the top lids, near the lashes, apply a touch of black eyeliner to finish the smoky effect. You have to smudge it very carefully. Otherwise, you might ruin the entire makeup; you can also use a winged liner for an even more dramatic look instead of the usual black/kohl liner.
  • Finish the makeup with dark mascara in numerous coats for that sexy, feline, mysterious look.

In case you think smoky eyes are a thing of the past, Tom Ford begs to differ.

2. Nude Makeup for a Cute Bob Hairstyles

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According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, bob hairstyles are here to stay. The perfect cut for summer laidback looks, bob haircuts is more and more innovative these days. You can feature your bangs, curls, and locks in a myriad of styles for a cute look this summer. You can also freshen things up and choose one of the trendiest colors that are all the rage this season.

However, if you are the type of girl that loves to enjoy summer without engaging in laborious makeup practices and worrying about your makeup all the time, a nude style is the perfect one for you. Moreover, nude makeup is extremely stylish, enhancing your best features and matching any personal fashion style, occasion, and event. Here is how to get a feminine, discrete, and beautiful nude makeup to hold all day long!

  • A nude/natural makeup starts with the finest and smoothest surface. Apply moisturizer generously to soften the skin and offer it a natural glow and firmness.
  • Use a concealer to hide away any imperfections on your face. Find a high-quality one that does not add extra greasiness to your skin. Focus on the areas under your eyes to hide black circles, puffs, and blemishes, and concentrate on side areas of your nose to mask any black spots you might have.
  • To even out your skin even more while using as few products as possible, use a light BB cream or water-based foundation. You need high-quality products that do not dry or grease your skin. Remember you use them for achieving an even tone, not for full, drywall-style For the best application, use a damp beauty sponge.
  • After you blend the BB cream well, use a translucent powder to absorb excess oils throughout the day. If your skin is naturally dry, skip the powder. If you have mix skin tone, use the powder only on your oily T-Zone.
  • Finish the makeup with cream blush in nude or natural shades, such as peach. You can use your neutral lipstick as well, for both lips and cheeks.
  • If you want some focus on your eyes, use a good gel mascara in only one coating (for the summer, waterproof mascaras are the best); regarding eyeshadow, you can apply a tint of peach, pink, beige, or copper – make sure the shade matches your natural skin’s color and undertone.

The no-makeup makeup (or nude makeup) is an excellent way to look stylish and gorgeous without loading your face with makeup products. Moreover, just as nude shoes, nude makeup works with everything for any given occasion.

What are your favorite short hairstyle and makeup technique? What other ideas can you give us for this summer?



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